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Beauty and the Beast FanFic 8D Chapter 2Category: Organization 13
Tuesday, 1 February 2011
03:42:06 AM (GMT)

Chapter 2

Vexen walked up to Xaveria, taking his goggles away from his eyes.
"I think that's done it. Now, lets give it a try!" he smiled as he pulled the lever
of the machine.
The machine started to work, making a lot of noise. Vexen braced himself for another
failure, whilst Xaveria stood and watched. The machine then started to chop the wood
that was piled out in front of it. It was working.
"It works!" Xaveria smiled.
"It does..? It does!" Vexen said happily, watching his machine working away.
"You did it! You really did it!" Xaveria hugged Vexen.
"Hitch up Phillipe! I'm off to the fair!" Vexen shouted in happiness.

Later that evening, Vexen was riding the family horse, Phillipe, who was pulling the
cart that was carrying his machine.
"Good bye Papa. Good luck!" She shouted after Vexen.
"Goodbye Xaveria! And take care while I'm gone!" Vexen called back.
Vexen rode out of the village, and off towards the Fair. Passing by different fields
and houses on the way.
Not too long later, They rode into a dark looking forest. Phillipe had his head bent
down low, looking from left to right, nervous. Vexen kept reassuring Phillipe, trying
to calm him down.
"We should be there by now. Maybe we missed a turn. I guess I should have taken
a...wait a minute." Vexen mumbled.
He rose a lantern up, and looked at the sign that was infront of him. It was pointing
one way to Anaheim, and another way to Valencia.
"Lets go this way!" He told Phillipe, pointing to a dark looking path.
Phillipe turned to look at the path on the right that Vexen had pointed out. And then
looked over to the left at a more inviting path. He then started walking left.
"Come on Phillipe! It's just a short-cut! We'll be there in no time!" Vexen told
Phillipe, as he guided the horse into the dark path.

Wolves were lurking around in the dark. Running around, and keeping their eyes on
Vexen and Phillipe.
Phillipe suddenly stopped in his tracks when he heard wolves rustling around in the
bushes. He started backing up, just as the wolves started howling.
"This can't be right! Where have you taken us, Phillipe?" Vexen asked the horse, as
it kept backing up.
"We'd better... turn around..." he continued.
Phillipe started to get spooked from the wolves, and began trying to run backwards.
The cart bumped into a tree, awaking the bats that were sleeping inside the hollow
tree. The bats all flew out and started flying and screeching around Vexen. Phillipe
started charging at full speed through the forest, Vexen hanging onto the reins
tightly. Phillipe suddenly stopped at the peak of a mountain. Vexen kept telling
Phillipe to back up, which Phillipe did so. As soon as the wolves howling started
again, Phillipe rose onto his two back hooves, and ran away, flipping Vexen off his
back, and standing on the lit lantern, setting the ground on fire. He ran back
through the forest, dragging the cart with him.

Vexen was lying on the ground by himself. He looked around and then called after
Phillipe in a timid voice. He picked himself up and looked around. Suddenly, growling
of wolves grew closer, until Vexen could spot a wolf on the hill not too far away
from him. He gasped and ran away, as the wolves all chased after him. He tripped up
and fell onto the ground, infront of large gates. He ran up to the gates and cried
for help. Suddenly the gates opened, and he fell into the grounds behind the gates.
Just before the wolves could get to Vexen, he shut the gate closed. The wolves got a
hold of Vexen's foot, but Vexen kicked them off and moved away form the gate. He
looked up at the large dark castle that stood infront of him. Lightning and thunder
started, as the rain poured down heavily. He knocked on the door, as the door opened
up. He stepped inside and looked around.
"...Hello..?" his voice echoed around the large hall of the castle.
"The fellow must have lost his way in the woods.." a voice echoed.
"Keep quiet! Mayby he'll go away!" another voice echoed.
"Is someone there?" Vexen asked.
Sitting on a table was a Clock, and a Candle Holder.
"Not a word, Demyx, not one word!" the clock told the candle holder.
"I don't mean to intrude but... I've lost my horse.. and I need a place to stay for
the night" Vexen spoke.
"Awww, Zexion, have a heart!" the candle holder told the clock.
The clock quickly covered the candle holders mouth. Quickly, the candle holder moved
one of it's lit candle hands over to the clocks hands, burning him. The clock began
jumping around, shouting in pain.
"Of coarse, Monsieur, you are welcome here!" Demyx, the candle holder, said happily.
"W-Who said that?" Vexen asked in confusion, picking up the candle holder for light,
and looking around.
"Over here!" Demyx told Vexen, tapping on his shoulder.
Vexen spun around, still looking. He stopped, and Demyx tapped Vexen on the head.
Vexen turned and looked up at the candle holder.
"...Hello!" Demyx grinned.
Shocked, Vexen dropped Demyx to the ground.
"Incredible..!" he mumbled.
The clock, Zexion, jumped off of the table and hopped up to Demyx.
"Well now you've done it, Demyx! Splendid! Just peachy!" he yelled at Demyx.
Suddenly, Vexen picked Zexion up off the ground and examined him.
"How is this accomplished?" he asked, looking around the clock.
"Put me down, at once!" Zexion ordered.
Demyx started laughing as Vexen began winding the key for the arms of the clock, on
Zexion. He then opened up the case, and started fiddling around with the pendulum.
"Sir, close that at once! Do you mind?!?" Zexion told Vexen, shutting the door.
"I-I beg your pardon.. it's just that I've never seen a... a..." Vexen started, and
then sneezed, causing dust to spread over Zexion's face.
He used the hands of the clock on his face like a windscreen wiper. Wiping away the
dust on his face.
"awww, you are soaked to the bone, monsieur. Come, warm yourself by the fire" Demyx
told Vexen, hopping off towards another room, followed by Vexen and Zexion.
"Thankyou..." Vexen replied.
"No, no, no, you know what the Master will be like if he finds him here! I demand
that you stop right there!" Zexion told both Demyx and Vexen, falling down the
Vexen sat down in a large chair by the fire.
"Oh no... not the Master's chair!" Zexion mumbled.

