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Tuesday, 10 April 2012
08:32:58 PM (GMT)
With Chaos
I crossed the final item off my list. Everything was stashed neatly beneath my bed,
tucked into a small daypack I took from my mother’s collection of bags. Normally I
would have just used my schoolbag, but it was too bulky and noticeable. I needed this
one, lightweight and inconspicuous.
I knew my father would be coming to call me down for dinner soon, so I needed to
appear normal. I sat down in the over-sized executive chair that blended nicely with
the rest of the over-sized furniture in my room. I pretended to study one of the many
textbooks scattered across my unnecessarily huge mahogany, credenza-like desk.
Just as expected, my father stepped into my room. "Cyril," he said in his typical
monotone voice, "It's time for dinner."
I shrugged. "I'll just eat in here." I said not looking up from my book. I knew he
wouldn't allow it. He never did, but that never stopped me from asking before, and
now is exactly the time I needed to ask again. It’s only hard to act normal when
you really need too. 
"You are coming down to eat with your family." His voice steadily grew colder. "It is
your sixteenth birthday. You will act proper so you do not embarrass us in front of
the guests."
I took some fake notes and turned the page. Birthdays are so overrated. Why should we
celebrate getting older? It’s just another year closer to death. "I'm not going
down there. I have finals coming up soon." I smiled secretly as my father stormed out
of my room. He would send butlers to “escort” me to the dining room where I would
eat some “gourmet” meal cooked by The best chefs Saga has to offer. After dinner
I would receive gifts from people I'd never even seen before and listen to my mother
talk about when I was just a baby. The guests would leave little by little and the
maids would begin cleaning. My parents would head to their room to discuss the girls
that they found nice enough to be my future wife. Bleh. I expected everything would
go as planned.
The butlers did escort me to dinner. I did eat that gourmet meal. I did receive gifts
from multitudes of people whom I had never met and would probably never meet again.
My mother did talk about when I was a baby. The guests did leave. The maids did start
cleaning. But my parents didn't go to their room. They stayed sitting on the classy
yet uncomfortable sofa in the center of the den.
The atmosphere was too thick for me. I just knew they were going to bring up some
unimportant thing and blow it out of proportion just like every other time they sat
so tense-like with that look on their faces. It would probably be about my grades. I
mean, I do make good grades, but those business management classes were starting to
get hectic.
My mother smiled at me and gestured toward one of the seats fornenst the sofa. I sat
warily. "Cyril, you're sixteen now," she said softly. "I thought you would enjoy some
time alone, so I took the liberty of excusing most of the maids for the night. Your
father and I will be leaving the house to you 'til tomorrow."
What? I'm going to be virtually alone tonight? It took almost every ounce of my self
control to keep from celebrating. I nodded curtly. This would benefit my plan
"Your mother was forthright in her decision. She believed it would please you, young
master." My personal butler, Samuel, said.
My father grunted. It seemed he didn't like the idea of me staying alone tonight. I
bet he was thinking of all the trouble I could get myself into while they were gone,
but even if he was, he could never guess what I was really going to do. Not in a
million years. My mother seemed happy enough though. She would probably be spending
the night in a nice hotel with open air baths and spa treatments. "If you need
anything just ring. We'll send someone to take care of you. Samuel, give him the
number to the hotel."
Samuel slipped a card on the table to my right and bowed. "Have a nice night." he
said with a smile that set me on edge, then walked away in that stiff manner all
butlers difa to gather my parents luggage. Without another word, they left.
And then there was one. Well, more like four, but maids don't count. All they do is
clean the house and wash laundry. I bound up the stairs to my room. The daypack was
just as I had left it, but I wanted to double check all of my supplies. I sat the bag
on my bed and went back to lock my door. I tugged on the knob to make sure it was
secured. Everything was perfect. I dumped the contents onto my bed and sorted it out.
I had everything...except cash. It was something that had just popped into my head. I
repacked everything and shoved the bag back where I’d found it. Quickly I donned a
jacket with some deep pockets and headed to my parent’s room.
I knew of a few places around the room where my parents stashed away money for no
real reason. There were several obvious places, a few questionable places, and some
just plain weird. I set out for the questionable places first. Toiletries. My mother
has a collection of stylized soaps that have been hollowed out. She sticks her cash
in there frequently, so I just took a bit from each bar and headed to the next spot,
I took some from my father's management books, a bit more from the waterproofed jar
hidden in the toilet tank, and regrettably, my pockets were full.
I checked the hall before making my stealthy escape. There was still no sign of the
maids. I dashed through the halls as I made my way back to my room. My heart was
beating so hard I felt it in my throat. The feeling was splendiferous! Yes, that is a
real word. A really really awesome real word. 
