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5 Most Annoying Roleplay HabitsCategory: Roleplay
Wednesday, 13 July 2011
09:22:41 PM (GMT)
As most of you know, I'm an avid roleplayer. And due to that, I have noticed a couple things that are fairly irritating in the roleplaying world. All of these topics are recognized out of my own personal experience with players so lets get started. .:|:. 1: One Liners Of course, sometimes when in a roleplay, a post comes out shorter than you expected. But this is directed at those who play consistently with 1 to 2 sentence posts and expect that "She smiled." is an acceptable contribution to the story. Add some detail and take some control of the plot. Example: Wrong; She smiled. Right; A smile melted onto her smooth face, making her oceanic eyes glitter with happiness. 2: Self-Mutilators We all know how fun it is to hurt your own character in a story and it does add conflict which is healthy. But when you go overboard, it gets a bit overwhelming and unrealistic for the other player. So tone it down and pay a bit more attention to your partner's character. Example: Wrong; She ran through the forest and twisted her ankle. She fell on her wrists, breaking both of them before hitting her head on a rock. She tried to stand but a tree fell and broke both of her legs. She screamed as rabid wolves came and started to gnaw on her skin. Right; She was running through the thick trees but her foot caught a gnarled root, causing her to fall into the dead foilage beneath her. A twisted branch cut into her hand and the pain shot through her but still, she continued. 3: God Mode Every story needs conflict to keep it alive. Conflict and danger add spice and keep the characters dynamic and interesting. When your character has an automatic solution to every problem that arises, the story goes nowhere and the roleplay will die. Pay attention to the problems and play along with them, finding a solution only when the conflict has lived its self out. Example: Wrong; -Suddenly a shadowy figure bursts through the window, landing in the middle of the livingroom floor. It reeked of death and blood. -Casy throws a knife she found in her pocket, hitting it in the heart and killing it. Right; -*Shadowy figure* -Casy felt the fear shoot through her small body and she jumped backward, looking desperately for a weapon to use against the horrible figure. She scrambled for a knife on the desk beside her but she couldn't reach it before the beast was close enough to drag her away from the small metal instrument. 4: Character Killers Killing off a character is fine but killing a main character gets dangerous. However, this topic is directly only at those who kill YOUR main character during a story. You have no control over your partner's character and killing them off is killing the roleplay. Leave the character killing to side characters and your characters. Example: Wrong; -Tony begged for forgiveness to the woman with the weapon, knowing that she wouldn't have the guts to do anything real but fearing for his life nonetheless." -"Casy slit his throat and smiled as he fell to the floor. Right; -*Tony* -Casy hesitated, looking into the big brown eyes. She lowered the knife to his throat but something caught her steady, keeping her body from committing the act that she so desperately wanted to do. 5: Pity Me's Sadness and tragedy are good for a roleplay but again, you can't go too far. Just because you're not cutting your character's legs off doesn't mean you're not making a mistake. To give your character an overly tragic history, it leaves your partner just as annoyed as if they were listening to a normal person complain. Tragic histories are fun but try not to focus so much on them. Example: Wrong; "Yeah. My mom died by falling off a cliff into a pit of lava after my dad raped her with a crowbar and killed himself by impaling his head on a bikerack. My brother used to abuse me in the shack we lived in until he died after getting struck my lighting. Now I live in a tree and can't eat anything because the beautiful neighborhood we are writing about has nobody around to feed me." Right; "Yeah...my family passed away not too long ago. They were killed." (yes, it can be as simple as that.) Extras Overlappers You have to be careful with your post to make sure that what you're saying doesn't require a reply in the middle of your post. If you ask a question to the other character, save it for the end or fill the post with extraneous details so your partner won't have to rewrite your post. Example: Wrong; -"Hello, I'm Casy." She held out her hand, hoping that he would shake it. "I'm here from New York." She said quietly, waiting for him to shake her hand until she finally just gave up and shoved her hands in her pockets. Right; -"Hello, I'm Casy and I moved here from New York." She smiled lightly, her eyes glittering as she walked toward Tony. In an effort to be as polite as she could, she offered him her hand. Schedulers A roleplay is a story that is born from the minds of multiple people at once, giving them all an opportunity to develop the plot and characters from not only your mind but from theirs as well. Planning out the roleplay ahead of time, doesn't give the other players any leeway to make it their own. Let the story come from both of you and let it flow the way its going to flow. Sorry, no examples for this one.
Last edited: 21 November 2011

‹★☽♔☾☆› says:   13 July 2011   246059  
Oh my gosh. 
This was amazing!
I didn't think of these, thanks alot!
‹thedarkwoodscircus› says:   14 July 2011   329910  
mary sue.
but i think it's the same thing as godmod-ing.
‹x[[Mindless-Social-Intentions]]x› says:   14 July 2011   230545  
My version of god-moding is

"She slams her knuckles straight-on with his jaw."

