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Carrier House: The Lady BastilleCategory: Stories
Sunday, 9 October 2016
02:19:45 PM (GMT)
“Even a lady has her dark and mysterious ways when it comes to the pleasure and

(Book one: La Mis Estate: The Lady Bastille)

Madison walked into the study, “Sir, a fancy letter was hand deliver to you; from
someone calling herself the Lady Bastille.” Madison said as she walked over toward
Ethan with the letter. He looked up at her and his eyes were wide and he seems a bit
nervous. “The Lady Bastille? Are you sure?” Ethan said as he took the letter and
looked at it. “Holy crap, I haven’t heard from her in ages.” He said as he
opened the letter. ‘My dear Sir, your present is mandatory upon the evening of the
13th. Please arrive at noon and have your lovely servant present as well.  Lady
Bastille.’  Ethan sank into his chair, as he place the letter on his desk. “Sir,
is every alright?” Madison said to Ethan. Taking a breath Ethan looked at her,
“Prepare yourself to meet Lady Bastille.” Madison looked at him with a
questionable look on her face. “Who is she?” Ethan closed his eyes, “She is the
person I used to do most of the research for my book. She pretty wealthy, and has her
way of doing things. The troubling part is that she has a stable.”  Madison smile
slightly, “what you don’t like horse master?” Ethan opened his eyes and looked
at Madison, “No not that kind of stables. Unlike how we play, she takes her life
style a bit serious. She has men and women in her stables to do whatever she wanted
them to do.” Madison’s eyes open widely and she pressed her lips together.
“Wait, she want to meet me?” Madison said in a shaky voice. “I think Vivian
told her about you. V use to be one of Lady Bastille stable girls, when she first
started out.” Madison’s eyes squinted together as she mumbled, “that bitch.”
Ethan smiled, “hey watch your mouth.” Madison stood up straight and lowered her
eyes slightly, “Yes Sir.”  Ethan looked at his calendar the 13th, “Wait that is
today! Shit she would pull some crap like that.” Ethan said as he jumped up and
headed to his bedroom. “Change into something nice. Uhm, nothing to flashy, just
something simple, be quick about it.” Ethan yelled to Madison as he ran up the
stairs. Madison jumped and moved fast to her room looking to see what she could put

About 2 hours later they arrived at a manor house in the neighboring county. Ethan
press the button on the intercom. A voice came over the intercom as the camera light
blink and focus on them, “Yes I can help you?”  Ethan replied, “I have an
appointment with Lady Bastille, I’m Ethan Alexander.” The voice said to him,
“Yes Mr. Alexander please pull into the parking area and someone will be out to
meet you.” The gate opened up and they drove past the gate to the parking area.
“Ok whatever happens just be calm and don’t speak unless you are spoken to. Lady
Bastille isn’t one to really piss off, she is hard core.” Ethan said to Madison.
Madison press her lips together as she looked around as wild thoughts ran through her
head. Suddenly from a distance Madison saw a carriage heading toward them, “She
fancy with the carriage.” Ethan looked at Madison and took a breath, “did you
notice what is pulling the carriage?”  Madison squinted her eyes as the carriage
got closer.  Gasping and in shock she noticed 4 women in black leather, with long
pony tails sticking up from their head and huff shape boots on and breasts showing as
they are pulling along the carriage. “OMG! What the hell!” Madison said out loud.
Ethan grabbed her face and pulled it toward his, “What did I just say, don’t
freak out.” Ethan said to her as he squeezed her cheeks in his hands. Ethan opened
the door and got out, “come on.” Madison opened her door and got out and came
over to Ethan side.  As the carriage pulled up to them, a woman sat in the back of
the carriage. Her hair was dark as midnight with long streak of white along one side.
She had on a black and red corset and a long black dress with black gloves that came
up to her elbows.  “It’s so good to see you again Ethan. It’s been forever
since we last talked.” Ethan smiled at her, “It’s good to see you again Sam…I
mean Lady Bastille.” One of her eye browse raised up and a cold look came over her
face. Ethan just took a breath and push Madison up slightly, “this is my servant,
Madison.” He said to her. Lady Bastille still looking at Ethan with cold eyes,
“Servant or Slave?”  Ethan smiled, “well she is my maid and uhm yeah I guess
she is my slave.”  Lady Bastille’s eyes drifted over to Madison, “Are you his
slave or servant?” Madison quickly answered, “I’m his slave madam.” Lady
Bastille smiled, “come let’s go up to the main house.” Ethan stepped up onto
the carriage and sat across from Lady Bastille; Madison got in and sat next to Ethan.
