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Survey Stole from Yanely.~Category: (general)
Wednesday, 17 August 2011
03:22:44 PM (GMT)
1. Are you wearing braces? Going to get spacers in September before I get braces. But no, I'm not wearing it. 2. What kind of cell phone do you have? The cheapest kind. The flip-up one where you need to buy a card every 30 days. I honestly don't care to have a cellphone anymore. 3. What color is your purse/wallet? My wallets black and my purses vary. (Green,black, tannish and etc.) 4. What is your body's best feature? You tell me. 5. Do you hug teachers often? For one, I don't like hugs and two I DISLIKE MOST of my teachers. 6. What is your birthday? You mean when? 10/21 7. What is your favorite name for a girl? Geez I don't know. I just don't want to give her a cutesy/nickname for a name because it's not cool when you get older //emocorner// 8. For a boy? TOO MANY TO PICK. Well, It'd have to be a spanish name..Or possibly Hindu. XD haha no, spanish or black sounding,lmao. 9. What is your favorite movie? Anything from Bollywood{Hindu/Indian movie studios} or Ghibli studios{Japanese}, and of course,disney. 10. What color shirt are you wearing right now? Red with a little white 11. Who is your favorite celebrity? Does Ryan Higa count? Pretty much people on the internet. +Lindy{bubzbeauty} and Ricky Tsang +Mike Inel +People in K/J-pop/rock bands like Abingdon boys,2NE1,Diggy-mo,Big Bang, Shinee, and ect. Uhm, pretty much comedians on the internet or artist, or people that are people's person. {Pretty much any non-american celebrities, well mainly.} 12. Look back at #10. Did you have to look to see what color shirt you were wearing? WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW? Yes.... 13. What is your favorite subject in school? HA. Just kidding, uhm. I don't really know. Band counts, right? If main class, maybe English/Literature. I don't know yet since Highschool is different. 14. What is your favorite teacher's name? (last only, or initials) HA. 15. What is your dream career? ....I don't feel like talking about it. It might turn out to be a big discussion. 16. Do you like to volunteer? Eh..What are we talking about here? I guess so, as long as I'm in the mood. 17. Are you active in a church/youth group? Yes-ish no. I will be because my mom keeps signing me up. It's like a load of shiz man 18. What is your favorite number? 21. For reasons.~ 19. What is your favorite fruit? Uh, banana? Or pinnaple. I don't really eat fruit. 20. What is your favorite store? Plato Hangers

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