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JuniperCategory: Eidetic
Sunday, 27 November 2011
06:45:56 PM (GMT)
Once upon a time in a rainforest far to the East, there lived a group of tree frogs. One little frog was part of this group and his name was Juniper. He was just like the other tree frogs but he didn't mind this at all, he never had to worry about being out of place or in the spotlight. One bright day, while Juniper was exploring the forest trees that he knew and loved, he came across another frog, but this frog was very different than the ones that he had seen in this part of the forest. This frog's skin was neon colors that seemed to glow brightly in the sunlight that snuck through the canopy above. Interested, Juniper decided to approach this frog, curious as to what it was or where it came from. "Hello, I'm Juniper." He introduced himself with a froggy smile. The neon frog smiled back and seemed to be happy enough to see some company. "Hello, I'm Kipper." This simple introduction led into a fresh friendship between the frogs and soon they were very close. Kipper lived far north in the forest and had migrated down in his travels, settling for now in the region that Juniper lived in. The tree frog and the dart frog spent almost every day together, jumping in the trees and exploring the bottoms of the forest in fits of fun and adventure. A lot of the other tree frogs liked Kipper too because he was new and his neon skin and personality excited the others. After a month of being close friends, Kipper started to get comfortable with the other frogs and made more friends within the Eastern Region. Everyone loved him aside from the bottom dwelling frogs and toads who thought he was annoying and flamboyant. Kipper became wellknown to everyone around but Juniper still remained close to him as the two of them played in the trees and sat atop the canopy to talk under the stars. Juniper, having befriended Kipper upon their very first meet, felt lucky to be so close to the small dart frog that had made friends with everyone in the region. "Juniper, I want you to have this." Kipper said one night while they sat on the canopy of leaves. He handed Juniper a small pouch containing delicious red berries that he had collected that morning from the ground level. Juniper took the berries with the utmost gratitude, knowing that the berries given to him were important and symbolically special. "Thank you so much." He expressed to Kipper who simply smiled in return. After this exchange, the two became closer, seeming to share one mind and leaving the other tree frogs to simply envy the relationships they had grown. One morning, Juniper happily hopped along the small creek that flowed through his home trees, planning on meeting up with Kipper and a couple of the treefrog friends that Kipper had made. However, when he arrived he saw that the three other frogs held little pouches and were eating little red berries from the innards. His eyes met Kipper's as the dart frog smiled happily at Juniper's arrival. "Juniper, Kipper picked these for us!" One of the frogs expressed in merryment, his mouth full of sweet berries. Juniper felt a sting in his little froggy heart but deemed such a feeling ridiculous, having mistaken the berries as a symbol rather than just a nice hearted action. He ignored this little hiccup in their friendship and followed the group down the creek until they reached a large rock that had been notable for frogs to hang out together. For a couple hours, the group sat on the rock and talked but Kipper simply told stories and laughed with the other frogs. He showed no noticed toward Juniper while Kipper's other friends were around. Eventually, in a hope to find out whether Kipper really did need him there, the tree frog hopped from the rock and listened to see if anybody noticed. "Juniper leave?" Kipper asked lightly. After one of his friends confirmed this, he went on with his tales and stories as if it made no difference. Pained, Juniper decided to go home for the day and come night, he would head up to the canopy to stare at the stars like they used to. That night came quickly and Juniper came to the canopy to meet with his old friend. When he arrived, he saw the dart frog sitting with another, talking and laughing underneath the stars. The top of the canopy was something Juniper had shown Kipper and now he shared it with another frog. Heartbroken, Juniper approached them and requested to speak to Kipper. When the other left, Juniper finally voiced his hurts to Kipper, hoping that it would all be a misunderstanding and that Juniper would have his friend back. Kipper assured that Juniper was his best friend and that night the two of them talked like they had first met, Kipper abolishing all of Juniper's worries. The next morning, however, the same actions continued as he noticed Kipper spending a lot of time with a frog by the name of Stap. Juniper had never met Stap personally but he knew how much Stap liked Kipper and had been pressing his presense into Kipper's face. Despite Juniper's wishes, Kipper responded to it highly, never rejecting such implications that Stap gave him and the dart frog seemed to play with the little tree frog's interest in him. This same thing repeated itself continuously, despite what effort's Juniper gave to draw the dart frog's attention back to him. On the first evening of winter, Juniper put together a small meal for Kipper, using the berries that Kipper had given to him once upon a time. He poured his heart into the little berry meal and wrapped it up with a leave. On the canopy, Juniper gave Kipper the meal and was pleased to see the little dart frog tear up as he opened the leaf, appreciating the implications that Juniper was giving him. Satisfied that he had once again captured his best friend's attention, Juniper's spirits were lifted. The very next morning, Kipper told Juniper on the creek rock that Stap was not around because he was currently working on a special berry meal just for Kipper after the dart frog had requested it specifically. Juniper stayed silent, not really knowing how take such a thing. Stap returned to the rock with the meal and the two of them began to laugh and tell tales while Kipper nibbled at the once special meal made by another. Hope was beginning to leave Juniper as he realized that he was just one of the other tree frogs. First to meet Kipper, perhaps but it seemed that he had become exactly like his other tree frog fellows, something he had never had a problem with before yet now, he despised the feeling. The little tree frog decided to let Kipper have his way, afraid to voice his concerns in fears that the pressure to keep Kipper to himself would do the very opposite and push the special dart frog away. He spoke to Cherry and Yipp about his concerns, a couple of his older tree frog friends but they had nothing to offer him, leaving him alone in his struggle. Decidedly, he chose to endure the misplaced pain, convincing himself that he was thinking nonsence. He had no right to hold Kipper back. He backed away into the abiguity of his tree frog fellows and accepted his anonymity among the small green croud that followed the neon colors of its new idol.
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