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Tuesday, 3 January 2012
07:24:07 AM (GMT)
Now that I've evolved into a better cosplayer, the cool upperclassmen cosplayer, I wanted to red do this. General Cosplay Questions 1) What's the best part of cosplay for you? It's everything. Makeup, costumes, wigs. I can't decide! It's like the whole idea of transforming into someone else that excites me so much. I feel so cool when I dress up as a guy, or so cute when I wear some lolita outfits. I actually was kinda shocked when I did some test shots for Aomine because I looked so different! 2) Do you use the term "kameko" ("camera-kid")? Ever since I did this last year, I do now lol 3) Do you read event catalogs? Not really. I only do so if I go in the dealer's hall, but since I rarely do, I don't receive the catalog anyways. However, I try to get more info about cons on its websites, so I know what's trending and some other rules. 4) Do you rsvp to events? Eh, technically I don't, cuz I'm not a big enough cosplayer to do, but I have them all marked in my calenders! 5) Do you want to attend more events? Or are you content to remain in your local area? The ones I prefer are all within my area, and it's around 15 min away. So I suppose I got lucky, eh? ; u; Even if my mom doesn't want me to go, she can't do much cuz I can travel there myself haha. However, I'd love to cosplay in a Canadian con, because I'm moving back in 2 years and I've seen videos from cosplayinamerica about them. His stuff got me so excited for Canadian cons! 6) Do you use color contacts? Yes~ They are essential for looking like your character! I mean it's obvious that anime characters have funky colored hair, so we use wigs; so of cos, that also applies to our eyes and overall appearance. Also, they are pretty cheap here because it's a trend. They cost $6 for 5 daily pairs. However, they last longer if you keep them in the solution~ Ah I need to get some more soon. 7) Do you make your own costumes or do you buy them? I've been trying to make my own costumes more, but I still end up store buying things so I can modify them for costumes. /hence Faneru, 96neko, and Len Prodiva Buying them is usually a LOT more expensive, cuz they tend to be custom-made... I did buy my Aomine jersey and it was pretty cheap since it wasn't custom-made. I guess I'll stick to either moding store-bought, or buying pre-set costumes. Do you stick to one genre? I try not to, but mostly I'm floating towards Vocaloid. Afterall, you can have one wig and make tons of costumes just for one character! I definitely prefer that over customizing one single wig for a character I'll do only once. Eh, either way, it's fun to be multi-fandomed! 9) Do you think that when cosplaying, one should stick to the genre of a given event? Unless the con's for a specific animanga, then I think the more variety the better! It's always fun to see how unique and creative people can get with their costumes; like big ass transformers or itty-bitty costumes that barely cover their bodies. Or it also brings fans together or even introduces new fans; like from the trendiest Vocaloid to the most obscure Monokuro Kitan. Breaking genre or whatever it called brings people together; afterall we are birds of a feather! 10) Does it bother you when people break genre? Of course not~ Unless they do lazy outfits that don't even relate to the characters. 11) Does it bother you when people know nothing about the series they're cosplaying? Yes, cosplay is about being characters you like, are passionate about, relate to and stuff. But if you cosplay someone you don't even know, how are you sp= supposed to stay in character, or even (in the end) have fun with all the inside anime jokes? 12) Does it bother you if people only know a little about the series they're cosplaying? Yes, but only to an extent. I like to cosplay with my friends so I try to find animangas we're mutually interested in. But when that doesn't happen, I usually give in and start reading/watching it so I understand it and join their fandom. I think despite I don't really like it, it's a good way to find new things to be interested in! Like it was Homestuck and Touhou for me~ 13) Does it bother you if people are familiar with the series, but have no affection for the character they're cosplaying? Naw. It's fine. Sometimes, cosplayers in groups gotta give way for others. I wanted to be Kaito, but a friend took it; and I was like 'so be it!' Furthermore this brings me closer to the character that I'm being, because I'd start researching him/her and I'd inadvertently start looking out for them in fan art and stuff. 