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Saturday, 13 November 2010
04:56:43 PM (GMT)
 "Follow me, we have to get to the kiosk." A man said. I didn't know
who he was, but he had tight grip on my hand and his masculine, cut-edged voice made
him seem official. I didn't know whether to trust him or not, but I'm going to go
with my gut instinct that tells me to just follow him.
We stepped out of the darkness, into a large room. In the center of the room was a
small desk, four sides opened up. On the racks were keys, a man sat on a stool near
it. The man wore short hair, combed back into a pompadour. He wore black suit that
was smoother than a limousine, his eyes were covered by black shades. 
The man that I had been dragged out of the dark of the corridor walked up to the
man. He wore some torn and worn jeans that were partially covered at the hip by a
large shirt and an open jacket. He wore some long hair, his eyes were a gold color.
He wasn't exactly as official as I thought he'd be. You could make out dark lines on
the back of his palm that indicated a tattoo on his arm. The man with the pompadour
took a set of keys off of the rack and handed them to the man. 
The guy that looked like a teenager at my school looked at me and then grabbed my
arm, pulling me up bridal style, keys jingling in his hands as he ran from the room,
down a flight of steps and out into the light of day. I covered my eyes as he ran
over to a car, opening the door and sliding me into the back and getting into the
drivers seat. He turned on the car and sped off, the back of the car fishtailing as
he screamed down the street.
I slid up behind the seat and poked my head over the center console, the windshield
was blacked out, thankfully. Blue faded from the top of it down, preventing light
from making its way to my eyes.
"What am I doing here? Who are you?" I asked, eyes half lidded to prevent my pupils
from getting murdered with any light that seeped into the car. 
He didn't respond, eyes glued to the road. He turned, the back tires spinning out
behind them as the triangle point turn threw us for a loop. "Answer me dammit!" His
eyes turned to me, fierce and mysterious. 
"I'm not obliged to answer to you." The man spoke.
"Well, what's your name?" I asked, my voice cracking in fear. 
He wound down the window, light spilling unmercilessly into the car. I flinched and
hid back behind the seat. "Just answer me, please!" 
"Stop groveling." He sneers, speeding up. The sound of the engine revving filled my
ears like the report of a gun.
I knew the car, but the interior was different. When we came out I could see the
vintage style sillouette of the impala. The engine was a 350 engine stock, the sound
was pretty distinct sound to me. That's what my father drove..

I gave up on finding out where we were going, who he was, or what was going on. I
don’t even remember how I got there, how he found me or knew me. How he knew to
take me somewhere..
Unless this was kidnap.. But was it legally kidnap? I don’t know..
I looked at him once more; he took his hand off the wheel. He twisted his arm around
and set his fingers against my forehead, everything went black and my body became
comfortably numb in a sprawled position between the back of the seat and the cliff
of the back seat. 

My eyes flittered open, disoriented and unaware of my surroundings. I blinked once
or twice before willing my arm to rub the sleep from my eyes, but it wouldn’t
move. I couldn’t feel it either.

..Am I dead?

“Guinevere?” That same voice asked in a tin tone.  “Can you hear me?” 
A small light, probably a flashlight, ran across my vision. My eyes closed
instinctively and my teeth deteriorated into a set of catlike teeth. I hissed, my
back arched, I could finally feel the leather belts that tied down my arms and legs.
I wriggled around, trying to set myself free from the bondage.
“Guinevere, please, calm down.” He said in a soothing tone as he took the light
away. I gasped, my teeth returning to normal, eyes to fearful for light to reopen. 
“Who…” I choked, my throat swollen and burning. I needed something to
lubricate it, the pain was nearly unbearable. 
Something pricked my elbow; I looked down to see the man injecting a red liquid into
my arm. I flinched at the sight of the syringe.
As the liquid was entering my body I could feel the tingling sensation of the liquid
spread like poison. I felt it at my heart, beating, puffing, shriveling. I screamed
out, my throat was on fire.
“It will help you, Guinevere.” 
I looked at him, “Go to hell!”
I felt my stomach lurch, a liquid squeezed from my stomach and up my throat, it was
watery and smooth, like blood. I spit out a splash of red paint before  coughing the
last bit from my mouth so that I wouldn’t drown in the last blood-pack I drank.
He walked over to me and ran a hand over my forehead, pushing back my black locks. 
I blacked out again.
“My name is…” I could hear that in the distance.

“She can’t be one, you gave her the antidote didn’t you?” 
“I did, yes, but… Why can’t she stay the way she is?”
“She’s a monster, Harley.”
“Well then what are we?” 
“We’re civilized people!”
“So is she! She goes to school, we found her at the mall with three of her human
friends. You know how hard it was to shut down the electricity and K O everyone else
besides her? She is still part human, after all.”
“So are we. She’s nothing but a useless mutt; I want her human or eliminated,
Harley. Pick your poison. Well, hers in this case.”
“You’re a monster.” 

