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Tuesday, 18 January 2011
03:39:26 PM (GMT)
So when i was 12, my parents died in a car accident. Now im 14 and turning 15 in a
few months and a few months ago my real brother died in a car accident. I was in
foster care for a while but natually i couldn't stand my foster parents but got
along quite well with my foster brother who is the same age as I. (but thats another
story ;] ) Anyway, when i left them, i stayed with my faternal twins childhood
friends who i knew my parents trusted greatly. Lizzy and Jared. One night, the 3 of
us all went to a party and got really wasted. We all played spin the bottle but
including us there were only about 15 people there. Somehow, i landed on Jared and
we were like ''nah we're too close like brother and sister thats too wierd!''
because we had to make out fer 5 minutes. (the host's parents were home so we
couldnt do 7 min in heaven er nething) But we were forced to make out so we did.
Then, after the party, Jared, Lizzy, and I walked home. We all started to watch a
movie and Lizzy passed out. So that left Jared and i. we started talking and how we
found it less awkward to kiss then we thought and that we should try it again. the
lights were already off and we were watchin Spike so conveniantly, late night porn
started. Before we knew it was plalying, we slowly started making out and kissing
eachother all over. some of the alcohol effects had worn off my this time so we
pretty much knew what we were doing. Jared slept shirtless and in just boxers. I
slept in boxers and a tank top since we were in our pjs. Things were getting pretty
hot between us at this point and suddenly we heard the screams on the T.V. and zoned
back in and sat on opposite sides of the couch. Neither of us really wanted to
the channel so we just kept watching, Trying not to make it obvious at first, i
feel myself getting wet from the explicit content of what was coming on T.V. I
couldnt take it nomore so i took the throw blanket and put it over my lap and i knew
Jared was watching me and feeling the effects of the porn. I slowly started playing
with myself and tried to keep quiet so Jared wouldnt know what i was doing. then, i
could feel myself about to climax and i didnt care, I pinched my nippled that were
clearly poking through my tank and started moaning pretty loud. I let my cum flow
out of my body and let my breath return to normal. when i zoned back in, i looked
toward Jared kind of embarassed. But then i realised that he'd been watching me the
whole time and not the T.V. I caught him putting the throw pillow over his lap and i
just smiled at him. He tried to cover it up by asking why i was smiling but i could
tell he knew. i slowly took off my top and started playing with my already hard
nipples and i could tell he was getting harder by how he kept staring and squirming.
i giggled and got up to sit on his lap chest to chest. i removed the pillow and he
could feel my wetness through my boxers on his buldge. he gentily placed his hands
on my sides and i started to finger myself keeping my boxers on so he couldnt see
nothing. suddenly, he just cracked. he kissed my nipples and sucked on them till
they were bright red and he whiped his long cock out of his boxer slit. i took my
fingers out of my dripping pussy and just smiled at him. he put his hard cock
through the slit in my boxers and started to tease me by rubbing it around my pussy
and on my clit and i moaned softly and gentily started clawing my nails into his
legs. finally, he suddenly shoved his long hard cock into my pussy and started
pumping. i was breathing hard and moaning '' oh Jared, yes fuck me!'' then, he
started to go a little faster and harder and i was really loving it. Between moans,
i'd keep telling him to go harder and faster. my back was arching because i wanted
him so bad. not long after, he was fucking pounding me like there as no tomorrow. i
was moaning loud by now that i had to bite my lips to keep from waking everyone. I
could feel the orgasm building up inside me and i told Jared i was about to cum and
to keep fucking me like that. he said '' fuck me too baby im almost there!'' I
moaned really loud into my lips and exploded onto his cock. we lay there chest to
chest as he held me and was still inside me. we let our breath return and he told me
to sit on the arm of the couch. i got on and he started to finger me and eat me out.
i was moaning his name loudly by this and he as enjoying it. after he cleaned me
out, he caught me by surprise and just slamed his cock into me again. pounding and
thrusting harder than before immediately and i was already so close to cumming, i
warned him and he pulled out and started licking me again so i came in his mouth. he
then kissed up my body and started to make out with me again. Then, we realised that
it was around 4:00 am. and that his mom would be waking up in about 2 hrs and that
we should probably clean up. we did and then sat next to eachother on the couch and
watched some more porn in the blanket as he fingered me and i gave him handjobs. we
both fell asleep eventually me leaning on his shoulder and us still playing with
eachother but it looked like we hadnt done nothing. just fallen asleep like that. no
one woke us up and Lizzy woke up around the same time as us. when no one was home,
and Lizzy was out, we fucked again fe hours in the showered and beds and counters.
We still fuck except in secret. Except Lizzy knows but she doesn't care. in fact,
Jared and I just fucked on the pool table about an hour ago X)

‹Katrazyna_Kozlov› says:   18 January 2011   403091  
Mhmm yummy (;
RachelGrey1216 says :   18 January 2011   142016  
Indeed (;

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