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one if my fantasiesCategory: (general)
Saturday, 17 August 2013
01:37:42 AM (GMT)
you see me sitting on the bench at the mall, an sit across from me
you notice my slutty clothes. a tight top, and a push up bra that squeezes my F cup
tits together tight. 
a peek up my skirt reveals I'm not wearing panties
you make eye contact for a moment, and mouth the word slut to me. i mouth back, i
i spread my legs a little wider for you to see and stick my hand up my shirt. 
you can't resist and come over to my bench, whispering in my ear, "little whore. i
bet if i fucked you right here on this bench, you'd like it, you slut."
i smirk a bit. 
your hand creeps up my skirt and you stick a finger in my pussy. "you're my little
whore now," you mutter, "and you're going to do whatever i say. if you don't, you'll
be punished. do you understand, you fucking slut?"
i nod. you shove another finger up my wet pussy. 
"take off your shirt, whore. i want to see your tits." 
i lift off my shirt and you yank my bra off, leaving me exposed. "I want you to sit
like this while i grab something. if you cover yourself, ill punish you."
i sit half naked on the bench, getting a couple glances from girls. one comes over
and starts to suck my tit. 
you come back and see the girl. "look at my dirty little slave," you say to her. 
"she's yours?" the girl asks
"yes," you reply, "but if you want to fuck her, you may. little whore loves being
fucked by strangers."
the girl continues sucking my tit. you pull a brand new dildo out of your bag. 
"we're gonna play a little game now. if you make a sound while i fuck you, I take a
video of you being a whore and upload it to a porn site."
you shove the dildo up my pussy without warning 
i got for a while without making a sound. however, the girl is anxious to have a
video of me online, and so are you. so, you both start going harder and faster. i
can't hold it in any longer. "oh, fuck!" i yell. 
you pull out the dildo. "you lose, slut."
you hand your phone to the girl. "record me while i punish this whore." you say. the
girl smiles and starts recording. 
you start sucking my tit. "do you like that, whore?" you ask. i just not, because i
know it will be bad if i don't. "I'm your mistress now, slut. what i say goes. and I
want you to put your damn clothes on and follow me." 
i do as you say. we walk to the shoe store. 
you set me in front of a girl trying on shoes and Hand me a pair. 
"try these on, and make sure she sees your little bitch pussy."
i shyly slip on the heels, and sure enough, the girl sees my pussy. she looks up at
you, and you go over and whisper a couple words in her ear. she smiles and you grab
me and lead me to the changing room in the back of the store. the girl from the shoes
store follows. 
you say to her, "this is my slut. she was a bad, bad girl, so were filming her being
a little slut and posting it online. now tell her what to do."
the girl smiles. 
"you're gonna suffocate in my pussy, little whore." the girl pulls down her panties
and throws me to the ground, sitting on top of me. "eat, bitch" you say. 
i do as you say. we stay like that for a long time. 
"okay slut, you're done. i can't film any longer," the first girl says. 
the shoe store girl reluctantly gets up. "how much pussy do you lick?" she asks 
"a lot," I reply
the first girl uploads the video, and you smirk. 
"clean up, slut. I'm done with you for today. but give me your number, because you'll
fucking come to my house if i want you to," you say
and with that, all three of you leave 


if any if you girls want to cyber send a message  I'm a lesbian girls only please

‹{♥Je t'aime ♥}› says:   17 August 2013   321717  
Wow. This reminds me of a real time I fucked a girl. Lol. But its
nice. Kinda made me horny.
‹Quinncy› says :   7 June 2014   255798  
...huh...kinda like my kinky mall trip...only that no one was filming

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