14) Does it bother you if someone else is cosplaying the same character you are? Of course not~ It's even better that way, because now you've found someone who enjoys the anime and likes the same character as you do! I've seen many cosplayers become friends through the same character costume and many times, they start posing together for pics~ 15) Do you like posed shots? Sure, I think that these are best to properly portray the character's personality. It also makes it easier for the photographer to get angles that is best appropriate for the cosplayer. They usually turn out better too! 16) Do you like candid shots? I'm actually starting to like them a lot. Seeing popular cosplayers derping around, or doing selfies makes me realize 'eh, these cosplayers are awesome people afterall'. I think it's really cute to show true, out of character interaction between people. But they can also be unattractive omggg 17) Do you think cosplaying characters from adult games or pornographic material is in bad taste? Honestly, I think it is. But it's the cosplayer's own choice to do whatever character they like. Just as long as they don't show too much cleavage, booty or panties, then we're good. Save the porn-y shots for private photoshoots, and keep them away from me. 1 If there's a problem at an event, do you jump to conclusions about the parties involved? No. 19) How many times do you cosplay in one month? Well, I try on cosplay outfits at home almost every week, but those are only tests. I probably do it once a month, be it photoshoot or con. 20) Do you go to photo shoots? Of course. I prefer these over con photos, because they tend to be better. Photographers have time to prepare, and so do the cosplayers. It's not crowded like a con area and you are able to communicate with your photographer to get what you really want. In a con, it'd be too busy and squished to do that. Also, you can choose your own settings so they suit your character more. In a cons, you're always only limited to that one area so the backgrounds are always the same and boring. The only thing I find awkward is having to walk around in costume NOT in a con and around normal peeps. 21) Have you ever been included in a cosplay CD-ROM? You think? 22) Is casual cosplay okay? My cosplays are technically casual, I think...? But as long as you find the appropriate clothing that suits your character (hopefully mod them a bit so it's better), it's fine. Like Gakuran!Vocaloid is good, because it's a recognizable theme. However, if you throw on a hoodie and call it a Matryoshka day, I will whip you. 23) Are you okay with your face appearing on the internet? Definitely. I actually openly post my own photos online and when I get my photo taken at a con, I often have to browse through photographers' online albums to find them. 24) Do you find yourself thinking people are "too old" for cosplay? How old is too old? There's no age limit! I've seen a granny cosplay Sophie from Howl and thought it was adorable. It's an ageles hobby~ 25) Do people who walk around in gothic lolita fashion bug you? Nuu, I love gothloli. And I'm considering in investing some dresses. But the thing is that lolita and cosplay are two separate things. Most people (like me) wear lolita to cons because people accept this extravagant style while in public, it's still a bit odd. Lolita is a fashion, not a costume, while cosplay is. Some characters have lolita clothing like Stocking, but those are their specific outfits. It's alright to wear a lolita dress for a character, but call it a costume; like a sailor seifuku dress for Stocking. Never ever call lolita a costume. 26) Do you think Chinese dresses count as "cosplay"? Eh, this would apply to maid/school outfits. I think if they suit what the character would wear or relate to the character, then it's ok. But it shouldn't be a random thing that you came up with; like Lenalee in a maid dress. (Lenalee in a Chinese dress is ok for me, because she's Chinese and I think she wore it in an original art print?) I still don't really that though... 27) What bothers you the most about cosplay? BINDING. OH FUCKING BINDING. You see I've got a bust of D; and with my height at 5''8~9 I'm not exactly suited for girl characters (and I refuse to do sexy ones unless I actually like their character like Erza) I don't have a proper binder yet, so I use a wide medical tape or a wide corset-ish belt. I now know how it feels to live in the Victorian ages 2 Do you think it's important to be "in character"? Yes, but only for posing or for fun. Don't be in character so much that it makes it difficult for people to talk to you normally; like being Karkat and swearing a lot. Make sure you keep it within limits. 