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Tuesday, 24 August 2010
11:47:18 PM (GMT)
A lot has happened since I bothered writing one of these.

To be clear, the current state of affairs in the land of Meh Lyph is as follows-

Suck levels are extremly high!!
Bold means it's the most interesting thing you could skim.

1. Cross country season has begun once more. My legs hurt so much I am currently
unable to walk a straight line. ("Wait officer, please just give me the breathilizer
first, I'm not drunk. Well, no I don't have my lisence. No, no permit. Why are you so
uppity? I wasn't using a cellphone, jeez.")

1 1/2. I haven't had to walk in the practice, but I'm still one of the slowest
runners there. People who do have to walk always finish ahead of me. Since
when does the tortoise lose to the hare?!
2. I have been unemployed for four months now. "But Kirti, you're only fifteen!" Yes
well I have my papers and I had a job at a llama farm, but I was paid
according to hours I worked and I never wanted to stop working, so essentially I was
fired so they could find someone lazy enough to fit thier budget.

3. Entering tenth month dating Emily. Ah, finally something on this list to make me

4. Nobody really reads my blog. When I had zero readers it was cool because I was
waiting, but now it's two and that seems worse somehow...

5. Writers block has struck on page five of my story. I just keep thinking and
editing and thinking...

6. Finland was voted the number one country in the world. Japan and Lithuania both
lost. It was a major blow for me.

7. I am going to be forced to endure something so humiliatingly stressful and
terrifying that thinking about it actually literally makes me start to cry. 

7 1/3. If you're wondering, my mom has schedualed me a facial. She meant well. But
being forced to lie vunerable on my back while a group of complete strangers touch my
face for hours, and I'm just going to have to stay still and stare at them or the
walls the whole time- crap I'm crying again. I mean it. I don't know why the idea
upsets me so much but it does and I don't know how to get out of it.

7 2/3. I used to fear absolutely nothing, but I appearntly have a crippling
fear of facials, jellyfish and death. Well at least it's an interesting list...

8. Human Diseases and Conditions supplement 1 Behavioral Helath, is
fabulouse and interesting (and, well you know, a text book but still)
and should be coming any day now.

9. Ever had insects drown in your sweat? I have.

That should do it. Comments make nerdfighters smile. DFTBA
Last edited: 30 August 2010

lunasan says:   24 August 2010   875451  
@number two: HOLY CRAP. 
tiggerlemon101 says:   25 August 2010   711935  
I am really happy it's working so well with Emily; you're so lucky!

And I will willingly read your blog; where can I do this?

I'm sorry about your strange fear of facials, and although I don't
really understand it I sympathize (although I myself would love to get
one done).  I'm going to get my back cracked by a chiropractor... THAT
I am scared of.
BooRadley says:   25 August 2010   875801  
I'd read your blog ;D Link me up
‹Panda  Bear› cries:   25 August 2010   887481  
All numbers 7 happen to me too ¬¬
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   25 August 2010   690866  
Wow, ten months already?
‹TonTon› says:   25 August 2010   879561  
I understand the facial thing, I dun like people touching my face
either >.>

and number nine sounds awful.
Kirti says :   30 August 2010   565709  

Thanks for all the comments! Training in the mountains kept me from
the internet for six days. Imma write more of these about that time in
a new diary and link to my blog because appearntly people would read
it -happytearsgoplub- 


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