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Sunday, 4 March 2012
07:26:04 AM (GMT)
It might be long so you don't have to read this.

I've been having these terrible nightmares lately

Make me wake up crying or screaming..
But there's always one that gets to me the most.
This one nightmare,
always replaying
Hurting me emotionally 

So basically this is what it is.

In this nightmare, I wake up like I would everyday.
I'll eat breakfast, take my dog outside, ect.
But after that, everything blacks out and I end up at a park sitting next to my
bestest friend in the whole world, David.
We just sit there and talk and hit each other, like play-fighting, as brothers and
sisters do.
As we're talking, something just sets him off..
He starts yelling at me, telling me to get out of his life, throwing things.
It's all so real
I think the saddest part is that these nightmares are the only way i can actually be
close to my best friend, even if he's yelling at me.
The nightmare blacks out again, and I'm back in my room, crying.
I try to text my boyfriend Matthew, but he tells me that I need to leave him alone
and get on with my life.
He tells me never to talk to him again.
I start crying harder and I throw my phone to the other side of the room.

I sit there crying for a while and I fall asleep
I'll end up waking up at a park again, but everyone I truly care about are
surrounding me, yelling at me..
They start getting closer, they start hitting me violently, yelling even louder.
I end up close to death before i end up waking up for real crying and shaking.

That nightmare gets to me so much
I don't even know what to do anymore..

fallenangellove says:   4 March 2012   170201  
I'm so sorry. D:
jellylegs says:   4 March 2012   598289  
that sounds horrible! i just hope things aren't that bad irl ):
shimagi says:   5 March 2012   189004  
psh i would never yell at you <3 xP i would embarrass you and pinch
your cheeks making you feel awkward but never yell muahahahaha cause i
loves you ^-^
shimagi says:   5 March 2012   785191  
what we should do is hug it out when i visit cali july or august if i
can go to mountain view which i think i can  and go to a freaking
park and do the picnic thing you always wanted us to do xD
KaileyComet says:   5 March 2012   699138  
It's ok
yeah the nightmares suck but as you can see from Davids comments its
nowhere near that bad irl X3
LOL XD i love you to david cx
You should visit sooner! D:
that way i can beat you with a baseball bat like you wanted me too XD 
shimagi says:   5 March 2012   485555  
lol i wish i could but that is the only time i would be in cali xD dun
dun dun  psh heck yes but i have to find out who haves a base ball
bat xD 
KaileyComet says:   5 March 2012   143095  
why is it the only time you'll be in cali? D: 
shimagi says:   5 March 2012   634715  
@KaileyComet beats me i dont know xD hey i wish i could see
you :3 especially with the korean penis fish xD 
KaileyComet says:   5 March 2012   834250  
bitch i will that that penis fish from you ans slap you with it >:O 
shimagi says:   5 March 2012   235620  
@KaileyComet whore i would stuff 2 dozen in your shirt if you
KaileyComet says:   15 March 2012   429773  
shimagi says:   15 March 2012   977758  
really really that isn't nice :P xD 
KaileyComet says:   15 March 2012   540653  
lol why did you say really twice? XD 
shimagi says:   15 March 2012   548065  
to make it over dramatic xD
KaileyComet says:   15 March 2012   150467  
woww XD
why aren't you on skype >3< 
shimagi says:   15 March 2012   282435  
why people will call and want me to talk :P
KaileyComet says:   15 March 2012   518705  
wtf who else is awake right now? XD 
shimagi says:   15 March 2012   342308  
dakota and patrick was :P
KaileyComet says:   15 March 2012   148412  
I doubt that they're actually awake :P 
shimagi says:   15 March 2012   490004  
yea they are xD 
well idk about patrick now and i love you too xP 
KaileyComet says:   15 March 2012   321585  
XD <3
you're a fag :3 <3 
shimagi says:   15 March 2012   412709  
psh  that is probably why when i lived in cali i got to take
showers with friends xD
KaileyComet says:   15 March 2012   945233  
shimagi says:   16 March 2012   418411  
lol heck yes ) xD psh im not ashamed xD
KaileyComet says:   16 March 2012   460856  
Lol I'm laughing again xDD 
shimagi says:   16 March 2012   851384  
duh it's what i do best 
KaileyComet says :   16 March 2012   325811  
I know :P 


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