My escape from this awful place was near. I burst into my room, slamming the door in
my excitement. I barely remembered the lock. It took only seconds to empty my pockets
onto the bed. I quickly gathered the money into wads and clipped them together. It
was a tight fit, but I managed to stuff it all into one of the empty pockets of the
It seemed I was completely set. I quietly left my room. It was still too early to
head to the harbor, so I decided to waste time with a hot cup of rooibos tea. It
wasn't hard to find the kitchen, but since I'd never actually been there I didn't
know where anything was. I searched fruitlessly through the cabinets for a few
minutes before giving up. I'd just substitute the tea for some water then. That is,
if I could find where they kept the cups. What is this? In my own house, I can't find
a single thing. It’s the life of a spoiled rich boy.
I flopped onto the cold marble floor. I was thoroughly embarrassed. My now dry throat
cursed at me. I guess my mouth decided to go dry once the adrenalin died off. Well,
now I had two choices. I could continue being thirsty, or I could drink straight from
the faucet. Both choices were unbearable. My body said drink, but my pride said
don't. It took less than a second for my body to beat my pride into a bloody pulp. I
got up and walked toward the sink. As long as no one saw me I'd be fine.
The water flowing from the faucet was ice cold. I drank my fill and continued to let
the cold water cascade over my lips. It tasted so much better straight from the tap!
I took a mental note of the difference before turning off the water and heading back
to my room. I decided that it would be a good idea to take a nap before setting out
on my adventure.
My alarm went off just after midnight. I slid out of bed and into some durable
clothes. Everything was in order. I briefly scanned my notes to make sure I could
make it to the harbor in time to catch the next trade ship out. I only had eleven
minutes. I snatched up my day pack and notebook and raced out of my room. After a
short detour to the den so I could drop the notebook off in the fireplace, I was out
the door and sprinting to the harbor.
There were only two ships docked when I arrived. I didn't spend any time deciding
which to get on. I just hopped the nearest and hid myself among some smelly ropes and
Goodbye Saga!


It was a good thing I didn't waste time getting onto the ship. Shortly after I had
situated myself into a comfortable position I heard voices and footsteps getting
close. The adrenaline I had felt earlier that night came rushing back.
The voices weren't quite close enough for me to be able to hear their words clearly
through the wall. I tried to creep closer so I could hear, but as I began scooting
around, the engine started and the floor lurched. It was a sickening feeling. I
don’t remember cruise ships lurching that way, but of course, this was no cruise
I crawled back to my comfy corner and put my head between my knees as I tried to cure
my sudden seasickness. I should have packed some ginger tea! Since I didn't have any
ginger tea I would have to do what I could. If I close my eyes, I may feel better. I
laid on my back and closed my eyes. It was probably the best thing I could have done.
Falling asleep in that "gently" rocking ship didn't take five minutes.
Everything was still when I awoke. The ship was hardly rocking, did that mean we had
docked somewhere? I got up slowly. If I listened closely I could hear the faint
sounds of the ocean. I pressed my ear against the nearest wall. There were no voices
or footsteps.
I looked around the small room in which I hid during the journey. It seemed more
roomy in there. Maybe I had just gotten used to being confined to the small area, but
something was different.
I ran out of the room and onto the deck. The sun was blazing high in the sky, white
bird Pokemon were flying around, and the harbor was brimming with people. A man
walking onto the ship saw me and slowly made his way to where I was standing.
"Hey Sleeping Beauty." he said in a playful way. "We thought you were going to sleep
forever! Me and some other guys noticed you sneaking on board last night, but you
didn't wake up until now. We were kinda worried."
He wasn't mad about me stowing away on his ship? "I-I'm sorry about, uh, hiding..." I
bowed slightly. He smiled. It was a creepy kind of smile. The kind you would expect
to see on the face of a psycho murder just before you got stabbed.
"'Naw kid, it's alright. The cap'n laughed when I told him there was a stowaway from
Saga." I nodded and started to walk passed the tall sailor so I could get away from
the ship. "Come back and see me sometime, Cutie." He was a freak! I took off running
under a rickety old sign that said “Slateport City. The port where people and
Pokemon cross paths.”
It felt so good to run. After being crammed in my corner for at least twelve hours,
stretching my legs was like being reborn. It was difficult avoiding the people who
crowded the streets, but somehow I managed. I only recall bumping into three people.
None of the three screamed at me so I assume I was forgiven.
