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Bloody Wings pt 2Category: fantasy
Tuesday, 20 July 2010
11:48:28 PM (GMT)
my hair looked like a crow nested in it, and my eyes were a dull gray. I looked like
I could fade away any moment. I wonder why I'm like this? I put the mirror down and
said "How is she?"the only answer her mother gave me was this. "Bad." I let out a
sigh. "Can I see her?" She gave me a stern look but said "If you think you can handle
it then you can." so I went into her room and there she was, better than before but
not by much."She's in a coma." said her mothers voice from behind me. My voice
stopped and my heart missed several beats. All I could manage to say was this. "H-How
"I don't know could be another day or never." Never. I thought I was going to die. I
felt the hand of a girl that might never wake up. It was even colder than mine. Just
as I was about to go back to my house and think about this new development I spotted
some thing strange, Shirrin was growing fangs!

Chapter 4 The Weapons Master

Ravens P.O.V Tuesday evening 3:30 seconds after the attack

Man it would be awesome to be a bird. To be so high up. Well this is as close as I'll
ever get to being a bird. Looking through  a camera lenses clasped around a ravens
foot. Man the castle looks so different from a birds eye view. looks like a small
Irish castle looking like the devil him self would be scared to go in there, but I
called this castle home. The raven was landing in the main hall. So I went out there
and stuck out my arm so that he could land on it. "Sory has the mission been
completed?" said a white haired man dressed in a black over coat and black pants with
a red shirt on top of that, known to every one as Dante but only he knows his real
name. "Of cores it is. But why use her for such an important task when you could have
used someone more experienced like me?" is what I said but what I was really thinking
was this. Why did you pick her over me!? Me whose been with you through thick and
thin, me whose loved you ever since the beginning, me who did your dirty work for
you! Why are you paying so much attention to her!? She is nothing to you or me so WHY
NOT ME!?!?!?!
This was his response. "My dear Sory I put her on this mission because she means
nothing to me and whoever does this mission will turn into a monster and I don't want
you turning into a monster." tone cool and measured. If you think that he was
minipulating me you were right but that part "she means nothing to me" made me so
happy that I didn't notice. I felt kind of bad now. Why you ask? Well I sorta let her
keep her free will even though Dante told me to take it away from her. Plus I added
in a little something extra. Oh well, I'll fix that bridge when I come to it. For now
I must go up to my room and plan out how to make Dante love me.

Dante's P.O.V right after Sory left

That girl is so annoying. Why can't she just leave her two cents out for a little
while. Oh well I have more important things that need my attention. Like my new
weapon, Shirrin. I hope the DNA that Sory injected her finds its way into her blood
stream soon. I want to play with my new toy. What should I have her do first? Destroy
a town? Mass murdering? Or maybe I should just let her fallow her instincts and hunt
down some humans for a while? No I will make her pay for ever imprisoning me. I will
make her murder the one that she is closest to. I will make her wish that she was
never born and then I shall destroy this dying world and remake it in an image of
glory(no not me I'm not that self absorbed). First the national icons that sit on
their high horse thinking their so much better then all the rest, just to make it
clear that I mean business. Then the day-to-day scum that no one cares about. Then
the Big Dogs that secretly run this world from the shadows. And lastly the one's that
make this world like it is. Once thats done I shall erase the fact that humanity ever
came to be and start a new with the followers that I have had over the years. Anyone
who does not join me shall die.
A short plump little man came running up to me. I think his name was Gorge, Geoffry I
don't know something like that."Sir! Sir! We have confirmation that the formula
worked on her!"
"Good our spy has been doing an excellent job."
"Well Sir the spy is here and wants to see you."
"Bring them in."
"No need I'm right here." They kept in the shadows so I couldn't quite see who it
was. And I barely recognized the voice but I couldn't place it.
"Who are you?"
"We're on a need to know basis and you don't need to know that." Wow sounds angry.
"Okay then how about this then. Why are you here?"
"Your formula worked a little to well you said that it would just sedate her and now
she's in a coma! The police will be all over it soon enough and track it back to
you." a coma wow I guess it was to strong.
"Now now no need to get so angry. Your friend was just weaker then we thought. She
should come out of it within a week or so." A small delay in my plans nothing more
than that. "Now about the police. We're going to have to take some precautions so if
the cops show up then just tell them that you don't know how when or where the
incident happened. Got it?"
"Fine cover it up and hide the trail. Now that thats over with about your little
experiment, what will happen when she wakes up?" No emotion what so ever. Man this
guy is good at interrogating people. If he wants answers then he'll have answers.
"She will be stronger than ever before, more courage, and she will not register pain
what so ever. She will take orders no matter what they are, and with her new mind she
will be able to access information that almost no one else can." She will be the
greatest weapon made so far.
"That's all I need to know for now. I'll come back later if there are any problems
with your experiment." this time with a note of disgust. Who is it?