The carriage turned back around and headed back to the main house. Madison looked
around as notice some of the little things that stood out to her. “It’s still
pretty as ever here,” Ethan said to Lady Bastille. “It’s hard work to keep
things up on this property, but I have a few good slaves to work it.” The lady said
to him. As the pulled up to the main house Ethan got out and offered his hand to the
Lady Bastille as she got out. “Thank you kind sir,” She said to him. Madison
looked at him, as she started to get out of the carriage, Ethan put his hand down and
wave to her to come along. Madison eyes kind of squinted as she got out of the
carriage.  They walked over under the patio and sat down at the table. “The reason
I asked you here today is that, one of my clients has made me an offer to join into
their pharmaceutical company. As you know most of my funds are tied up in other
endeavors. But I do have some to invest, just wanted to know if you would like in on
the offer.” Lady Bastille said to Ethan. A young woman brought out some tea and
finger sandwiches to the table.  Madison looked at her as she notices a collar around
the young woman’s neck. “I don’t know. The last time I invested into anything
it went belly up. I would have to know a bit more about it before I am committed.”
Ethan said to her as he took a sip of tea. “Sin Corp Pharmaceutical, I did all the
research. You should know by now I don’t throw my money away.”  Lady Bastille
said to him as she took one of the finger sandwiches biting into it. Madison looked
at Lady Bastille and slightly whisper, “Clients?”  Out loud as she thought about
it. Lady Bastille looked at Madison as she places the sandwich on the plate. Lady
Bastille eyes grew cold and hard as she stared right through Madison. Madison just
realized that she actually blurted that out and looked down at the table. “This is
no ordinary Manor house. There are people that actually pay to come out here, uhm
it’s a fantasy fetish thing.” Ethan tried to explain. Lady Bastille turned her
head and looked at Ethan. “Violet please escort Madison,” Lady Bastille said to
the young woman. Madison looked up at Ethan, “Just go with her.” Ethan said to
Madison. Madison stood up and went with the young woman into the house. “This would
make you money in the long run and a stake holder in the pharmaceutical company.”
Lady Bastille said to Ethan as she took a sip of her tea.  “How much are we looking
at?” Ethan said as he looked at the door where Madison went into. “I’m getting
25 percent of the company share. The cost would be $38,000 thousand. But the return
would be so much greater.” Lady Bastille said to him. “That’s a bit steep; I
will take it on your judgment. Where did they go to?” Ethan said. “I have Trish
bring over the paper work in a few days. Don’t worry she will be back in a
moment.” Lady Bastille said. Two big burley men wheeled out Madison; she was bent
over a barrow, gaged and tied to it. “What is this?” Ethan said to Lady Bastille.
She waved her hand and the two men grabbed Ethan and held him as he stood up. “I
don’t like to be questioned about my business from someone else’s slave. And when
you don’t keep your mouth shut you only end up to get punished.” Ethan looked at
Lady Bastille, “She is my slave and she’s new to this, don’t you dare.” Lady
Bastille eyes widen and in a calm voice, “You presume too much sir. You are an
invited guest, and have taken liberties upon me. So hold your tongue or I will have
it upon my trophy case; Violet!”  The young woman walked out with a covered tray in
hand and placed it on the table, Lady Bastille uncovered the tray and there was two
paddles. Violet walked over to Ethan and undid his pants, pushing down both his boxer
and pants to his knees. Madison eyes widen as she saw that, and struggle to get free.
Ethan tried to get free from the two men but his arms where around his back and he
couldn’t move much. Lady Bastille handed Violet one paddle and she took the other
and walked over to Madison. “Never ever speak to me unless I speak to you first.”
She said to Madison as she lifted her dress and ripped her panties from her body.
“Hey!” Ethan yelled out. Violet knee down in front of Ethan and slip her mouth
around the head of his cock. Ethan looked down and tried to pull away but couldn’t.
Violet slowly suck the head of his cock, letting the head of it slip between her lips
and into her mouth. Ethan slow became arouse and hard, as Madison watched. Lady
Bastille run her gloved fingers against Madison pussy lips. Madison grunted and
squirmed. “Dirty whore,” Lady Bastille said as she took the paddle and slapped
Madison’s pussy. Madison’s eyes widen and she screamed through her gag.
Madison’s eyes tear up as she squirm a bit more. Ethan fights to get free but
couldn’t as Violet removed the head of harden cock from her mouth. She took her
paddle and smack Ethan balls with it. The pain rattled through his body as knees
nearly gave out. A smile came over Lady Bastille’s face, “Never call me by my
first name and you need to take control over your slave.” She said to Ethan. Swing
the paddle again, Lady Bastille spank Madison’s pussy again. Again Madison screamed
and struggled to get free. Violet once again smacked Ethan balls with her paddle.
