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one dance left, this world is gonna pull through <3Category: (general)
Friday, 24 June 2011
03:01:05 PM (GMT)
1. I have a six pack. 
2. I would rather drink water than, say, soda.
3. I like puppies, but I don't like dogs. 
4. I love to read. 
5. I love to write.
6. I don't see the point in buying a movie if you've already seen it once. 
7. Hilary Duff is over-rated. 
8. So is Justin Timberlake. 
9. I'm afraid of spiders.   (Just big ones)
10. I'm afraid of the dark. 
11. I have more than two journals.
12. I believe in reincarnation. 
13. I have cried in the last 24 hours. 
14. I love rock music.
15. Make-up is a must. 
16. I am pierced in more places than my ears. 
17. I WANT to be pierced somewhere that I'm not. 
18. I have two or more pets. 
19. I need money - fast. 
21. I'm hyper at this very moment. 
22. And bored. 
23. And I have no life. 
24. I'm hungry. 
25. I have more than three best friends. 
26. My stereotype at school was/is "jock." 
27. I date/d the "jock," at school. 
28. Swimming is my life. 
29. New Found Glory is awesome. 
30. Christian bands are awesome (Switchfoot, Relient K, etc).  Switchfoot
and Reliant K are Christian?  Well, then I guess so....
31. Who the hell came up with the word "Cuddle"? 
32. And window. Maybe someone had a window and they opened it and they were like
"Wind...OH!" and thats how it got it's name.
33. Mama and Daddy got the best cocaine. 
34. My hair is an unnatural color. 
35. I have to poop. 
36. I have one brother. 
37. I love all of my LJ friends. 
38. I'm going to be a Junior in high school next year. 
39. I have a lot of magazines. I only read them once.
40. I watch TV too much. 
41. I used to be obsessed with Gel Pens. 
42. I'm straight.
43. I don't know what sexuality I am. 
44. I love to draw. 
45. I love to ride horses. 
46. LEMONADE!!!!!! 
47. I go online too much.
48. I love Six Flags Great America. 
49. I'm afraid of roller coasters.
50. I'm pregnant. 
51. I'm single.
52. I should go get the mail. 
53. I never get mail! 
54. "Poop" is a pretty funny word. 
55. So is frolic! 
56. Gay guys are hawt. Sometimes....? 
57. Straight guys are hott too though.  See above...?
58. I love holding hands and walking on the beach. 
59. The rain calms me.
60. I have about 100 music CDs. 
61. And 500 DVDs. 
62. I flick people off very often. 
63. People flick ME off very often. 
64. Some of my friends are so ignorant. 
65. I wish some people would make up their mind.
66. I've had sex more than once. 
67. The farthest I've gone with a guy is standing five feet away from him. 
68. I wish I had bigger boobs. 
69. I wish I had smaller boobs. (Not that exactly... okay, long story) 
70. I wish I was a girl so I could answer those last two questions. 
71. I think that I'm genuinely attractive. 
72. I prefer daytime to nighttime. 
73. My parents are divorced. 
74. I have had a penpal before. 
75. I sleep with a stuffed animal. 
76. I love dramatic movies and tv shows. 
77. I love a good cry. 
78. Sometimes I feel like starting over. 
79. Video games are awesome. 
80. I love my significant other with all I have. 
81. Time is going by so slow today. 
82. I always feel like I'm being rushed. 
83. I haven't slept in days. 
84. I haven't eaten in days. 
85. I'm afraid to get contacts. 
86. I collect things. 
87. I love wearing glittery clothes or glitter on my face. 
88. I'm usually the life of the party. 
89. I'm really shy. 
90. I saw the sign. 
91. LJ is starting to get on my nerves. 
92. Omg, like, I, like, love Avril, like, Lavigne!  <--- Hey...
93. I like most vegetables. 
94. I actually believe that stupid urban legend that when you shave the hair grows
back thicker 
95. I love to clean. 
96. I have tried to commit suicide. 
97. I have prevented someone from commiting suicide. 
98. This thing was boring, but it kept me busy. 
99. This was fun!
100. *Yawn.* 
101. When I first get a c.d. I listen to it over and over until one day, far in the
future, I finally get tired of it. 
102. I can touch my nose with my tongue 
103. i can put both feet behind my head 
104. I have allergies.

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