Chapter 5 Blood Lust

Shirrins P.O.V day after she had woken up 12:00 noon

I was sitting on my bed in the up right position(mom hasn't let me out of bed
yet)examining the feather that I found last night. The funny thing was there where
more of them and the bones sticking out of my back seemed to be...I don't
know...growing. Well other than that the day seemed to be going well, and then Kane
showed up. I know that would usually be a good thing right? Well it wasn't like that
today. No today he came in white really white like glue white (not that sparkly blue
crap) and I instantly started imagining the worst.
"Kane are you all right you look like a ghost!" I practically screamed at him. Even
his electric blue eyes were duller than normal.
"I don't think that you're in the position to be asking me that." Trying to make
every body else feel better when he's the one thats hurting the most. Yup he's all
right. "H-How do you feel?" Man even his voice was weaker.
"Thirsty, slightly dizzy, and like I've been asleep for a week. Hey could you look at
my back? I think there's something stuck in it." I lifted up the back of my shirt so
that he could see.
"Um...okay, sure." so he leaned down closer to look and I realized how good he smells
but in like a food sort of way and then I blacked out.

Kane's P.O.V

I looked at her back and saw two wing like bones sprouting from her shoulder blades.
She started to turn a round and before I knew it I was on my back and she was biting
into my neck. I almost screamed out for help but then the pain started to go away and
I could think straight again. So I put two and two together and figured it out. I
didn't want to believe it. Their nothing but myths. Right? I tried to prove my self
wrong but the proof was right on top of me so I finally accepted it. Shirrin is a vampire...

Chapter 6 An Interesting Development

Shirrins P.O.V

I just started to regain conciseness when I noticed that I was in a puddle of warm
liquid. And to my surprise I was in a puddle of blood. As much as I wanted it I
decided to see where its source was. That's when I saw Kane there and surprise
surprise he was the source. I was horrified! Who could have done such a thing to such
an innocent boy? But then I realized that I did it to him! I was a murderer! I killed
him! But, I don't remember even touching him let alone killing him. Wait, He's still
alive! I could hear a faint breath. Don't ask me how I heard it just be thankful that
I did okay. Well I felt for his pulse and thank god that it was there because if it
wasn't then I think I would have just about died my self. The bleeding had stopped
thankfully so I bandaged the wound and put him into my bed so that he could rest up.
Suddenly I felt tired my self so I lie down next to him and soon I was asleep.

Kane's P.O.V

How long had it been since I had blacked out? How had I gotten into this bed? And why
was cloth rapped around my neck? No matter how pressing these questions were the
matter at hand was much more pressing. I was in Shirrins bed and so was she. Her arms
were wrapped around my waist holding me tightly. Her head was on my chest slowly
breathing in and out and in and out. I never noticed this before but she really looks
amazing like this. The moonlight glinting off her hair and skin making it look as
though she were a living porcelain doll...Wo hold up a minuet moonlight? When I
blacked out it was noontime. How long have I been here like to her? I
brushed the hair back from her face and felt the soft skin that lies benithe. Man she
is beautiful. Why hadn't I ever noticed this before? Then I suddenly felt the urge to
kiss her and feel those sweet soft lips benithe my own. WAIT A MINUET!!!!!! This is
my child hood friend I'm looking at here. I mean we grew up together. She's like my
sister. Why in hell would I want to date my own sister? Maybe because 1 she's not
your sister and 2 she's the most beautiful girl you've ever seen? No I think I'll
wait. Okay then buddy she's right here right now you had better enjoy it while it
lasts. I leaned forward to rest my head ageist her's and gently whisper to my self as
not to wake her "What am I doing?" and fell asleep my arms wrapped around her waist
holding her tightly ageist me. My head in her hair. Dreaming dreams of her and
nothing else...