Running around aimlessly is the best way to get lost. In only ten minutes I had
wondered into the most crowded shopping area I had ever seen, almost died of
hunger(not really, but exaggeration makes me feel good), and stepped into some scary
black goo that was splattered across the sidewalk. Thank you excited frenzy for
causing me so much trouble.
I sat on the cleanest portion of the sidewalk I could find. I had no energy left.
Really, I should have been trying to find a place where I could get some food, but my
legs were dying. I could hardly sit upright. Maybe I had something in my bag. I
pulled the daypack off my shoulders and sat it in my lap. Its smelt terrible; like
dead fish and sweat. Its odor almost made me gag. It had successfully erased my
Quickly I put my daypack back on and stood up. My legs were wobbly at first, but they
seemed to have enough strength to help me walk. I didn't have much energy to spare,
so I needed to find a restaurant fast. When you’re in a new place and don't know
where anything is, what's the fastest way to find somewhere? Ask. For. Directions. I
was in another of those pride versus body ordeals... guess who won.
I was Lucky! There was someone walking down the street in my direction. I hobbled
toward him. I probably looked pathetic, but it didn't matter at the moment. "Excuse
me," I said trying to get his attention. The boy was about my age, but the
differences in our appearance  were drastic. I probably looked so small and pale and
scrawny compared to him."Do you know where I could get some food?"
"Looks like you need more than food," he raised his hand to pinch his nose, "I mean
'Smells like'."
I laughed nervously, "Yeah." Oh, how my pride was hurting. I was struggling to
continue standing there, but I didn't want to look weak in front of this guy. "I had
some fish trouble in the harbor." It was a lie, but I couldn't tell him the truth.
How would this stranger feel if he knew I was a stowaway?
"I can imagine. What I can't imagine, though, is how you're still alive smelling like
that. Why haven't the wingull picked you apart yet?"
I just shrugged. I had no energy left for talking.
"Come with me, Smelly, it's almost lunch time at Meemaw's house." He gestured for me
to follow him. Well, I tried to.
Meemaw's house wasn't too far from where I was sitting before, but each minute that I
walked brought me minutes closer to death, and by the time we were standing on the
doorstep of a cute old-english style cottage I felt dead. Why was life away from Saga
so hard? I almost regret leaving.
The boy I was with opened the door and practically dragged me inside. A stout old
lady greeted us as we came in.
"Welcome back, Ollie." She said warmly. "You brought a friend?" The smile she had on
her face was so welcoming! It was almost exactly the opposite of the scary sailor
from earlier.
"He was looked like he was starving to death on the sidewalk, so I brought him with
me. Is that okay?"
"It's fine sweetie! I made plenty of food." She lead us to a table where I was sat
down. Within seconds a bowl filled with steaming soup was sat before me. I felt
awkward being served first. At home Father was always served first, then Mother, and
finally me; once everyone had their food we began eating. I waited impatiently for
the other two to be served. Oliver began eating as soon as he got his food. Meemaw
just walked away.
"You were starving just earlier! Eat that before it gets cold." Oliver said to me.
"But, shouldn't I wait for her to be seated?" I asked gesturing towards where the
elderly woman had gone.
Oliver scoffed. "Meemaw's already eaten. She eats while she cooks." He raised his
voice so the lady could hear him. "Did you eat Meemaw?" he yelled.
I heard a muffled 'yes' from another room. I guess I could eat then. I spooned a bit
of soup into my mouth. The taste was fantastic! I didn't expect regular people food
to taste so good. For my entire life I've lived off of gourmet crap. Even my baby
formula was supposedly gourmet. Throughout the entire meal I had to refrain from
shoveling my food down like a stray dog. I had three bowls of the soup before I felt
sufficiently full. Even though I now feel like I was being selfish, Meemaw seemed
very happy that I ate so much of her cooking.
Oliver and I sat at the table for almost an hour after eating. We didn't really say
anything to each other while our food was digesting, but when Meemaw walked in and
told us the we had to go take a shower, things got awkward. Well, atleast on my side.
Oliver didn't seem to think anything about it.
"Let's go," Oliver said as he pulled me from my chair. He walked into another room
and brought out two towels. "We shower together to save water."
I was speechless. My mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, the very fish
I currently smelled like, as I tried to find something to say.
He had to drag me up the stairs and into the bathroom since my brain had died. I
wasn't capable of walking by myself in my stupefied condition. "Really, Smelly? You
going to make me undress you, too?" Oliver said nonchalantly. He had already stripped
his clothes off and was adjusting the temperature of the water. How could anyone be
so calm about being naked around someone else? Forget the “someone else” part! I
felt uncomfortable being naked alone! Was I really supposed to get naked while he was
"Hurry up and undress!" Oliver said. He had walked away from the shower and stood in
front of me. He quickly pulled off my shirt, and began unfastening my belt. I think I
passed out at this point, but I can't remember.