29) Does it make you nervous to be eyed by regular visitors at a public event? At a con, no. But during photoshoots, I get kinda shy. 30) Do pre-scheduled cosplay appearances by popular cosplayers annoy you? Of course not! I actually love them, cuz I admire those popular cosplayers and it's cool to see them ahead of time. 31) Do you tell other people your best locations for shoots? Yeh, but since I'm not really well-known and live in Asia, I tell my friends or other cosplaying classmates. 32) Do you put on your makeup before your wig or after? Before. I always get wig hair in my eyes and they irritate me to no end. If it's long, it also tends to get in my way. I've stopped wearing wig nets when I do my makeup, even though I know I should. But I just stretch it up and over so the net doesn't touch my face. 33) Do you know a lot about the series' you cosplay? Of course. I don't want to waste time on a character I don't even like so I have to be passionate enough him/her to persist till the end! 34) Do you wear costumes only once or many times? Once or twice; twice if I didn't get good pics from the con, or I want more photos. 35) When you've decided what costume to do next, do you share that information with other people? Yeh, I try to ask my animanga friends to see if they agree/think I suit so and so. Sometimes, some characters are easier to do so I just handle that process myself like Faneru and 96neko. 36) Do you want to be in cosplay magazines? Holy shit yes please. I'd freaking love to. In fact, I know someone who does an online cosplay mag and I'd love to be a part of it someday. Ooohh, someday. 37) What's the most important part of cosplay for you? It should be a fun thing; not a contest, not an outlet for sexual things. You should enjoy what you do and like your character. Having fun is the most important! Event Participation Questions 3 How active are you cosplaying in your own community? I'm not really in a community to start with... 39) What do you wear on the day of an event? If I'm not in costume, I wear stuff that is bit more quirky; like lolita, or some pastel grunge. I want to show off myself without being in costume too! (And in fact, I got scouted to be a model at a con before too haha~) But I also avoid anything too tight, cuz I sweat a lot on those days and I always bring an extra shirt. If I'm changing into costume, I try to wear parts of the outfit, especially the shoes. But I usually look like shit before getting into costume. 40) Do you eat lunch on event days? I tend to forget to eat. But I usually go after 12 anyways, so it's fine. 41) Do you eat breakfast before attending events? I wake up late on weekends (which are also the days of the con); so I end up skipping those too 42) How long does it take you to change? For holy fucking ever. Recently, I've been trying to speed up the time I take for makeup but I still take 45 min at least orzz Getting into costume isn't so bad though. 43) Do you think it looks geeky to attend an event with a big SLR camera? Never. I've done that twice and it takes higher quality photos. I suggest people to bring DSLRs; and besides the photographers with the pro cams usually have tons of albums so I can took at other cosplayers~ 44) What camera do you use? A compact? An SLR? I've a digicam, but it's got DSLR functions. I still don't know how to use them though loll. I've borrowed my friend's DSLR twice, and it works well to~ 45) Are you afraid of cameramen? Are you cool with them? Not really. Since I'm usually in a male costume, I get approached mainly by girls and these fangirls tend to be pretty fun and squeal a lot haha. But when I was Americako, I was particularly wary of creepy photographers. I still remember that one guy who took tons of photos from tons of angles (above, from the back etc) and left without a word. 46) Are you one of the first to line up to get inside? Ugh, fuck no. I hate lining up and going inside is just hell. I'm more of a cosplayer than a.. uhh doujiner?! loll 47) Do you not mind showing up late? Well, the con technically opens at 10 am (dealer hall) but the cosplay party really starts only at 1 pm. So that's when I prefer to go. 4 Do you have a small after party or a huge get-together? Neither. I just go home cuz I'm anti-social! 49) Do you like karaoke? No. 50) Are you tolerant of bad singers? I don't really care. Karaoke events are for bonding not for competing who sings the best~ 51) Do topics unrelated to animation and manga bug you? Or do you think it's okay to talk about anything at all? Actually, I prefer it if people can talk about some 3D issues. It's awesome and fun that we share interests but sometimes I also want to tap into the real world once in a while. It gets a bit annoying when all people talk about is ANIME ANIME ANIMMEEE. But that's just me 52) Do you eat lunch while inside event areas? The courtyard for cosplayers is open to everyone, so even students (con's located in an uni) will pass by occasionally. So I guess I do eat inside event areas despite that it's open for al? 53) Can you handle the cold? Duh, I'm Canadian. 