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Saturday, 26 May 2012
08:24:20 AM (GMT)
So I have been in this band for a little over a month now and we have been working
towards a gig at the beginning of june but we have had nothing but problems from day

The first thing I find out is that one member works abroad most of the time so we can
only play gigs certain times of the year and that most of the time it will be me the
singer, the two guitarists and the drummer meeting up to rehearse.

Then we have gone through 3 drummers in this time. One of them was just plain awful
and couldn't keep time, the other was full of himself and didn't want to make an arse
of him self on stage so came to three practices then decided it wasn't worth it. Then
finally we had a third drummer everything was going fine we were practically ready...
then he quit for no reason he's in his forty's and doesn't have the decency to tell
us properly just sends us an email then he's gone. I don't know whether people don't
like the arrangement of having a bassist that goes away for months at a time then
comes back and we can only do gigs while he's back I don't know it seems really
shitty to me as well.

But we have a backup drummer that has been learning the setlist for us so we have a
week to work with him and get the band up to snuff....Great.

Then we have to bickering guitarists for whatever reason and one of them want's to
quit because he won't just man up and sort his shit out instead he wants to just keep
running away from his problems... like a week before the gig.

So through all this I ask myself Is there any point. Two guitarists that can't get
along a bassist that's hardly ever here  what's the point in playing with these guys
especially when I have to travel the farthest to rehearse and then they start messing
me around oh no were not rehearsing today because he just left and blah blah blah
really pathetic stuff. I think I'm just going to do this gig and quit because It's
really not worth the hassle.

What's funny though is that I think both guitarists have the same idea because both
of them have asked me If I want to carry on in the band with them.... HA! Maybe I
should play them off each other for shits and giggles.

Sorry for my use of language but thanks for reading  

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