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Saturday, 1 October 2011
10:42:46 PM (GMT)

Just seemed like just as Honor whipped out the paint, something extremely unexpected
happened. Mr. Cross got so angery, he suddenly went into some kind of random
Calanthas' eyes widened a bit and she slowly backed a way with a well-plucked
raised significantly higher then the other.  What the bloody hell...?  was what she
thought. She looked at Honor, who was still holding the bucket of paint in her hands
standing with a puzzled look. Then she looked back at Cross. After a full minute of
shaking, he suddenly slipped into a coma. Calanthas' head tilted to the side and she
stared without blinking. She wanted to say something but she was pretty sure her
bewildered expression said it all. She walked over to Cross and untied him. Then she
sighed a little bit, blowing her ringlets of light hair from her face. "You should
him to the medical center...." she told Honor, quietly. Her British accent could
be heard. She felt a little sad on the inside. With Mr. Cross in a coma, who was she
to have a war with and anger for her own amusement? She was begining to enjoy that. 
should've known...  she mused and shook her head.  Ahwell, it was fun while it
lasted.  Unforunately, that wasn't going to be the end of her detention days,
She still had to take this class and since Mr. Hot-head had to go and put himself
into a
coma, she knew they would most likely end up stuck with some annoying subsitute. She
subs more then teachers. Calantha pulled her lips into a tiny frown. Honor look deep
into cross's eyes and gasped, startled by the dull look of
them. She dropped the paint, the pot shattering on impact, shards of glass and black
splattering across the floor. A screaming started inside her head, and she struggled
remain calm, it wasn't their, her fault, she told herself. It was alright she
didn't mind but Treachery was upset and angry, the two emotions were colliding and
was trying to keepeberything under control.
She barley heard Catantha, but she was saying something abult the hospital wing and
she should bring him there. Suddenly she was furious, this girl, the one who got them
trouble on the first place was telling her to lug this man to the hospital wing, and
probably take the blame! 
She rounded on her, her voice barley betraying the strange anger she felt. 
"I don't see why I should, it's not my fault, after all." she kept her voice level
Irish feriocity burned in her eyes.

"I don't see why I should, it's not my fault, after all."  So what is she
saying? That this is MY fault? Calanthas' aquamarine gaze showed the slightest
as the words spoken by Honor caught her a little off guard. She felt sickened by the
idea that the paint-loving fool would blame her for such a thing. Why the very
Calantha turned to her, making sure she made eye contact as her firm bright eyes
further known as a glare. "Really?" was all she could utter out. It wasn't a
question. She was so irritated at this point. Of course she felt she had nothing to
with this! She just happened to pull out paint around the time that Mr. Cross just
happened to put himself into a bloody sezuire. And yet somehow, she finds the nerve
to blame her in this! Pft. Yeah right. Calantha folded her arms and gave one of her
infamous looks of pure attitude. She looked at the girl before her as if she were
stupid.1 day ago
Honor met her glare, her eyes like blue steel. She didn't answer, there was
no point. It  wasn't her fault, she had just walked over to Cross to find him
and now this girl was looking at her like it was obviously her fault.
 One slim eyebrow twitched, all she wanted was to wipe that condescending expression
Calantha's. it was obvious from her hair, her nails, even the way she stood, the girl
never had a days work in her life. Her idea of a fight was probably staring down the
person until they withered away. This was going to be fun, she smirked. Honor 
closer to Calantha .
"You wanna prove me wrong, barbie?" she whisperedHonor/ Treachery O'Connely, 15
"You wanna prove me wrong, barbie?"  Even though it was only a mere whisper, those
words alone made Calantha suddenly feel a strong desire to push Honor or even just
grab a
fist full of her hair and yank it to her hearts' content. She was really pushing it.
Calantha was many things but she didn't take attitude very well. Not from anyone,
actually. Exspeacially not from weak-minded girls that she long ago considered to be
pitiful and totally different from herself. But even that didn't bother her as much
as the
detested nickname that Honor ended her words with. That just made it worse. Barbie?
...ugh. Is she for real?  She thought as her glowering expression wavered briefly
disgust. She decided to take a moment to let out a sigh of frustration. Well, at
that was what it was ment to be. It came out like a small huff of anger that just
blew some hair from her eyes. Still, Calantha didn't make a single movement that
futher engagement in the trolls' challange. It had alot to do with her previous
in England, which she was sure had to be the trigger for Honor suddenly testing her
patients. Calantha held her ground though, not stepping back either. "Like I care. I
have to prove shit to you.....bipolar bitch." she retorted indifferently at Honor.
She didn't bother sugar-coating it. That was Calantha for you; straight forward as
Her facial features were drawn in annoience.

 Honor smirked as she saw the flicker in Calantha's expression, it was
brief, but enough to know she had struck some sort of nerve. Her comeback shocked her
little " Like I care. I don't have to prove shit to you.....bipolar bitch" it
seemed so....vulgar and pathetic, a sophisticated girl like calantha should surley
something better then that, she thought, it was almost amusing. Almost. Her slight
amusement at the statement didn't stop the hand that lashed out, slicing through the
leaving a ringing slap across Calantha's cheek.
 Honor blinked at her stinging hand, she wasn't even sure who had done that.
laughter bubbled up from her throat, spiraling out into the tense air of the
and tears streamed her face as she took in Calantha's  shocked and disbelieving
expression, one side of her face bight  
'Smack.' It was a quick but prominet sound that gave a small echo across the
classroom. Calantha lifted her hand and placed it over her reddened cheek that
hand had previously impacted against. Was she that impulsive? Her aquamarine gaze
became a
little glossy with hot tears that she refused to let fall in the presence of her new
adversary. The hit definately caught her off guard. She was infuriated. Calantha
kept more of a refined and indifferent attitude but she decided that this would be
exception. It couldn't be helped. She was not going to allow anyone to touch her like
and think it was okay.
 Though it was obvious Calantha didn't like violence , it became apprent she wasn't
compeltely against it either. Out of instinct, she smacked Honor back in the face,
her in percisely in the cheek. 'Smack.' Another red mark. Then not a second later,
she pushed her, causing Honor to stumble onto the floor. "Don't you ever bloody touch
again!" Calantha remarked. Her tone that suggested she ment every single word as she
glared down at the girl. It was the first time she rised her voice. A bit of her
accent showed through her words as well.
 Calantha then walked out of the classroom door and went down the halls. She walked
with her arms folded and her bright eyes still drawn in annoience. In a way, she
much left Honor on her own to deal with Cross. In her eyes, she deserved it. 

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