54) Do you buy doujinshi at events? I used to. I have like 6~7 from 2 years ago; (gave some away). But now, I only cosplay, cuz it costs to go in and it's free to cosplay outdoors! And besides, I'll probably end up spending more money on doujins than I do on cosplay. Seriously, that's how many I buy. 55) Do you make doujinshi to sell at events? No. I'm not interested really... 56) Do you have a group that participates in group events? Last year there was a group, but now I think the group doesn't exist anymore since they all graduated haha 57) Are you a member of a cosplay circle/club? No. But I'm a member of the animanga club and I magically became the cool upperclassman cosplayer~ 5 When the event is over, how late do you stay out? Depends. But I usually never stay out too late, only until 5 at latest, cuz the event ends at 4:30 59) If a new face approaches you at an event and takes up a few minutes of your time, are you annoyed? I usually act really sheepish and shy, because my Mandarin skills aren't as good as my English. I actually am very flattered if anyone does that because that means they want to talk to me! :D 61) Do you think your Layer status is higher than others is a lot of people want to take your picture? Does it bother you? What. That happens..? Anyways, no, I know I'm nothing big to start with so I don't really mind. However, I do feel hella awesome when crowds gather around me! ; u; 62) Do you get jealous of other cosplayers having a lot of pictures taken of them? Oh my yes, I'm jelly of how gorg they are c': 63) You're asked for a picture but have something else to do, do you refuse? I never do. 64) When you take pictures of people at events, do you give them all copies of the prints? I never really contact the cosplayers, but I do post them up on tumblr. I also try to direct people who follow my tumblr to the cosplayers' blogs~ If it's my friends, or people from school, I always do. Photo Shoot Questions 65) (at a studio) Do you give a copy of each photo to all of the participants? Yes, they're usually my friends anyways, so they're easy to contact. 66) How do you approach photo shoots? As a chance to gather with friends and goof off or as a meeting to take nice pictures? Everything! Photoshoots are of course for taking pics, but it's also for having fun with your friends or make new acquaintances. It's awkward if you just take a photo and then leave without talking to the other cosplayers. 67) Are you particular about how you look in the test shots before the shoot? Do you mind how you look in general? Yes, yes I do. And a lot too. Most of the time my tumblr is spammed with my test shots. I always want to make sure my makeup looks right for the character and fix my wig better. I also end up practicing poses and camwhoring like crazy. 6 When you take photos, do you prefer shots from the front or odder angles? I think whatever works. It's best to play with angles so you can have a bigger range of photos to choose from. Also, it's important not to only get the cosplayers, but to also include the atmosphere and setting. Photography is serious bizz yo! 69) Are you bothered by receiving lots of photos? Are you happy? Are you kidding? I'm freaking ecstatic! 70) When you take photos, do you photograph only people you know personally and like? Or do you look for other people with great costumes to photograph too? I take pics of everyone and anyone. I don't care if I don't even know the character; if they look good, I want their pic! I want to show that the cosplayers are appreciated even if the series aren't as well-known. So many times have I asked cosplayers with elaborate costumes for photos and that I don't even know who the hell they are being! 71) Do you wander around to meet people at events or do you keep to your own group? Hm, I usually have a friend with me as my photographer, or someone who likes animanga. Otherwise, I just walk around a lot and kinda just creep and take photos. I never openly talk to others, just cuz I don't like to. 72) How many photos do you usually take with your own camera? On one con day, at least 150. But on some really productive days, I've had 300. 73) How many photos do you usually take for others? For one cosplayer, usually 2~3. So do the math, there are a lot of cosplayers around. 74) Do you mind if people resize or crop the pictures you've taken to make them look better? Naw. It's their cosplay, and if some part looks unflattering to them, it's at their own liberty to improve it. 75) Do you crop and resize pictures others have taken for you? I usually resize because you know how freaking large SLR pics can get. I rarely crop though.
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