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26 TruthsCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 29 May 2012
12:39:06 AM (GMT)
How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? One

What were your high school colors? Purple/white

How do you feel about PDA? As long as you arent eating each others faces, im ok.

Do you like cheese? On sandwhiches and such. I dont normally like to eat it plain.

Do you play World of Warcraft?no

Have you played Halo yet? No 

Do you know what the shockeris? No...?

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? The iced strawberry somethings...Lol

Do you like Chinese food? yes! ♥

The most embarrassing thing you have been caught doing? Idk..?

Do you have a secret that less than 3 people know about? yes

How do you feel about alcoholic beverages/underage drinking? Theres a reason for the
legal drinking age. JS

What color are your socks? Im not wearing any.

How many hours of sleep do you personallyneed to functionwell? At least 4

What is your favorite store? Deb or rue 21

Whats your favorite article of clothing? jeans

Have you ever dyed your hair? nope

Are you smart? I like to think i am.

So do you work hard in school? I like to think i do.

What are you majoring in, or planning on majoring in? Studying to be an OBGYN.

Do you like your school? Eh. I like it enough.

Do you collect loose change?yes lol

How much money do you have saved up? $475

Do you go to church? Yes

Have you ever been a cheerleader?no

Have you ever been on a dance team? Yes.

Have you ever taken gymnastics? Yes.

Do you know how to salsa? Yes.

Can you draw, paint, or sculpt? Nope.

Are you crafty? Not really. 

Are you a vegetarian? No.

Do you like your family as a whole?no

Do you hate school?yes and no

How do you feel about rude people? Being rude isnt necessary.

How do you feel about homeless people? Some made bad decisions that got them where
they are and some are there because of the decisions of others in their life.

How do you feel about starving people? I like to help however possible.

Do you do your part to contribute to society? I donate and volunteer if that counts.

Do you give to those less fortunate? I try to when I can.

Do you recycle? I try to when i see a bin for it.

Do you donate blood? Needles. -_-

Do you donate anything? Clothes.

When and where do you donate those things? Whenever it seems neccessary and Goodwill
or to people I know.

Do you volunteer anywhere? Yes.

How do you feel about high heels? There are cute ones, i just cant walk in them.

How do you feel about the tattoos known as tramp stamps? I find them degrading.

How do you feel about tattoos in general? I wouldnt get one personally, but people
shouldnt look like a kindergarden art project.

Do you like piercings? As long as theyre not over the top. 

Which ones your favorite? Natural ear piercings.

What kind of pain reliever do you take for headaches? Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Whatevers
on hand really.

How often do you get sick? Every once in a while.

Have you ever created anything from duct tape and if so, what? Some pretty neat
bracelets and bookcovers.

Do you even know how many colors of duct tape they have? I know they have alot! Lol.

Do you like sharpies? Sure.

How do you feel about loud people in the library? I find it inconsiderate to other

What is your favorite holiday?Its a toss up between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At Christmas, do you prefer giving or getting? I love to receive, but I love to give
as well.

How many hours of exercise do you get ina week? 2-3

What kind of exercise do you do? I play basketball.

How do you feel about people that label themselves? I try not to label other people.
You are who you are, so why does that need a label?

Have you ever been asked to a dance? Nope. 

Do you like bright colors? If Aquamarine counts as bright.(:

Do you like dark colors? Dark blue

Do you like pastel colors? I guess so. 

Whats your favorite kind of candy? Skittles and Reeses

Is there anyone you dont like? Of course. Im human.

Is there anyone you are holding a grudge against? No one that i can think of.

Is there anyone holding a grudge against you? Not that im aware of.

Are you a bad person? I dont consider myself to be.

Do you hate or love life? Everyday is different. 

Do you take advantage of everyday? Not all the time.

Do you treat others as you would like to be treated? I try to, but not always.

Do you have morals? Absolutely.

If you were 12 and you could see yourself now, would you be dissappointed? Overall?

Do you like Paris Hilton? No.

Do you like Nicole Richie? I honestly dont know that much about her.

Do you like Tom Cruise? I love his eyes.

‹AnimeManica87› says:   29 May 2012   345670  
ok u passed the test...good job xD
pjb75 wonders :   31 July 2012   292401  
There's about 70 odd truths there, just nit-pickin, but i thought it
was 26? Was gonna have a go myself. As the guy above said
though...good job. Oh, ok, i'll give 26 a go:
1. No comment
25.Most definitely not!
26.Ditto that!


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