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Poison heart : a Joey Ramone story chapter 4Category: Joey Ramone fanfiction 4
Friday, 15 December 2006
04:56:09 AM (GMT)
"oh my god," jaime rubs her head as jack and dee dee help her up.
"don't worry," jack smiles, "kell went home for the night."
"what," jaime turns to him, "and you didn't tell me! i could have saved a trip to
the wall!!"
"sorry!" he laughs, "its always fun to see you run into stuff."
"well how funny do you think itis for me!!!!" she stares him down and he stops
dee dee snickers and jaime turns to him with an angry glare.
"what," he looks at her," it was sort of funny."gain
"oh my god," she looks from dee dee to jack, "i cant believe you too!"
she looks down and pulls her arm away rom jacks grip.
"no if you will excuse me, i gotta get back to work."
"hold on jaime," jack tries to put his hand on her shoulder but she moves away.
"if you wanna talk to me, ill be tending the bar." she turns and walks away, the two
guys staring after her.
"i can't belive the nerve he has," jaime mumbles as she whipes down the bars, "you
dont just let people hurt themselves because its funny."
she finishes the bar, and starts to wipe down the glasses.
"i hate him sometimes," she looks at her reflection in the chipped mug she cleaned,
"he is just has to ad to my frusration!"
"Who are you talking about?" an odd voice comes out of the shadows of the darkened
"what the!" jaime jumps and drops the mug.
it shatters into peices as it hits the floor.
"who's there," she looks around the place before slowly bending down to pick up the
then out of nowhere, a tall man with long dark frizzy hair steps out of the
she jumps again, and when she does, one of the peices of glass she is holding cuts
her hand.
"damn," he drops the rest of the glass as blood starts to run down her hand.
"im sorry," the man rushes over to her and bends down to check on her, "i didn't
mean to scare you."
"you didn't," jaime winces, "i just wasn't expecting anyone to be here."
"oh." he nods, "im Joey."
"nice to meet you," jaime grits her teeth and smiles, " im jaime."he 
"cool," he smiles back then looks down at her now blood hand, "here let me help
he stands up and grabs one of the rags she was using to clean, then takes her hand
and starts to gently wrap the rag around her cut.
after a minute, he lets go of her hand and she survies the makeshift bandage.
"thanks," she smiles as she stands up. he does the same, "can i buy you a beer?"
"sure i guess," he smiles wider at her.
she blushes a little when she realises that he is kinda attractive.
"so," she quickley looks away, "what do you want, Coolers, Wheat...?"

moonstar says:   17 December 2006   291343  
How nice for her! =D
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   7 March 2007   267424  
oooooooo the romance has begun!!!!


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