"I dunno Meemaw, he just fainted."
Was that Oliver talking?
"Yeah, but I bathed him anyway. He doesn't stink anymore." I heard a chair slide
across the floor, then footsteps heading toward me. "You awake yet, Smelly?"
That name was so degrading! "I'm awake." I replied tartly.
"He's awake Meemaw!" Did he have to yell? I really wanted to punch him, but I wasn't
raised to be that way. I just tried to ignore him.
Oliver flopped down on the sofa where I was laying. He didn't even care than it was
my feet he was sitting on. I tried to kick him so I could sit up, but he just made
crude jokes about how it felt like I was playing with his bum and continued to sit
there. Eventually I gave up. He wasn't so heavy that it hurt me, it was just a bit
Meemaw didn't seem surprised to see Oliver sitting on me when she walked in. She just
kinda smiled as she sat in her rocking chair and flipped on the TV. "Oliver, I'm
going out to shop for dinner. Do you need anything?" She asked as she watched the
"The forecast for the week is partially cloudy with temperatures in the high 80's,
mild winds from the southwest, and migrating swablu." Migrating swablu? What does
migration have to do with weather? "In other news, The poochyena have returned. Cover
your trashca-" Meemaw turned off the TV.
"What do you boys want for dinner?" She asked.
"Yeah Smelly, What should we eat?" Oliver looked toward me with a smug grin and
bounced on my feet..
I hated him. His expressions were always so cocky. "I'm not a picky eater. Anything
is fine." I smiled at Meemaw. Anything she cooked would taste good. "And also," I
said, turning to Oliver. "My name, Is. Not. Smelly." I violently shoved Oliver off of
me with some of the energy from my angry outburst.
He fell on the floor, but laughed it off like it was nothing. "Then what should I
call you? You haven't exactly introduced yourself."
"I'm Cyril." I said simply. I didn't want to talk to him anymore. His face made me
Meemaw spoke up, breaking the tension. "Well, Ollie and Cyril,  We'll be having
tuna-stuffed tomatoes." She walked to the door and picked up a seagrass basket.
"You'll come with me to carry the groceries." Oliver walked over and took the basket
from Meemaw.
"Lets go, Cyril." He said my name with venom. Like it was the vilest of all curses. I
rolled my eyes at him and quickly made my way to Meemaw's side. My bag wasn't far
from the door so I grabbed it."Don't take that smelly thing!" Oliver said.
"I'm not taking it. I'm getting some money for a new one." I pulled out one of the
wads of cash and shoved it in my pocket. I pretended not to notice Oliver's surprised
gasp. A small victory for me.
Our trio made its way through the thinning crowds at the market. Was it really even a
market? The banner said "Farmer's Market" but everything was outside. I was used to
big indoor markets. The ones that had AC and were insect-less. This was really just a
street lined with stalls where people sat selling stuff, swatting flies, and
chatting. Meemaw shuffled expertly through the stalls of vegetables mumbling about
some overpriced, rotten carrots. Eventually I reached a stall that caught my eye, a
collection of bags. I was sure there was every style of bag ima
Last edited: 11 August 2012

‹Alicia Greene› says:   8 August 2012   618721  
please continue the story
Obsidian_Orchid says:   9 August 2012   464310  
Ah! I forget about it... Lulz. There is more too it. I haven't gotten
around to posting it here, though. 
‹Alicia Greene› says:   11 August 2012   201533  
its an awesome story 
Obsidian_Orchid says:   11 August 2012   318118  
There ya go. It's long... but probably finished. I don't know how to
Obsidian_Orchid says:   11 August 2012   892489  
Choas looks like this

it was a concept I was going to apply later in the story, but until I
figure out how to continue it'll never come up.
‹Alicia Greene› says:   11 August 2012   382111  
u should have him buy a bag for starters
Obsidian_Orchid says:   11 August 2012   208334  
The original idea was for Oliver to go back to Johto because he was
only visiting his grandmother for a short time before taking on the
Silver League, and because Cyril didn't want to be lonely he would
stow away on the ship to adventure with Ollie. The climax would have
been the dream sequence taking place in real life Cyril and Chaos
battling Raikou(who was the mystery pokemon, and the pokemon whose
pelt was used to make Cyril's bag), but inevitably losing. 
‹Alicia Greene› says :   11 August 2012   526390  

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