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I jsut have to say,Category: (general)
Wednesday, 16 November 2011
06:40:42 PM (GMT)
"Hipsters" are not just another fad. 
Hipster is the name we've given a counter culture of youth that simply wanted to make
a difference. 
Hipster is a group of people that didn't care what society said, and just wanted to
be themselves. 

The point was to be different, and not be ashamed. 

Society took then, and put a label on their foreheads. 
Then people who didn't see it, wanted to fit in. 
Decided it would be "cool" to be a hipster when in all reality the whole point of
hipsters is to be as uncool as possible. 
Really, society just took another culture and destroyed it. 

This is why I hate it. 
 They crush perfectly good things. 
I still like "hipsters", better then the rest of the world. 
And i see why they don't like to be called that. 
So, don't.

‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   16 November 2011   386462  
I don't consider myself hipster. 
Just an individual because I don't want to be/look/act like anybody
else ._.
branches says:   16 November 2011   430681  
Every miniculture gets a dumb name. Sorry.
SwingingInTheRain says:   16 November 2011   197203  
Point being, you now get thrown in the category of hipster for that 
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   16 November 2011   602593  

In that case, I'd rather be considered "hipster" than the non-original
prep/scene/goth/jock/ghetto/pothead/slut or any other stereotype if we
must categorize

I'm still a unique individual. 
SwingingInTheRain says:   16 November 2011   423691  
Most definitely. 
‹goodfornothing› says:   17 November 2011   709275  
you're so right! it's all about being different and making a
statement! now i'm going to go listen to the music that my friends
like and shop at urban outfitters like millions of other people and
drink pbr like my friends and grow a mustache and criticize mainstream
america for being unoriginal!
SwingingInTheRain says:   17 November 2011   239252  
Wow, that my friend, was my point.
People who think like you, are the reason that's all hipsters are. 
They started original people, who were making a statement. 
And now all they are, is exactly what you just stated. 
Thank you America. 
By the way, I totally plan on growing a mustache. 
‹goodfornothing› says:   18 November 2011   717717  
don't get me wrong. i love me some urban outfitters and hair dye and
but i don't at all think hipsters are about "changing the world" and
"being different" and "being themselves"... if that's what they're all
about they're doing a pretty bad job of it. 
SwingingInTheRain says:   19 November 2011   570467  
That's what they used to be. 
‹goodfornothing› says:   19 November 2011   519848  
orly? please tell me when 
allyraptor says:   19 November 2011   354578  
A hipster would never call themselves a hipster.
Stop identifying yourself by a label like you so hypocritically speak,
and become your own person.
SwingingInTheRain says :   20 November 2011   427145  
Theyve been in Austin since hmmm.... 95, 96? They didn't start getting
called this until 03, 04ish. 
Lolz, did I ever call myself a label? I stuck up for a label I found
to be wrong. They took the culture of my city, and labeled it. 
They're not hipsters. The whole "don't ever admit to being a hipster
thing " is only there because they refuse to have people acknowledge
them as so. They find it offensive, actually. My best friend is the
type of girl people would consider a hipster, and if someone ever
calls anything hipster she gets mad at them. It blatantly offends her,
and I could see why. 


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