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11/28/11 kid with adhd + coffee = fgdhkhgfkygfdg!!@@!@!@! 0.0Category: (general)
Monday, 28 November 2011
10:41:42 PM (GMT)
today was cool woke up had some coffee chilled out then went to dance oh boy XD lol
well the first one wasnt too bad it was fine i think i picked up on some things but
then i went into the senior a class and we were practicing our routine ...thats where
it started to get hilariously embarrassing lol well first off because we hadn't
practiced some stuff in a while i was a little out of whack, and then the part came
were alyson was "jumping" off my back would it be called jumping?.. idk anyways  yea
i go to that and for it to work right i have to be in a certain position and i
couldn't get it right for the life of me XD!! it  got so bad where they had to come
and physically fix my angle and stuff gosh i felt like a fool lol i will admit if it
hadn't been me i'd probley be laughing too tho so i don't mind them laughing lol  and
then the part with ariel where she would go down for a split and i was supposed to
pull her back up i didn't get that i had to pull her once she got down till after a
while i thought once she went down then started to come back up i was supposed to
pull her up lol its confusing at times and then  the part were some one walks behind
them and im supposed to have a "sexy face " ive been practicing with sister tho i
think i got the table top back thing down now ..well almost, i have most of the other
parts down tho mostly didn't get to practice Kaylee's thing tonight tho cause she
wasn't here so hopefully i will get to practice next time so i can learn it, i know i
complain alot but in the end i really do enjoy dance its sooo much funn and all the
dancers are pretty cool and im sure they understand what im going thru we were all
the newbie at some point but after that you get better and ur not so much of a
disaster anymore haha no matter what happens ill always say i love to dance cause its
true and nothing can change that (: i think my main problems tho are the movement and
placement of my hands and arms, my turns, and i sometimes get left and right mixed
upp but hey im only human so yea there are more positives to dance then negatives so
im perfectly happy , then i have regans party this Saturday imma be the mad hatter i
got a cool top hat gonna get some gloves and trim finger tips off em so its like the
mad hatters fingerless gloves gonna get a checkered ribbon to make into a bow but i
dont have any idea wat else to do so if got any ideas just leave a comment, anyways
yea dancing is pretty incredible and yea i guess like Madelyn said i should probably
start working out more just to be on the safe side so i dnt drop anyone,, although i
already  have a six pack jealous much (; i just dont have as much arm strength as i
would like lol im gonna try and strech and work out more and practice before and on
Wednesday so when i go back im significantly better and i blow em all away hahaha
thats my goal just gotta put my best foot forward and to conclude todays blog i am
now home sitting on my computer typing this to let u guys get a glimpse into my mind
and what goes thru it soooooooooooo yea  thats my day today  pretty much 

describe how i feel about dance in one sentance? > : I LOVE DANCE CAUSE I LOVE TOOO

Last edited: 8 December 2011

aireeole says:   29 November 2011   470296  
Haha we got the split down. (;
alphaquberg says :   29 November 2011   169887  
sure dew lol


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