A footstool came bounding in, barking happily.
"I'm not seeing this... I am not seeing this!" Zexion said, covering his eyes.
Vexen petted the footstool, which appeared to be acting like a dog. It shoved itself
under Vexen's feet, as a coat hanger draped a blanket over Vexen.
"What service!" Vexen smiled.
"Alright! This has gone far enough! I'm in charge here! And-" Zexion got cut off by a
trolley table flattened him to the ground. It stopped by the armchair's side. A tea
pot named Xiannon sat on the table.
"How would you like a nice spot of tea, Sir? It'll warm you up in no time!" Xiannon
said, pouring tea into a small cup.
"No tea... no tea... NO TEA!" Zexion told Xiannon.
As Vexen drank from the cup, the cup, Xena, began to giggle. Vexen gasped and brought
the cup up infront of his face, examining him.
"Oh! Why hello there!" he smiled.
Just then, the doors to the room were swung wide open. All the animate objects gasped
in shock, and tried to hide. Xena hid behind Xiannon, shaking in fear.
A large beastly shadow fell over the room. Vexen sat in the chair, shaking violently.
The Beast, Lexaeus, walked into the room, growling and keeping low.
"There's a stranger here..!" Lexaeus growled.
"Master.. allow me to explain.. the Gentleman was lost in the woods.. he was cold and
wet so-" Demyx stuttered, but got cut off by Lexaeus roaring.
"Master, I'd like to take this moment to say... I was against this from the start! It
was all his fault! I tried to stop them! Would they listen to me? No, no-" Zexion
told Lexaeus but once again got cut off by Lexaeus' roar.
Vexen looked around in his chair, and noticed the Beast's face right up at him. He
gasped in horror.
"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He asked Vexen.
"I-I was lost in the woods... and.. and.." he stuttered.
"Your not WELCOME HERE!" Lexaeus yelled.
"I-I'm sorry.." Vexen muttered, being backed into a corner by Lexaeus.

Lexaeus stood tall, towering over Vexen.
"What are you staring at?!?" Lexaeus yelled.
"N-Nothing.." Vexen stuttered.
"So... you've come to stare at the Beast have you?!?" he yelled.
"Please! I meant no harm! I just needed a place to stay!" Vexen pleaded.
"I'll give you a place to stay!" Lexaeus growled, picking Vexen up, and carrying him
up off the ground. Taking him to the Dungeon.

Meanwhile, Xemnas was peering through the bushes, just outside Xaveria's house.
"Oh boy. Xaveria's gonna get the surprise of her life, huh Xemnas?" Saix grinned.
"Yup! This is her lucky day!" Xemnas replied.
Xemnas let go of the large branch he was holding back, making it rebound and hit Saix
in the face.
There was a large wedding party going on just outside the house. Xemnas got
everybody's attention.
"I'd like to thank you all for coming to my wedding! But first I'd better go in
there, and propose to the girl!" Xemnas laughed along with the other villagers,
except for Xandra, Xahras, and Brix, who were all crying.
"And you Saix. When Xaveria and I come out that door.." Xemnas started.
"Oh! I know! I know! I strike up the band!" Saix said excitedly.
He turned around, and signaled the band to play. He got the band to play 'Here comes
the Bride' rather fast. Suddenly, Xemnas shoved a large Tuba over Saix's head.
"Not yet!" Xemnas shouted at Saix.
"..Sorry..!" Saix apologized.

Inside the house, Xaveria was reading her book, when Xemnas knocked on the door. She
jumped up and set her book down. She then walked over to the door and opened it to
see Xemnas.
"Xemnas..! What a pleasant surprise..!" Xaveria said, backing up slightly.
"Isn't it though? I'm just full of surprises! You know Xaveria, there isn't a girl in
town who wouldn't love to be in your shoes!" Xemnas told her.
"This is the day-" he started, but paused and checked his teeth in the mirror.
"This is the day that all your dreams come true!" he grinned.
"What do you know about my dreams, Xemnas?" Xaveria asked him.
"Plenty! Here, picture this-" he began, sitting on a chair and putting his feet up on
the table, on top of her book. The mud pouring from his boots onto the book.
"A rustic hunting lodge, my latest kill roasting on the fire, and my little wife,
massaging my feet, while the little ones play with the dogs." Xemnas spoke.
Xaveria just glared at him in disgust. Xemnas then got up off the chair and up to her
"We'll have six or sevem" he told her.
"..Dogs..?" Xaveria asked.
"No Xaveria! Strapping boys, like me!" Xemnas corrected her.
"Imagine that..!" Xaveria answered.
"You know who that little wife would be?" he asked her.
"Let me think.." Xaveria said, knowing fine right who it would be.
"You, Xaveria!" Xemnas grinned, putting his hands on the wall, trapping Xaveria.
She made her way out and away from Xemnas.
"Xemnas. I'm.. speechless..! I really don't know what to say.." she told him, leaning
against the door.
Xemnas made his way up to Xaveria, grinning, and trapping Xaveria against the door
"Say you'll marry me!" he told her.
"I'm very sorry Xemnas.. But... I just don't deserve you..!" she told him, turning
the doorknob, and opening the door, sending Xemnas flying outside and landing into a
large puddle of mud.

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‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   1 February 2011   245099  
 I love this part! :D
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   1 February 2011   138805  
XD I know~ It's so freaking epicly funny XD
I love Saix too~ XD 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says :   1 February 2011   637888  
 Yep! :D 


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