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My Perfect Life.......Or NotCategory: writings
Monday, 26 July 2010
07:26:10 PM (GMT)
I could say that I was the happiest person in the world. But I'd be lying.

I could say that nothing could ever make me frown. But I'd be lying.

And I could say that life only gets better and better no matter what.

But that would be my biggest lie of all.

So I will tell the truth. I am not the happiest person in the world. Things can make
me frown. And life can get worse in an instant. Joy and happiness may seem like it
lasts forever, but it doesn't, nothing ever does.

I had a great life. My friends were awesome and loved me and I loved them. I was
excelling in school. I never fought with anyone unless it was for self-defense. I
was admired. My boyfriend was amazing and loved me to no end. He never rushed me and
was polite and cared about what I thought. My life at home was only getting better
and better between my parents and I. I was getting paid weekly at a job I love. I
was getting my own bathroom at home. I was going to travel the world with my parents
and boyfriend in the summer. Life couldn't have gotten any better.

After one accident, a trip to the hospital, and a talk with a doctor, it all came
crashing down.

I'll say the whole story. From beginning to end, with every detail.

On our way home from a party, my boyfriend Sean and I were talking in the car about
how much fun it was. When we were suddenly hit from the back, and then the drivers
side. It was so sudden, and we didn't have time to react. 

Our car went spinning down a small cliff into a tree. The air bags deployed
immediately and my head was slammed against my seat. It was a while before I could
do anything. I had hit my head and passed out and when I came to, I was sore, my
head was spinning and it was completely silent. When my head finally cleared enough
to think right, I realized what had happened exactly. And how quiet it was when
there should have been some other noise--like someone else breathing.

When I called his name and looked to my left at him, I got no answer. His face and
neck were bloody and his right arm was stuck in the wheel. His eyes didn't open, he
didn't make a sound, and he didn't move at all. Not even his chest was moving to
show that he was breathing. With all the cuts and blood on his face, it almost
didn't look like him.

I tried to find my purse to get my phone. When I moved my legs, they screamed in
pain. There was a large gash on my left leg and my right leg had been pushed into
the door with enough force that I think it broke.

I found my purse had been shoved under my seat. Some of my stuff had been ruined but
my phone was okay and working. I was having difficulties breathing as I dialed 911.
The man I was connected with calmly asked me my situation and where I was located. I
hadn't been paying attention to where we were before the crash and couldn't tell him
where I was. He said that he was going to track my phone and that help was on the
way for both of us and the other victims. The man stayed on the line with me while I
waited for the help and helped me calm down until I could breathe normally.

When the help arrived, there was a lot of commotion. Flash light beams were waving
everywhere and glaring off the mirrors as paramedics and officers came down to us.
People were shouting up on the street and down near us. I couldn't understand them
all mixed together but it seemed like a lot of 'hold on!'s and 'can you move?'s. I
didn't answer any of the people just waved my arm out the broken window. The 911
operator said good bye and good luck then hung up with me.

As I was helped out of the car, I couldn't help start crying and staring at Sean. He
was entirely limp as they rushed to get him out and to the hospital. I was put on
someone's back and rushed up the hill behind him, his arms just waving around almost
like a puppets.

The street was crowded. People had woken up from their sleep and had rushed out to
see what had happened and to help. Police officers were putting up tape to keep them

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