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Monday, 30 May 2011
06:22:46 PM (GMT)
I haven't actually covered Expo much in my journals for some time... but it's a big part of my life and I haven't updated on Kupika in some time. Expo was this weekend just gone, and the team debuted the Highschool of the Dead cosplays that I made - they seemed to go down pretty well (though Hellsing will always come top I reckon), so I deem them a success. The cast was as so: Muffinbake as Busujima Saeko StarDust as Komuro Takashi Donnie as Shizuka Marikawa RAWR_Igirisu as Takagi Saya Bootheghost, myself as Miyamoto Rei I made the three girls' uniforms from scratch, plus I did the modifications on Takashi's jacket. I also styled all the wigs and modified some of the props, as well as sewing Shikzuka's skirt, not seen in this photo. It was a pretty good Expo, though not quite top - still going with October 2010 for the best yet - though we had some good times, particularly with some of our close friends. I think the novelty of Expo has finally worn off, which might be one of the reasons it wasn't so adreneline fueled as usual, though I think the windy, cold weather was the main downer on the weekend; notably, the sunnier weather on Sunday menat that it was the better day. The best thing that happened... probably the fact that Muffinbake totally pulled. ;D This one bloke who ran a yaoi store was a fan of HOTD, and so after photographing us and talking with Harrie, he came after us for Harrie's phone number. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, METHINKS. It's my new OTP for srs. Basically, this year was all about the people and less about the cosplay - we spent a lot longer hanging out with friends than trailing the halls looking for cosplays. We spent a good deal of time with our long-time friends from Cumph Cosplay, including the amazing Anna and the FABULOUS Fay, and another few hours with some of the Hellsing crew from October last year, who we're all firm friends with - Ziggi, Paul and Karsten especially. There was lots of kleptomania there, but not just from Ziggi, alarmingly... A bad thing was Big Brother... yes, they went to Expo, but we didn't really feel the effects until we arrived home and checked the Internet. There is a MASSIVE backlash against BB and the Daily Star newspaper for publishing photos without permission and using information incorrectly... enough for a court case in fact, and I believe some people are sueing them over it. MCM really fucked up this time... first with stealing Iain's idea last year, and now this - no wonder they were down 3000 guests this event and everyone's moving to Kitacon now. But anyway, I won't dwell too long on the negatives... we had a blast in our new cosplays, and StarDust successfully took on the challenge of being manly for the weekend - a feat which has so far been quite difficult for the likes of Muffinbake. Many people commented on the fact StarDust was such a pimp with all these girls in short skirts around her... but HOTD is a harem manga series as we all know. ...even though, admittedly, Imo did look like a fat chinese man in many photos. :P I bought: Bleach 35, Bakuman 5, a Boo the Ghost hat (yes, fo' srs!!), 2 x pocky, chewy sweets, 2 x Miyavi posters, T.O.P poster and a Chinese music magazine about Korean and Japanese music. XD MONEY WELL SPENT. It was a good weekend, and definitely a weekend well spent - a much needed break to the stresses of exams. Though I am seriously running on empty now... I slept in till 2pm today, which is something I never ever do. It was great to see so many people again, and we're all keen to meet up again in the summer before the next Expo, in October. And what will October bring, you ask? Well, this.
Last edited: 31 May 2011

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   31 May 2011   428593  

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   31 May 2011   707167  
Oh, and I was talking to Richard last night, and he wants to take
Japanese Studies at Sheffield.
So do I.

Bootheghost says:   31 May 2011   724402  
StarDust says :   31 May 2011   909910  

Lololol. Yeh I wrote an email so the daily star. So angly D< 

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