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Voldemort is Harry Potter's father!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 14 March 2012
06:57:01 PM (GMT)
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Harry Potter here

You: Voldemort here.

You: Harry, I am your father.

Stranger: Um...would you like some te-What?!

You: Me and your mum had some fine ass kinky sex and you happend

Stranger: No James Potter is my father!

You: I'm sorry, son.

Stranger: You must have done that with Malfoy's mum!

You: It just isn't true.

Stranger: I'm not your son!

You: Yes, yes you are.

Stranger: No I'm not!

You: I love you, Harry.

Stranger: You don't love me!

You: I do, Harry. You are my one, true son.

Stranger: No I'm not! Why are you lying?!

You: Why would I lie to you, my dear son?

Stranger: I'm not your son! James Potter is my real father!

You: Your mother tricked James into thinking you are his son, I am your real

Stranger: No your not! You have no proof!

You: *Pulls out your birth certificate* Here, son,

Stranger: T-This is a fake..I'm not your son! You've been trying to kill me!

You: I couldn't handle having a son, I know, I was wrong to attempt to murder me. But
I have changed. You must believe it, Harry.

You: Murder you*

Stranger: I can't trust you! You killed my family!

You: You can Harry! They killed themselves...

Stranger: How?! I'm pretty sure you casted the spell that killed them!!

You: Your mother and James were arguing, she cast one spell, he cast another. They
both hit eachother and their own spell back fired and hit them instead of the

Stranger: That's a lie! My mother died trying to save me from you!

You: You're wrong Harry, I tried to save her. I loved her Harry.

Stranger: No! You killed her! Why would everyone lie to me about their death?!

You: Harry, I loved Lilly with all my heart. People saw me leave their house that
dreadfull night and jumped to conclusions. I would never kill her.

Stranger: Then why would you have tried to kill me?!

You: I didn't! The spell drew you in, I cast a spell to protect you! It wasn't strong
enough to save Lilly and James..

Stranger: Then why'd you try to kill me first, second, and fourth year! I'm only 15!
Why'd you drop this lie on me now?!

You: E-Every time I saw you, I saw Lilly's face. You look just like her, her eyes,
her smile... I couldn't handle it.. I loved her too much.

Stranger: So you thought killing me would help?!

You: I...I couldn't see you again. I thought you would be better with your mother.
You're too good for this world, Harry

Stranger: *backs away slowly* What are you talking about?

You: Don't leave, son. I've changed. Please trust me.

Stranger: I-I can't. Not after all this. You only have yourself to blame for this...

You: Harry, no... I'm the only family you have left..

Stranger: No...I have my muggle family...they'll come around. I don't need someone
who's tried to kill me more than once.

You: They are not your family! They are a bunch of muggle scum who despise you!

Stranger: They are my family! I'm related to them and they've some what taken care of
me since I was baby and don't say that about them!

You: They are only holdig you back Harry. You could be so much better than you
already are.

Stranger: What? Turn me evil and try to kill evey muggle? I don't think so.

You: I do not wish to kill anyone, Harry. I have changed.

Stranger: Really? Prove it.

You: How? I'll do anything I'm on your side now.

Stranger: ......I don't know. You find out how to prove it.  You killed Cedric right
in front of me!

You: That was a mistake! I saw darkness in him!

Stranger: Why? What was he doing that was so bad?!

You: It's not what he was doing, Harry. It is what was inside him. His eyes, full of
darkness and evil.

Stranger: He was a Hufflepuff! What do you mean?!

You: His house meant nothing, Harry! He was going to harm you!

Stranger: Why? What was he going to do to me?

You: H-He.. Oh, Harry. It was in-describable

Stranger: Tell me.

You: *looks down* He was going to kill you, slowly and painfully. Right in front of
me, I had to stop him.

Stranger: Why would he kill me? We were into together!

You: That's what he wanted you to think. He was fooling you, Harry.

Stranger: No he helped me! Also, at sometimes I think he might of liked me a little
too much...

You: He was the one who changed the portal key! He didn't know I'd be here, Harry!

Stranger: He wasn't going to kill me! We...we were friends!

You: You couldn't see the real him! He was filled with evil!

Stranger: He was not! We were more than friends at times! He was nice and kind to

You: He was using you, Harry!

Stranger: He wouldn't! Your follower was the one that cut my wrist to get my blood!

You: You were the only one who could bring me back, Harry. I needed the blood of my
closest relative. The blood of my son.

Stranger: You didn't have to come back! I doubt I'm your son!

You: You are my son, Harry. The very fact that I'm here proves it! Your blood bought
me back.

Stranger: ...Still you need to kill so many people!

You: I need to kill no one, Harry. I told you, I have changed.

Stranger: You killed people! Mr. Malfoy would agree with me!

You: Mr. Malfoy is a liar and a fraud!

Stranger: Than why was he with you in the graveyard?

You: He was my folower, pretending to be on Dumbeldore's side. Harry, that man is
very dangerous.

Stranger: He doesn't seem like it. He son isn't dangerous at all.

You: His son is naive, he will be following in his father's footsteps before long, I
assure you. Mr. Malfoy is very manipulative.

Stranger: You don't even know Dra-...Malfoy.

You: Oh I do, Harry. He has worn my mark ever since he was a child.

Stranger: He'll turn out to be a good person!

You: He won't Harry! As soon as Malfoy gets wind of my dissapearance, he'll stand in
my place! He will bring terror upon this world!

Stranger: Draco will be a good person! I know it!

You: It's impossible, Harry! As long as his father is around he will be nothing but

Stranger: Not if I help him!

Stranger: He'll be a good person in the end!

You: Then Malfoy will kill you. It's as simple as that, Harry.

Stranger: He will not! Draco doesn't have that in him! Besides, I'll die trying.

You: What's the point, Harry?  Draco will turn into his father, it's his fate.
Nothing can change that.

Stranger: I can do it! If you can change so can Draco! He's a life worth saving!

You: The only way Draco will be good, is if you defeat his father. As long as Malfoy
is breathing, Draco will have evil inside him.

Stranger: They both can be good! I'm not going to kill anyone.

You: Malfoy will never be good. There is still some hope for his son, but his father
is just impossible.

Stranger: Not if I try. There's always hope!

You: You're a very stong boy, Harry. You are so much like your mother.

You: strong*

Stranger: Well, if I'm going to help Draco I better start now. See you Voldemort.

You: Don't leave Harry!

Stranger: I have to! Later....Dad.

Oh Omegle. You do make me chuckle.
Last edited: 14 March 2012

DavidA1993 says:   14 March 2012   186041  
Hah. Damn girl. That's funny. :p
OhFuckItsJessie says:   14 March 2012   806825  
You read it all? :O 
DavidA1993 says:   14 March 2012   774350  
Yes ma'am..

Long but yeah..

OhFuckItsJessie says:   14 March 2012   956236  
Lol, my imagenation is endless. 
ruby8 says:   14 March 2012   872798  
that was really long................
but really funny at the same time
OhFuckItsJessie says:   14 March 2012   844251  
Aha why thank you ma'am  
ruby8 says :   14 March 2012   897608  

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