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This is...pathetic. Yeah, that'sthe right word.Category: Poetry...
Monday, 31 January 2011
11:38:00 PM (GMT)
I would have been, could have been anything for you. I would have changed every
little thing about me if it would have made you happy. That wouldn't have been enough
though. I cut my heart out and sowed it on to my sleeve on more than one occasion,
but you just looked away, like I was pathetic. I ripped out my soul and offered it on
a silver platter everytime my eyes met yours, but you just sighed, like I was
pathetic. I begged your forgiveness too many times, even though I hadn't caused a
problem, I thought how could someone as perfect as you be at fault, but you just
walked on, like the sight of me on my knees sickened you. I cried for you for years,
even though I knew you'd never want me, I could never tell you, I knew what you'd
I could have, would have loved you any way you needed me to. I would forget about the
way I touched you if that would make you happy. That wouldn't be enough though. I
ripped open my chest to show you that my heart was still beating, that you couldn't
forget me, I was still alive. I tore apart my mind to show you that I still thought
about you every waking minute and it was killing me. I pulled apart my skin to show
you, your name is ground into my bones, you cut me to the deepest of my core, how
could you walk away from that? 
I would have, could have told you how perfect you were. I would whisper it to you
softly everyday if that would make you happy. That wouldn't have been enough though.
I kissed you with the fierceness that would have melted any heart, just to show you
how badly I yearned for you to share my love. I pulled you to me with enough force to
have killed any wanting man, just to show you how terribly I needed to hear the
confermation of your affections towards myself. I touched your skin with enough
tenderness that would have made the happiest of couples weep with my senserity, just
to show you how many times I'd die to be right here.  
I could have, would have done anything you would ever need. I would move across the
ever expanding globe if that would have made you happy. That wouldn't have been
enough though. I let you run from me in your flight to find yourself, just to show
you my support was never more than a button's push away, and I'd always wait for you
to come home to me. I let you seek out others just to show you, I'd never hold you
down and you were free to fly if you could live with it. I let you move so far away,
just to show you I'd tear down a thousand miles and wait on countless empty doorsteps
just to hold you one last time. 
I wouldn't have, couldn't have ever let you go. Even if you begged me to just go. I
just wanted to be happy. I was never enough for you. When you said "Goodbye" for the
last time did you see the last fleeting soul of desperation in my eyes passively die
into the mist that fogged my eyes? When you said you could never love me, did you see
me cripple and my face contort into the tear-stained terror that I now embark life
as? When you pushed me away that one last time did you see the cuts form across my
face as my love for what had once been the perfection I held to the sunlight dug it's
way to the surface and collapsed in on itself? 

                       I died that day... I'm still ever so glad you're okay, my
fleeting soul. <3

‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   1 February 2011   861754  
Sorry I'm always commenting on your shit, but is this about who I
think it is?
‹Dovey♥› says:   1 February 2011   684128  
;__; -is literally crying-
God, I literally just got over a long long relationship exactly like
I know how you feel :< You spoke my heart...
‹Plainly and simply - Ham.(=› says:   1 February 2011   273483  
Ahw, no need for tears. 
Although I cried writing it.
‹Plainly and simply - Ham.(=› says:   11 February 2011   420712  
Yeah, Taylor, probably.
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   12 February 2011   944021  
‹Plainly and simply - Ham.(=› says:   12 February 2011   345377  
It's from like FOEVA ago.
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says :   12 February 2011   942166  


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