Shirrins P.O.V

I woke up the next morning and almost fainted because of what I saw. I had wrapped my
arms around Kane in the middle of the night! I could have sworn that right then and
there my entire body turned a very vibrant shade of red. I tried to move but I
noticed that his arms were wrapped around me as well. I carefully unwrapped me arms
from around him and tried to get out of the bed but even when he's sleeping his grip
is no weaker than when he's awake. Fortunately for me he shifted in his sleep and his
left arm( the one on top) slid off my body and onto the bed where it landed with a
soft "thunk". I got up and out of bed, pulled my hair back into a pony tail(I'll
brush it out later)and headed out the door leaving Kane to sleep. But then on second
thought I wrote him a note just in case he woke up and I wasn't there. Then finally I
headed out and into the forest.

Mikos P.O.V wandering off in the woods

Where is he? He's supposed to be here isn't he? Why is he away so late?! These and
many others like them were rushing through my head when Shirrin appeared right in
front of me. I almost said "What have you done with him you horrible little witch?!"
but then I thought for a moment and decided to ask this instead."Aren't you supposed
to be in a coma?" there was a little to anger in my voice to be even remotely nice
but at that point I really just don't care. "I came out of it about two day ago."
What two days! Why didn't Miko tell me? Oh well it doesn't matter Kane will still be
mine and mine alone no matter what! "Well did you ever think that maybe Kane doesn't
like you?" She said with a look of concern on her face. "H-How did you know that?"
Can she read minds or something? "Know what and no I don't think I can read minds."
Okay now I was really freaking out. This could ruin my chances with Kane! But then
again he might be so repulsed by her reading minds that he will ditch her and finally
come to me! Now she was smiling wickedly. I knew she was planning up something
devious but all she said was this. "So if you love him so much you would do any thing
to keep him from getting hurt isn't that right." Then she started polishing a pocket
knife and my blood turned cold. "So what would you do if he did get hurt?" my body
went stiff just thinking about Kane getting hurt. So instead of answering her I
turned and ran as far away from there as possible.

Shirrins P.O.V

I pulled out my carving knife and started to polish it. I asked "So what would you do
if he did get hurt?" Then without any warning what so ever Miko turned and ran. So I
went back to wondering how I heard those other peoples and Mikos minds. I mean I
couldn't do that before now could I? I wonder what she meant with that "This could
ruin my chances with Kane! But then again he might be so repulsed by her reading
minds that he will ditch her and finally come to me!" thought. Does she think that
I'm in love with Kane? Well I'm least I don't think I am. Well that doesn't
matter any way I just need to get the right size of wood for my carving and head back
to start on the carving.

Kane's P.O.V

I was finally waking up when I noticed that Shirrin wasn't there any more. At first I
thought that she had gone down satires to get breakfast...and then I noticed her

Dear Kane,
I thought you were going to wake up before I got home so I left this note to tell you
that I went out to the forest (the wild part) so that I could find wood for my
carving. If your well enough then you should know that Miko was looking for you (I
suggest that you don't go looking for her). Don't do any thing rash and I'll be back
as soon as I have found a good sized piece of wood.
Your friend Shirrin XOXO

The forest!? Why would she go into the forest I mean she only got out of that coma
two days ago! Man I need to go get her before she gets hurt. I put on a ball cap,
grabbed my over shirt and rushed out the door headed toward the forest...the wild

