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For Everyone You've Ever Trash-TalkedCategory: Things I Wish I Could Say Outloud
Tuesday, 5 July 2011
11:03:20 PM (GMT)
For Marina and Kayla

   You can talk up and down about how awful they are, but in the two years I've known
you all, you've done much worse to them than they've done to you.  They don't say a
word about you, ever, so you can shut your paranoid trap.  They have better things to
talk about.
   Marina gives me compliments all the time- something you never do.
   Marina and I work together on schoolwork- something you and I can't do,
since I'm always doing your work for you and you're too lazy to help yourself, let
alone anyone else.
   Kayla and I can talk for hours about theology and religious thought- something you
couldn't care less about.
   Marina and Kayla don't ask me for things twenty-four seven, and they've never said
a bad word about any of my other friends- something you surely can't say.
   The truth is that I don't care if you're jealous because Marina is richer,
prettier, and smarter, or if you and Kayla have some stupid family drama going on
from when you were eight; they're nice to me and we have more in common than you and
I ever will.

For Haley

   You know how I feel about this; you must.  I don't think Haley was a bitch for
ditching you at all- in fact, I wish I had her gift of foresight to know what I was
getting into and get the hell out at the start.  Haley and I might not see each other
all the time or hang out after school as often, but she's been my friend since I was
six.  Neither you, nor anyone else I've met in high school could hold a candle to
Haley's position in my life.
   We've seen it all together, we're very similiar people, we were raised the same
way in the same subdivision, and I know that no matter where I go, I could call Haley
at two in the morning and she'd be there, as I would for her.  You, on the other
hand, have proven time and again that while I'llalways be there for you because I'm
just that type of person, you have no idea how to be there for me.
   It's not entirely your fault, of course.  Haley and I, being the same type of
people, have the same type of problems.  We understand each other.  I accept that you
rarely understand me, but that doesn't give you the right to dismiss me.
   Please don't talk about Haley anymore, unless you want a slap.  She's a better
friend than you are.

For Kirsten
   It's the same thing, really.  Kirsten used to be my very best friend in the entire
world- don't expect me to stop respecting her just because she did one, insignificant
thing to a girl you're kind-of-friends with.  Sorry if, unlike you and Bianca,
Kirsten actually cares about her future.  This is a world wherewe have to look out
for ourselves, especially when it comes to grades in high school.  You of all people
should know how competitive the university world is, and how coveted that one spot
can be.  Sorry if some of us care to take that spot, regardless of the bleeding
hearts left on the sidelines.
   Unlike Haley, Kirsten is not exactly like me- in fact, we're very different. 
That's how I know that she's a true friend and a truly good person; she can put her
differences aside and be a friend to anyone, unlike you.
   I don't care what you say anymore.  Kirsten will always be important to me and I'm
going to stand up for her.

For Natasha
   NATASHA DOES NOT TALK ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK, although she has every right to,
okay? Goddamnit I'm surprised that the two of us haven't ganged up and bitch-slapped
you yet, at the right you sit at home and hypothesise the various bad things we could
be saying about you when Heaven forbid we hang out without you.  It's not like it's
Natasha, Nicole, Beth, Sarah S., Amanda and I all togethert once, leaving you home
alone.  Sorry that Natasha's pretty much my best friend and we like to hang out
together.  GOOD LORD.
   Do you know what we talk about when you're not around?  Politics.  Her health
scares.  My chronic pain- things you don't understand.    
   Dance.  The Royal Couple.  Justin Trudeau.  Jodi Picoult- things you just aren't
interested it.
   Marina, Kayla, Kirsten, Haley, Kristyn, and Nicole R.- those names you don't allow
us to speak around you.
   All the things that cause you to tune out right away.  
   Our lives- the lives you couldn't care less about because you're not ready to
understand them yet.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 July 2011   450039  
So, this friend talks behind others' backs about how they're probably
talking about her behind her back?
tiggerlemon101 says :   6 July 2011   360801  
And also to their faces.  If two of us are talking to each other and
she's a few feet away, she will literally walk up to you and go "Why
are you talking about me?"
WTF?  Where, exactly, did she get the idea that people talk about
her?????  I'm sure we all have better things to do. 


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