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Thursday, 8 May 2014
03:41:01 PM (GMT)
We had a mouse in our house for about two days.
I've known for years that there were/are mice living around the house and most likely
under it, but I've never seen one IN the house.
Our fat cat, Dusty, caught one and brought it upstairs on Monday. It was a total
surprise and scared me. I'd never seen a mouse in our house before. I used to see
them in my high school, but never at home. Dusty lived in the wild, most likely by
himself, when he was a kitten, so it was just basic instinct. However, I reacted
"negatively" (says my dad), so Dusty dropped it and it went to hide. I wasn't sure
where it went, but I made sure to pet Dusty and let him know he did a good job so he
would catch it again.

I saw it again later that night (I was gone most of the day with a friend). It was in
the living room. Our other cat June was trying to get it. My sister dropped our "king
of the house" down near it (because the idiot wasn't even aware there was anything
out of the ordinary going on), and he lethargically patted at it as it ran by. It
went into the closet, so we left the door open so it could get out when we went to

The next day, I saw Rusty was sitting guard watching the fridge. I figured it had ran
under there since our cats don't just sit and watch something so intently like he
was. I proceeded to look up no-kill traps that I could make (or buy if I had to)
since I was desperately trying to catch it to get it out of the house before our mom
found out. I finally decided to put cheese into a paper bag and set it by the fridge
when my sister got home. She wasn't as scared as I was, so it was her job to grab the
bag. Since mice can only jump about 8-9 inches, the paper bag would be a great choice
for keeping it trapped until we could get it outside.

I left the kitchen door open, which was a bad thing. With the wind from outside and
the air being blown from under the fridge, the bag was moving and confusing me. The
first time we grabbed it, the mouse wasn't inside. The second time I thought I heard
something, I decided it was just the wind rustling the bag. Frustrated that I wasn't
able to catch it that way, I let out Rusty (who I'd locked in my room so he wouldn't
interfere). Rusty ran downstairs and stared at the paper bag. Now, since Rusty is
notorious for playing in paper bags, I figured he just wanted to mess around. He
patted at the bag's side and I saw nothing, so I wrote it off as him being an idiot.
But he shifted and patted inside the bag and out scurries the mouse. I was SO
mad! The trap would have worked had I not decided it was just the wind!

We tried it again, but it didn't come out for the cheese after that. However, the
dumb little thing crawled out twice when my mom was home. I would have easily gotten
it had my mom not been nearby. I shooed it back under the fridge and wrote it off as
being a gross nasty spider. My idiot sister, the other one that had come home from
college that day, felt the need to tell my mom, who didn't freak out as much as I
thought she would. My dad was pissed off and called said sister a dumbass. That
pleased me. xD

The mouse didn't come out again that night. I left some popcorn near the fridge in
case it wanted to eat. Having seen it clearly now, I wasn't scared of it. I just
wanted to put the little guy outside. My dad thought it was a baby, and even though I
don't think it was very young, it certainly wasn't very old either.

The next time I saw the mouse was the next day (Wednesday). I had been looking for it
all day, but no sign of the little cutie. It wasn't until late that afternoon when I
heard June scratching at the stairs did I find it. I'm not sure how it died (most
likely of starvation, dehydration, or fright), but my guess is June found it under
the stairs and pulled it out. There was no blood, so unless there were internal
injuries, the cats didn't (intentionally) cause its death. I was really upset. I had
been hoping I could at least put it back outside (even though a part of me wanted to
keep it as a pet since there are raccoons, hawks, and cats outside). I picked up its
body with a shovel and took it outside where I buried it and put stones in a horribly
made heart.

R.I.P. Mousie

‹Shadow_Cat› says:   8 May 2014   760977  
Awww thats so sweet of you to do for the mousie
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   8 May 2014   327837  
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   27 May 2014   811009  
It was so cute  I wish we could have captured it before it died 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says :   28 May 2014   332493  


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