He set his hand on my shoulder and shook me gently, waking me up on contact. I was
already partially awake, enough to hear the conversation. But now I could see,
smell, feel. I finally opened my eyes to the darkness.
“Guinevere, you need to get up. You have to change.” He spoke softly.
“Harley, forget her. She shouldn’t be comfortable in here; we’re trying to
break her blood-sucking curse.” 
He turned to the man and, of all things, growled at him. “Silence. I captured
here, she is my prisoner, not yours. Now be quiet.”
I looked over to the man, he looked frightened. “Oh, alright. I’ll be back
“Goodbye, Marcello.”
I sat up finally the man named Harley reached over and set his hand on my back. 
“Who are you..?” I asked sleepily, the drugs he must’ve given me had really
taken a toll.
“You’ll find out if you pay attention.” He looked surprised that I asked, but
I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know him well enough to read… Wait, why couldn’t I
read him?
He wasn’t human, he couldn’t be.
“Can you just tell me?” I asked, throwing my feet over the side of the bed and
standing up. 
He shook his head no, I sighed, “Whatever.” 
I looked him up and down; he was a very attractive man. Probably just a little bit
older than me. I just turned eighteen; he was probably around the same age. Possibly
a little bit older, twenty or something like that. I wouldn’t be surprised though
if he was my age, all considered.
The room was circular, a crucifix was hung on the exit. The windows were barred like
a jail cell, and there was just one bed, a small toilet, a sink, and a desk with a
pen, paper, paper clips, and a small radio. The floor was concrete with a pentacle on
the floor; the ceiling was a large shaft that led up to a steel fan that swirled in a
never ending circle, like nascar. Except it wasn’t an oval. 
The walls were made of metal, no doubt. And probably layers thick. I looked at the
man. He reached into his pocket, “You have the entire world to do anything you want
within this home made for you.”
I looked at him like he was crazy. “Entire world, entire world? What are you
talking about? This is a prison!” 
“I’m aware, it was not my idea to bring you here. It was fathers.” 
“Then you shouldn’t have! This is kidnap! Take me home!” I screamed angrily at
him, he grabbed my wrists, I flailed and kicked at him in desperation to be set free.
He gripped me tighter, pulling my face close to his. He showed off his teeth, his
brows furrowed. He must’ve been pissed.
I felt fear spread throughout my body like poison. I gasped, biting my lower lip
until the blood ran cold down my chin. I felt like I was going to melt.
“Relax, before I make you.” He growled in such a manner that Godzilla would
probably cower over.
My heart was racing but my thoughts were the same. “Relax, relax, relax.” I
stayed still, letting him move my limbs and have my body like a wooden puppet on
He helped me up and led me over to the door, I noticed my feet were showing, and I
was only wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top that showed my naval.
I looked at him. “Why..” I murmured.
“Don’t speak,” He hushed me as he took a key from his pocket and unlocked the
door, starting out of it, keeping me behind him. He gripped my wrists and walked with
me behind him as we walked down a corridor made of tin, that reeked of oil and was
tainted with rust.
We came to another room, and in this room he led me to a chest. He opened it and
pulled out some pants and a tee shirt. He also pulled out some ace bandages, which he
said were for my feet. In fear of him attacking me to decline the articles I just
took them. I pulled on the clothes, then sat down on the floor as I covered the
center and arch of my foot and then wrapped up my ankles and halfway up my calf with
the ace bandages. I got up and looked around, he pulled out a pair of cuffs and
slapped the metal around my wrists, and boy will I tell you, they were cold as hell.
He led me back to the room he said was mine and threw me into there. I fell to my
knees, looking back at him, a ball grew in my throat and my eyes welled like folded
water hoses. He shut the door behind him and left, water spilling down my cheeks in
clear rivers. 
“Why can’t he tell me.” I sniffed, staring at the cuffs. I got up and started
over to the desk and grabbing the paper clip. I begun to undo the clip, sliding one
end into the light bulb shaped keyhole and wiggling it around awkwardly before
dropping the clip. I looked around and got down to pick it up. I begun to attempt to
pick it once more, over and over. 
It took a while, but I finally got it. One cuff down, one more to go. I began to work
on the other cuff before I heard foot steps against the floor outside the door. I bit
my lower lip, looking around. I put the other cuff back on, only leaving it on at the
third notch so I could slide my hand out of it again.
The man called Harley walked back in, this time he was followed by another man. 
“Look at it, it’s pitiful.” That was Marcello. 
“It is a she, Marc.” Harley sneered. 
Marcello was tall with the square head, a barrel chest. He looked like a security
guard, save for the shaggy hair. He walked over to me and grabbed my arm, pulling me
to my feet. He took one look at the cuffs then tightened them both. I couldn’t even
my wrists within them. I whimpered. He hooked a leash onto the chains, he tugged it.
I immediately got to my feet and bit my lower lip. 
“Why do you have to treat her like that?”
“Why do you have sympathy for this thing?” Marcello retorted.
“Will you both stop bickering?” I cried out, his hand met my cheek.
I whimpered, “You bastards.” 
Marcello and Harley took me out of the room, keeping the leash tightly wrapped around
Marcello’s hand as he dragged me against my will down the corridor and outside,
into the darkness. I looked around, the building seemed to be that of an old factory,
I guess we just missed the others by chance. They led me to another building, and on
the entrance door said “Employees only,” but was crossed out with “Were’s and
vampets only” Now I kind of knew why they kept referring to me as an it, or a
thing. I was apparently a pet.
Last edited: 14 November 2010

devouratrocities says:   13 November 2010   162936  
... this sounds familiar. but i like it already! :D
‹DearAcrimony,› says :   13 November 2010   747561  


;-; thanks. it was just me being bored. D: 


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