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My school life...Category: The Rez
Tuesday, 10 May 2011
08:07:38 PM (GMT)
Okay so i'm making a Documentary about my reserve (Rez)

it's about the choices the youth is making. I know alot of people who smoke in my
class mostly grade 8-12. But recently I've heard of Drinking, and getting high. A few
people in my class smoke weed. On weekends They do it. But My Principal's wife
created a Activity group called "Healthy Choices" I'm in it. 
The group is for people to have something to do every weekend that's Healthy instead
of going out and smoking up. There was a Movie last Saturday but I noticed there was
people out the school doing something else instead of watching a movie. I dunno. I
smoked a cigarrette and I felt the same, so I noticed what's the point of smoking?
Plus I've been trying to experiment of beer and drugs, but I dunno...I have problems
 i'm only 14 and the others are 13 to 16. 
-.- my 16 year old boyfriend smokes and He had told me he smoked up and
drinked. He's turning 17 this Semptember  My best friend is against him though,
she's a good best friend, Her parents are strict and she listens to them, she knows
not to smoke, drink and all that stuff. Plus her parents don't even do that stuff. My
parents just smoke and drink. I know they don't do drugs and My parents aren't even
that strict. So I guess it's that easy for me to do that stuff I guess, but they even
told me not to get into smoking and drinking also drugs. My Parents have problems
too, My dad told me my mom sometimes relapses and my dad is just a reggular

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Lyncheh says:   10 May 2011   553186  
I drink very little (never at home, rarely in a bar) because it's not
really worth it. Thinking of just stopping all together 'cause it's
not the best thing for your mind or body. Plus most of it tastes
disgusting anyway.

Well, I hope you decide not to drink or smoke or take drugs. 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says :   12 May 2011   491079  
That's an awesome idea about the documentary. 

I tried a cigarette only once and I quit right away because as soon as
I had it I wanted more and it scared me.  
Drinking just makes me pass out and wake up with a headache. It sucks.

Weed is.. whatever, not for me. 
Healthy Choices is not a very original name. 
They should rename it to something cooler :P


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