"He dodges".

Or "Hits no bs".
‹[[♥Lucky Charms Martini♥]]› says:   14 July 2011   672145  
Am I the only one who counts 6 habits talked about?   >.>

I think bad grammar is another annoying habit, especially when it
confuses the reader as to what is trying to be said.
‹☣☤AWonderfulPlague☤☣› says:   14 July 2011   199625  
 You basically made my day, thank you.
Alistair says:   18 July 2011   416756  
I have been role playing since I was like 7(I have no life) and the
way some people role play does annoy me unless they are noobs then I'm
like thats Ok and give them tips but I only do one or two sentences
when I'm doing multiple things at once can't think of anything to say
or being lazy. But I am good at it since I have been doing for about
10 years. I am always open for role playing though. First starting was
interesting. Lol.
‹Crisp Autumn Air› says:   18 July 2011   571832  
I love you. I'm actually making a Roleplay Rule video for a few
RuneScape worlds (at the begging of my friends) And this basically
gave me great ideas for all of them! Can I use this page as a
reference? I promise you'll be mentioned!
‹Noxper› says:   19 July 2011   227183  
Sure you can :D it'd be awesome if you linked to the page too x3 
‹Crisp Autumn Air› says:   20 July 2011   746886  
No problem! Thanks! 
‹S mƴ D.› says:   11 October 2011   537785  
You kinda counted wrong ;3
But nevertheless, these are amazing.
If only everyone would follow rules like these (x
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   320113  
Holy crap. How did NOBODY see that ._.' 
‹S mƴ D.› says:   11 October 2011   406216  
Not sure o.o 
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   391631  
Haha well I thought for sure there was only 5. xD
Thanks for pointing it out x3 
‹S mƴ D.› says:   11 October 2011   722094  
Ah. Just change it to six. Someone might appreciate it.
No problem ;3 
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   472276  
I can't change it to 6. I would have to retype all of my hyperlinks to
it xD 
‹S mƴ D.› says:   11 October 2011   188905  
Oooh. Yus, sorry. Didn't think that one through ;s
Well, it can still be five. Just an extra somewhere in the middle.
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   455665  
I just admitted my flaw. Hopefully nobody will hunt me down for it >-> 
‹S mƴ D.› says:   11 October 2011   405397  
Hm. Be careful. There are some people out there who just 
absolutely hate the double use of three ;3 
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   807603  
That's true. I'm walking on thin ice here as it is...not correcting
the problem may lead to my social demise =/ 
‹S mƴ D.› says:   11 October 2011   915158  
Might be. Be careful. Lock your doors, and keep a stake near by. 
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   999307  
Will do 
branches says:   11 October 2011   986755  
Ten points to you, sir.
‹Hypochondriac› says:   11 October 2011   720405  
i know alot of people who don't follow those rules :/
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   801933  
Me too. That's what inspired me to write it xD 
‹Hypochondriac› says:   11 October 2011   378823  
there's another rule you need to add to it: don't plan the roleplay
ahead of time when it's a public topic -_- it's freaking annoying when
people do that 
‹Noxper› says:   11 October 2011   268272  
Good idea. I'll add that. 
‹Hypochondriac› says:   11 October 2011   286487  
and to make the character's profile first, it's super annoying when
that happens, i mean i'm like 'TELL US ABOUT THE CHARACTER IN THE SIGN
‹S mƴ D.› says:   14 April 2012   457724  
Ah, okay, yeah. I still like these rules and stuff, BUT, the last one is *cough* notthesmartestrulever. There is actually a style of roleplaying where you follow a given storyline, just with different names .____.
‹Hypochondriac› says:   14 April 2012   901680  
the meaning of that rule is supposed to be like, not to ignore other
roleplayers pretty much o.o 
‹Noxper› says:   15 April 2012   767340  
Idk, someone just requested it and I could see where they might have
been coming from. Besides, they're not rules. Just irritating patterns
that, if done in specific roleplays, may cause annoyance with other
players. :3 
‹Noxper› says:   15 April 2012   963074  
More like suggestions, really xD 
‹S mƴ D.› says:   15 April 2012   979996  
They should be rules c: It's all the stuff that pisses me off during Roleplaying too. But, that's just a form of Roleplaying, that can be easily avoided. @VampireApple
‹Noxper› says :   15 April 2012   698089  
Well these things all have exceptions with different forms and styles.
This was simply written to describe things that mostly annoy  me xDD 
If its something that doesn't apply to certain styles, obviously its
not something that will irritate. -shrugs 


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