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Wednesday, 9 November 2011
06:51:46 PM (GMT)
Full Name: Rae Anne Ryder
Eye Color:  Hazel, but some people say that they're green...

Hair Color: Broght orange at the moment. 
Height: 4' 9" -.- dun laugh at me...
Shoe Size: 4 1/2
Heritage: German, English, French, Scottish, Irish Oh and I'm related to Queen
Elizabeth ^.^
Zodiac Sign: Aries >:D I'm horny. xD

Sky Dived: I wish. 
Bungee Jumped: Ditto. 
Gone out of the Country:Only to a little hillbilly town in the US. 
Beaten Someone Up: I have a sibling, so yes. 
Gotten Beat Up: Ahem ahem, I HAVE A SIBLING. 
Killed an Animal: Well, once by accident...            
Swam in the Ocean: Indeed, my grandparents live in the coast ^.^
Broke the Law: Well, trespassing is not an uncommon thing in Saskatchewan....
Smoked: Ew. 
Chewed Tobacco: Double Ew. 
Drank: I've had sips, but that hardly counts, does it.
Been Kissed: Uh, once in a truth or dare game, ^.^'
Been In Love: Well I've had crushes, but none of them were real. 
Dumped Someone: ^.^' never had a boyfriend...
Broken Someone's heart: *flips hair* Of course. Millions, probably. 
Had Your Heart Broken: Hmm, nope. o.o
Liked Someone: Yes, dumbass. Yes. 
Broken A Bone: Mmmm no. 
Had Surgery: Nada. 
Had an X-ray or MRI: Well, I got a tooth x-ray when I went to the orthodontist, and I
got one when I sprained my hand, but that's it. 
nothing like a broken bone or something
Failed a Class: Report cards tomorrow, I'll have to wait and find out ^.^'

Color: Red
Food: Cheesecake, chicken Caesar salad, Pericles, spring rolls, the list goes on...
Drink: Iced Chai Latte
Snack: Twizzlers
Cereal: Cheerios? 
Ice Cream: Deep fried(heart attack in a bowl...) You bread the ice-cream, and then
you deep fry it and it is heavenly. 
Candy: Cookies and cream hersheys
Restaurant: Jacks Cafe(local place). 
Fast Food Place: A&W aal the waaay. 
Animal: Hedgehog, tarantula 
Quote: "Diamonds are a girls best friend" Marilyn Monroe
Sport To Play: Volleyball ^.^
Sport To Watch: Football
Movie: All of the rush hour movies. LETS GO JACKIE CHAN
TV Show: I don't actually watch TV....
Type Of Music: Hm, anything really, but not JB. I draw the line there. 
Band: Smash Mouth/Barenaked Ladies/No Doubt 
singer: Emlie Autumn
Song: Radio

Pepsi or Coke: PEPSI FO SHIZZ
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolat because it sound sexy in french... ^.^
Cake or Ice Cream: Cakecakecakecake
McDonalds or Burger King: BK, only because I hate mickey d with a passion. 
Love or Money: Looooooove. 
Music or TV: Music!
Cat or Dog: Kitty Kat. ^.^
Mom or Dad: I refuse to answer this horrible question. Mom
Truck or Car: HUMMER. 
Ocean or Lake: Ocean, because lakes have nasty stuff in the bottom...
Yahoo or Hotmail: Hotmail
Google or AJ: I don't even know what AJ is....
Light or Dark: Dark
Country or City: CITY
Rain or Sunshine: Rain

First Thing You Notice: Shape of their nose. xI
Personality or Looks: Personality, I suppose...
Hair Color: Actually it doesn't matter...
Eye Color: I swoon at the sight of green eyes....
Short or Tall: A tall man to protect short little me.... jk so I can kick them in the
eggnogs when needed. 
Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneously romantic....
Sense of Humor or Sweet: HUMOUR ALL THE WAY or else they wouldn't last a minute with
Hook up or Relationship: Relationship of course. 

Feeling: Pretty goddamn pissed off... 
Listening To: Shalott by Emilie Autumn
Wanna: Sleep. 
Doing: Positively nothing. 
Thinking About: My mind is blank....
Wearing: A minidress, leggings, and a cardigan. 
In Love: Yesssss. *swoon*
Single: *sigh* yes. 
Best Friends: Jaylo, Chia, and Codee. 

Career: Don't ask >:D
Marriage: POSITIVELY. I have the wedding planned already. 
Kids: Absolutely. How could I not want another little me? ^.^ ohgodno
House: A mansion of course *hair flip*

‹♪♥Twisted~X~Angel♥♪› says :   9 November 2011   892933  
Wonderful, read mine.  its in my diary

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