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Monday, 3 December 2012
03:05:50 AM (GMT)
Well, I was reading a lot of shit out of boredom, and watching a lot of videos
aswell. What the fuck is wrong with people. I like to support people in their choice
of lifestyle, but sometimes it's impossible. I cannot simply see something so idiotic
and be nice about it..I'm not going to make fun of you, due to your style. If it
suits you, if you pull it off and that's what you like, well props. I don't think
that just because you follow a certain style that you suck. But when you try to
follow a style that you really obviously don't suit..then you're trying to be
somethign you're not. I really can't understand why..I watched a video of three
girls. The whole fucking time they preached about world peace and that they should be
nice to people who are different, I was like ok that's cool. Go for it. Then they
went on to call another girl who's style was much different then theirs a cunt who
needed surgery because she looked like a testical. The girl made fun of them first,
but don't you dare lecture about being nice and not insulting someone, when literally
the next sentece you call them a cunt that looks like a testical. What the actual
fuck. Then you compain about people leaving rude comments? You deserve them, do you
not realize how much your words contradict? And how they make you seem brainless? My
heart is full of sympathy for those who deserve it. If you have had a hard life, and
you're not dealing with things well, who and I to judge you? I understand you're
hurting, and I want to help. But when you are simply trying to be something you're
not, and pretending you have it so fucking bad, I have no sympathy. Honestly I'm
going to resent you a little. You need to find yourself, and come to the reality that
instead of being an attention whore for problems you don't have, you could be helping
others who really do have those problems. Most everyone is going to see right through
your sob story, so why even fucking try?? Telling people your story, and asking for
help is not seeking for attention. I am aware of that. I know that there may come a
point where you need help, and you can't help yourself. To the ones who think that
people need to suck it up and get over their problems no matter how bad they are,
just because that's what you did..not everyone is that strong. Not everyone can do
that. For the ones who have good, nearly perfect lives, who judge others because they
aren't as lucky? Shut up. You need to realize that just because your're happy,
doesn't mean others are. If they need help, let them have it, rather than knocking
them down for it. I know how it is to grow through things, very rough things. I take
pride in the fact that I am strong enough to pick myself back up and help those who
can't help themselves. I don't know if it's because of what I have experienced, the
fact that at points in time I haven't been strong enough to do what I can know, or
that I see the pain in others when it's true, or maybe it's all of them together that
I can understand why people hurt and want to help them. Everyone deals with things
different, and just because you're strond does not give you the right to knock down
the weak. If you're one of the people that is constantly wanting sympathy, when you
don't need it, or have a reason to get need to come into reality, and stop
getting angry when people simply tell you the truth about yoursleves. I know that
they can tell you in a harsh way, and make you feel like shit..but perhaps if you
instead tried to help others who deserve it rather than seek the attention, they
wouldn't be that way. They shouldn't tell you you're worthless, but sometimes it's
necessary to have those people to bring you back into the reality, and make you see
the truth. Who am I to say that all of what I have said is true, or absolutely right?
No one to be honest, but that's the way I feel about things..and when I see such
stupid and horrid things, it tempts me to share my thoughts upon it. I can be very
open minded, and try to be. I don't judge others opinions, or atleast try not to. I
don't necessarily like their opinions, or think that others have to agree with mine.
Think what you will, and share it too if you'd like. That's all this is, me sharing
what I think. 

Sorry if it's jumbled, or doesn't make sense at parts. I didn't really review it, and
typed it quite fast.
Last edited: 3 December 2012

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