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Sunday, 21 November 2010
05:59:02 PM (GMT)
Time started: 4:43

Sex: Female

Birthday: March 5, 1996

Siblings: 5

Eye color: bluegray

Shoe size: somewhere in the 6-8

Height: idk...

What are you wearing: hoodie

Where do you live: MN

Righty or lefty: Righty

Can you make a dollar in change right now: um... maybe if i broke my glass piggy

Who are your closest friends: Sissa and Ally and Billy

Best place for a date: on the couch watching movies.

Where is your fav place to shop: online ;w;

Favorite kind of plant: Hibiscus

Fave Color: oranges and blues

Fave Number: 6 and 7

Fave Boys Name: Jamien

Fave Girls Name:  Odessa

Fave Sport: Quiddich maybe

Fave Month: meh

Movies: oh god... way too many  ^^;;;;

Juicew gross no

Finger: middle lol

Breakfast food: waffles

Favorite cartoon character: GRELL SUTCLIFF!

Given anyone a bath: yes

Smoked: ew gross no

Made yourself throw-up: ew griss no

Gone skinny dipping: ew gross no

Eaten a dog: ew gross no... hot dogs yes, but not like, real ones...

Put your tongue on a frozen pole?:  no, im not THAT stupid...

Loved someone so much it made you cry?:  who hasnt?

Broken a bone?:  nope

Played truth or dare:  probably

Been in a physical fight: with siblings sorta

Been in a police car:  nope

Been on a plane: Yes, i love flying.

Come close to dying: well i almost got hit by a car once... oh and i drowned once

Been in a sauna:  yes and i dont like them

Been in a hot tub: yeah but they make my feet really hot...

Cried when someone died: of coarse... fictional and real...

Cried in school: almost...

Fell off your chair: ... yes... ^^;;;

Wait for someone's phone call all night: nope. so dont call me at night, i will be

Saved AIM/Yahoo conversations: nope.

Saved e-mails: yes

Fallen for one of your best friends: maybe

Made out with JUST a friend?:  in kindergarten, so i dont think that counts...

Used someone: of coarse not


Whats your good luck charm?: nothing seems to work with me  :/

Best song you ever heard: probably running with chicken

What's your bedroom like: messy but not like, messy...

Last thing you said: um... i was laughing...

What is beside you?:  coca cola <3

Last thing you ate: a whopper...

What kind of shampoo do you use?:  that smoother stuff

Best thing that has happened to you this year:  idk

Worst thing that has happened to you this year: um... well today i fell down the
stairs, so imma say that

----------------------------------------Have you

Chicken pox: No...

Sore Throat:  um... i think everyone has...

Stitches:  yeah

Broken nose: No but my mom has lol


Believe in love at first sight:  not really...

 Like school: sometimes...

What schools have you gone to: Lake City, Sartell, Monti, and Maple Lake

Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000. dollars: ew gross no

If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: Bear Grilis or
whatever his name is lol

Who was the last person that called you:  Kaytay

Who was the last person you slow danced with:  no one

What makes you laugh the most?:  oh man, like everything...

What makes you smile?: like, everything...


You yelled at:  idk

Who broke your heart: idk

Told you that they love you: momma

Is your loudest friend: charlotte maybe?

------------------------------------------------------------Do you/Are

Do you like filling these out?  usually yeah

Do you wear contacts or glasses:  neither

Do you like yourself: sometimes

Do you get along with your family: for the most part

Stolen anything over $50: nope.

Obsessive Compulsive?:  nope.

Anorexic?:  nope.

Suicidal? nope.


What are you listening to right now? Chameleon Circuit <3 <3

What did you do yesterday: nuffin muffin

Have you hated someone in your family: Yes

Got any awards: not really

What car do you wish to have: Delorean or a Yugo

Where do you want to get married: Yes

If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?: nothin

Good driver: pisshhh yeah.  actually idk

Good Singer: meh. maybe?

Have a lava lamp: Yes

How many remote controls are in your house: like 4

Are you double jointed: nope

What do you dream about: just about everything

Last time you showered: yesterday morning

Last time you took a bath: a long time ago... now we dont have a nice big tub

Scary or happy movies:  both

Chocolate or white chocolate: im pretty sure its the same thing...

Root Beer or Dr.Pepper: Dr. Pepper

Mud or Jell-O wrestling: ew gross neither

Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate

Summer or winter:  how about spring...

Silver or Gold: Silver

Diamond or pearl: Diamond

Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset

‹Sir_Billiam› says:   23 November 2010   172622  
Whats the best thing that happened to you this year:
You met me =)
‹Arissaxx› says:   23 November 2010   440928  
oh yeah!  yeah thats probably it... seriously, nothing really notable
happens to me... 
‹RoarItsAlly› says:   25 November 2010   300747  
lol what about me xD 
‹Arissaxx› says :   25 November 2010   845040  
Well you too, but i dont remember when that was... it was like, a
while ago ;w; 


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