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so, i think i may need help with my brainCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 August 2010
01:53:05 AM (GMT)
ok, so, recently mu mom passed away about a month ago on the 18 of july and it was
completely and utterly  shocking because i visited her the night before she promised
me she was going to be ok but the next morning at around 11 she had died. and by the
time we got there she was already gone for an hour. SO WHAT I NEED HELP WITH..... is
the fact that i havent been able to sleep sense, i feel sick, and i have massive
migranes. now i dont know if this is because of my depression or stress. my family is
trying to get me to go see a therapist and i do not want to because of other reasons
that i will not speak of here. BUT i dont know what to do, by day i try to be strong
and take care of my brothers and sisters and put on a plastic smile but at the end of
the day i cry and cry my eyes out even though its been this long already. Does
anybody have anyideas, i mean ive also been kind of thinking of death a lot so i dont
know what i should do about that either.

Oroborus21 says:   12 August 2010   330264  
hey Katie,

all that you are going through is very normal. you say "even though
its been this long already" ....are you kidding?

a month isnt long enough to get over the death of your mother. in fact
tehre is no really getting over it...most people are saddened by the
loss of aloved one for many years if not alll of there life to some
extent. its been a few years since my dad died, sister, brother and i
still miss them all...and when i think of them of course i get
terribly sad and depressed...

and youre a i can only imagine how much more all of this is
on you when youve also got these additional responsibilities and
stresses upon you...and that is on top of the rollercoaster of being a

so dont feel bad for being such an emotional wreck right now...and
dont feel unusual for anyone in your shoes would be the same...

you really should talk to a professional therapist if you have that
opportunity...dont go into it with the expectations that you
could be very helpful for you...not a cure all or anything but helpful
so do it...if you dont want to bring up other things let the therapist
deal with that....he/she should still be ablet to help you..

as overwhelming as im sure you feel, death is nothing but an end to
life and it finds us all eventually...there is no reason to dwell on
it and absolutely a milion reasons to continuing living as best as you
can...eventualy in time not only will your life get a lot easier and
less stressful but you will also learn to cope better with the loss of
your mother...she would have wanted you to live a long full life im
sure....resolve to one day tell your childrenand grand children about
her..and be smart with your choices and decisiosn in life and you will
honor her and keep her memory alive.

‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   12 August 2010   757707  
thank you, so much. ill try talking with someone, i went to a group
therapy once with my brother and sister and it was hard not to cry the
whole time even though my brother goes there all the time and hes 11
and my sister 20.he wants me back but i dont know if i should. 
‹VampiresaRaven› says:   24 August 2010   589061  
I loves u more then everything but I still blame it on The docters
because Ur Mom couldn't of passed that easily. She's strong. Whenever
I think About going over ur house  I keep thinking She's alive and
well but then I think "Oh Yeah. She passed away didn't she"
Damn Life Sux.
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says :   24 August 2010   224616  
my life sux DX


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