Ethan grunted in pain, cursing. Lady Bastille stroke Madison’s pussy with her
finger and push in slightly. Madison groaned at the pain and pleasure what was being
inflicted on her. Violet put the head of Ethan’s cock back into her mouth as she
moved her head back and forth slowly. Lady Bastille removed her finger and smack
Madison again. Madison quiver in pain and pleasure. Violet removed her mouth and held
up Ethan cock as she smacked him on the balls again. Ethan lifted his knees as the
pain shatter through his body. This continued for ten minutes or so; as Lady Bastille
stroke Madison and then punish her with the paddle, and Violet pleasuring Ethan and
spanking his balls.  
Lady Bastille went back to the table and sat down, drinking her tea. Violet got up
and walked over to Lady Bastille, “bring him here.” Lady Bastille ordered the two
men. They brought Ethan back over to her, Violet took out a long thin chain with a
leather ban on one end of it.  She placed the leather ban around Ethan’s cock and
balls, clasping it together making a tight fit. Ethan groaned and tremble at the
restricted side of the ban. Violet handed the other end of the chain to Lady
Bastille, “Don’t think I’m cruel, but I won’t stand unruly guest. Beside if
you are a good and cum for me I will let you go.” She said to Ethan and she tug on
the chain pulling at his cock and balls. “Ahhh!!!” Ethan’ grumbled. Madison
watched and tried to struggle to get free. Looking over to Madison, Lady Bastille
commanded one of the men, “Odell, I want you to beat her with your dick, No
penetration.” Madison eyes widen as she heard that, and Ethan tried to struggle to
get free. The older man held Ethan’s arms as Lady Bastille tug on the chain again.
“If you cum for me, your little slave girl wouldn’t be too overcome,” Lady
Bastille said. Odell undid his pant and pulled out a monstrous black dick,
Madison’s eyes fluttered and widen more as she struggle to get free. Taking his
cock in hand he spanked it against her pussy and ass. The sound of flesh hitting upon
each other rang out under the patio. Lady Bastille tugged more at the chain pulling
on Ethan’s dick and balls. He groaned in pain and pleasure, as he watch Odell
punishing Madison with his hug dick slapping her harder each time. Madison moaned and
groan in pleasure and pain, as she turned bright red. “I think your slave enjoys
that too much. How unforgiveable,” Lady Bastille said to Ethan.  Odell rubbed his
cock against Madison’s pussy and ass as he slapped her again with his cock.
Madison’s face kept turning redder, with each slap. Lady Bastille got up and walked
over toward Madison, pulling the chain as Ethan was brought over as well. “Your
slave is such a little whore. She is enjoying this too much, and it discusses me.”
Lady Bastille said as she slapped Maddison’s ass cheek hard. 
Madison screamed out with the gag in her mouth. Lady Bastille took hold of Odell’s
massive cock and rubbed the head of it against Madison’s pussy, “I’m sure she
would accept this all so willingly. She seem to be the tramp that would do that.”
Ethan’s eyes narrow at Lady Bastille. “You know, you discuss me as well. I known
you for a while now and you use my way of life as research for your books. But when
it comes down to it you just don’t go far enough. Perhaps it’s because you love
her.” Ethan eyes widen and looked away from Madison. Lady Bastille looked at him
and then at Madison. “WHAT? You didn’t tell her? He didn’t tell you?” Lady
Bastille threw up her hands, “OUT! Get them out of my sight.” She said as she
walked back over toward the table. “Get your act together Ethan! You know what
I’ll send for you again when I want to talk to you. But don’t show up here
unannounced like last time, or you will see another side of me you won’t ever
forget.” Lady Bastille said as she sat down and shook her head. “Violet!! Throw
them out!” 
Both Ethan and Madison was set free and was escorted off the property to their car.
“Please do not return here like my mistress stated.” Violet said to them. Pushing
up her glasses closer to her face Violet looked at them, “It’s fine to be in love
with your slave, but you really need to set rules and limits to what can and can’t
happen. Mr. Alexander you need to be more firm as a master when dealing with my lady
it’s the only way to get her respect.” Violet said as she turned around and
headed back into the estate property. They both got into the car and sat there for a
few moments. “I…I’m sorry. I couldn’t…” Madison said to Ethan as she
looked down at the floor of the car. “No, it was my fault, I should have been more
honest.” Madison’s hand slow reached over to touch Ethan’s. “I shouldn’t
have allowed this to happen to you.” He said to her. Madison quickly took his hand.
“I…I already know that you had feelings for me. I don’t mind being your
slave.” Ethan looked at Madison, “I do love you. I guess I was just exploring
this life style and got caught up into it. I never…” before he could finish
Madison lean in and kissed him. His eyes widen and then he kissed her back deeply.
Madison moved back slightly and smiled. “I know you didn’t want this life style
but like Violet said we need to set rules and limits. I’m willing to be your
girlfriend and your slave.” Ethan shook his head, “I don’t know about this.” 
Madison took a breath, “rules and limits, master.” Ethan smiled and felt as if he
became trapped in own books. ‘I must now be the master of my house.’

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