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Monday, 24 January 2011
11:40:13 PM (GMT)
008. The officers were specifically told not to handcuff Isabella; however, they followed closely behind her. She had no idea where she was going; she was trying to find whatever twin instinct people said that twins supposedly had, and go on that. But she wasn’t feeling anything from her sister, and she tried, and she wanted to. There was no connection; she knew she shouldn’t have even thought there would be. Phillip walked beside her, wondering why he had to tag along. Isabella had insisted he did, and they made idle chit-chat while they walked. However, nothing important was said and Phillip still didn’t know why he was with her. She seemed distressed and distracted, and all he wanted to do was make her feel more at ease and to clear her mind a little. Maybe that would cause her to remember some missing fact. “You’ve got no clue, do you?” He said to her, quietly. He looked at her quickly and then looked away, knowing he was talking to someone who could possibly be incredibly dangerous. “…No. I don’t know where she is. She never told me her magic escape plan. I don’t even think she had one. We never intended to get caught.” Isabella sighed, and continued walking forward. “Then, where are we going? I mean, you can’t just keep walking forever, could you?” Phillip grinned, for he was kidding. Her answer, as always, was not what he expected. “I could, actually. When Belle killed Joshua, I did. They didn’t catch me with her, didn’t you know? I wasn’t even in this town. I just walked as far as I could and I didn’t stop.” Isabella sniffled, and wiped away the tears that were forming in her eyes, “Anyway, I’m not leading you on forever. I’m taking you to the house.” Isabella shuddered, “I was hoping I’d never have to come back.” Phillip wanted to hold her, and make her fears and her bad memories go away forever. He didn’t, however, he didn’t have the guts to do something like that. Especially with someone who was a partner in crime to a devious murderer. He felt a mixture of awe and terror of the twins, especially Isabella. How someone went through everything she did, and still carried on normally astonished him. He watched her as they walked and he was impressed that she held herself high and powerfully, as if all the trauma she’d suffered had not even touched her. She impressed him in all that she did. They arrived at the house and Phillip gasped at its size. He knew from all Isabella’s stories that it was large, but he’d never expected a mansion. Isabella always just called it a house, how she could be so humble about a house this size was beyond him. Isabella led them to the door, and as soon as one of the maids saw her, she fainted. Isabella shook her head, knowing that the woman thought she was Belle. “Why are we here, Isabella?” Phillip asked, touching Isabella’s shoulder, and stepping over the fallen woman. She shrugged off his touch and glared at him. She waltzed up the stairs with the familiarity one would expect from her. However, she was careful as she walked up them; graceful, but careful all at once. Phillip and the officers followed her, knowing that this could possibly be a trap. Phillip said a prayer to whatever being was up in the sky, hoping he’d keep his life today. Isabella quietly pushed open a pink door, and revealed every girls dream bedroom- turned into a nightmare. “She’s been here. She… she ruined it!” Isabella fell on her knees, and grabbed up the pieces of a ripped up teddy bear. She sobbed, and her body shook with the force of it. “She’s taken everything. Everything I’ve ever loved and now it’s gone.” Her words came out as a cracking scream, and she continued to cry. She wanted to curl up and die. She didn’t want to feel this broken and alone anymore, she just wanted her sister to die, or for herself to die. Nothing would have made her happier in that moment. “Isabella calm do-“ Phillip was cut off by the look Isabella gave him. She stood, and continued to glare. “How would you feel if I took everything you loved, if I made you only love me? How would it feel if I hurt you? If I forced you to stab your true love several times and watch him bleed to death? And then I’d go into your sanctuary and take all of you material things you loved and I ruined every one of them!” She screamed at him, and she fell to her knees again, “Tell me Phillip, how would that make you feel?” She whispered, petting the head of the teddy bear, crumbling into tears once again. “Isabella, I know this is hard but I need you to answer my question, okay? Why would Belle come here? Where would she go from here?” Phillip asked her, gently crouching to look at her, and cup her cheek. She shivered at the touch, and then sighed. She moved away from him and wiped her eyes. “She told me once, when we were in middle school, that if we ever got in trouble that there was one place we should meet should we get away. She told me never to go in the door until then.” Isabella stood, knowing she’d have to show them where the door was. She had no idea what would be behind the door, or what she would find. The police officers followed her, as did Phillip. She entered the bathroom, and revealed behind the mirror, and small door. She stared at them, and she then crawled through it.
009. Belle heard a noise, and she leaped up. She held her gun, hand shaking in a frightening and dangerous manner. A coy grin decided to play on her lips, for she knew it was her darling twin sister. She turned all the lights in the hidden room on, and stared at the walls that were covered in pictures of herself and her sister. Anyone else in the pictures had a lovely bullet hole shot right through their heads. She had all of Isabella’s old clothing hanging from coat racks, and they looked old and disgusting. Belle didn’t care, she just wanted Isabella, all of her, always. “Bella! Isabella darling! Is that you? Have you come to see me?” She cried, giggling and trying to clap her hands with the gun still in them. “Oh Bella, I have so much to tell you that’s happened since you took your stroll! But you have to promise me you won’t leave me again. We were apart for so long, Bella. I missed you. Please come out of the hallway and come see me, oh please Bella.” Belle stepped in front of the door and waited, sniffling, afraid her twin would reject her. The door opened slowly, and there was Isabella standing in front of her, holding the torn teddy bear and shaking. “Belle, what is all this?” She stared at the pictures, and realized how terrifying her twin could truly be. “Oh Bella!” Belle snatched the teddy bear from Isabella’s hands, “I’m so sorry I had a tantrum and ripped your things! I’ll be sure to fix them.” She turned around and grinned viciously, the gun taunting her to do terrible things, “Come this way, Bella. You have to promise me something.” Isabella silently began to walk in front of Belle, but Belle dropped the teddy bear and grabbed Isabella’s arm. She then pressed the gun to Isabella’s head and hissed at her. “Don’t you fucking leave me again, alright? You’re my little bitch, not anyone else’s. If you don’t promise right now, don’t think I won’t pull the fucking trigger. Promise me you won’t leave me; promise me you won’t be a little slut again.” Belle pressed the gun harder against Isabella’s head, “Promise me or I’ll shoot your fucking brains out.” Isabella began to cry, shaking all over. She didn’t want to play Belle’s games anymore, she didn’t want to do this anymore. She wasn’t happy doing this and she never had been. She just wanted to be okay, but she knew, she just knew she never would be okay. “I won’t promise, Belle. I don’t love you. I don’t want you. I hope you rot in fucking hell.” Isabella hissed at her twin. Belle shook her head at her twin. “I love you Bella, but I don’t like you anymore. You don’t get to play anymore.” She pulled the trigger. The noise rang out, and Belle dropped Isabella to the floor, giggling. This was all just a game to her, that’s all it had ever been.

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