Shirrins P.O.V

I just started to get into the wild part of the forest when I heard something (you
know like when she "heard" Miko say those things about her) it said this. Where is
she? Please please please let her be alright. I hope she isn't hurt. Where is she?
She's got to be here. Why am I doing this? Why am I touring my self like this.
Falling for a girl that I know will never fall in love. But still I have to try to
find her and keep her safe. Then I heard something else (heard with her ears this
time) some one wandering around the forest. I felt my self tensing. Why was I
tensing? I didn't have any enemies...did I? As if by instinct I started to fade in
with the bushes. Right when I was completely hidden the wanderer came into view. It
was Kane! Was he the one I was hearing those thoughts from (now she knows that she
was hearing thoughts because Kane would never say something as reveling as that) if
he was the one I "heard" then I wonder who he was thinking about. I realized that I
was blushing and thinking how lucky that girl is to have Kane in love with her. I
quickly brushed that off and came out to greet him. Nothing fancy just like Hi or
something. So I went out to ask him what he was doing out of bed with such a bad
wound he spotted me and took me into a hug that left me speech less.

Kane's P.O.V

I hugged her for about a minute before I realized what I had just done and let go of
her like she was on fire! Then gathering my wits I came up with a half truth half lie
reason I did that. And this is what I came up with
"I'm just glade that your not hurt. I thought you would still be a bit groggy after
the coma." The worst lie I've ever come up with but thankfully she believed it. "So
then you thought that you were going to come out here in the forest and protect me?"
I can't tell but I think she's being sarcastic. "Well yeah I guess that was what was
going through my head at the time." actually that was what was going through my head.
"Your such an idiot!!! You're already wounded I would die if you got hurt again!"
Then she realized what she said and put a hand over her mouth. "You know what I mean.
Now since you're here you might as well help me look for wood." is she trying to
stall? "No way we need to get you back to the house wood or no wood." I grabbed what
I thought was her arm and she yelled out in pain. I looked back and saw that I was
holding the wing like bone that I saw last night through slits in the back of her
shirt covered with the beginnings of muscle tissue. So that means that last night
wasn't a dream! And her wings were growing...

Chapter 7 Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dante's P.O.V Two days later

"Sory!!" Where is she?
"What is it sir?"
"We can't wait any longer. Go and get Shirrin! She's become too independent. Soon we
will not be able to control her."
"Yes sir. I shall take her during the night."
"We don't have time for that take her as soon as possible."
"Sir is that really necessary. I mean she inferior to your other creations so why
can't we just use them?"
*Sigh* "Sory you are here to obey orders now do as I tell you no questions asked." I
don't have the time to be dealing with this.
"Yes sir I'll be off now." I think she's angry at me but wait......why do I care
"Long time no see Dante." said a dark shadow of a person whom I hadn't seen before.
"What who let you in?" Why does this spy always show up in the worst of times.
"I let myself in. Now about Shirrin."
"What about her?" I was trying really hard to keep the hatred out of my voice and
failing horribly.
"What are you going to do next?" What an odd question.
"I'm bringing her here so that she will learn to behave like all the others and
listen to orders." Do I see terror in those dark amber eyes of his? He started to
walk away. "Where might you be going?"
"I have all that I need for now. I'll come back when I need more." And with that he
walked off looking like he had just five too many(you know beer and stuff like
"And do you intend on meeting on a regular basis?" I said with a touch of sarcasm in
my voice. How odd to think that he might be coming back.
"No. I think that this will be our last meeting....or at least until 'she' arrives
that is. Until then fare thee well Dante." After saying that he walked off into the
awaiting darkness of the moonless, starless inky black night. Ugh. I've been reading
too much poetry as of late.

Kane's P.O.V Middle of the night, same night

"Man it's late. Maybe I should be getting to bed..." Wait, I gotta go up the stares.
It would be way easier to just crash on the couch. How late is it any way? Too dark
to see the clock. I'll just go out side and check the moon.... What the hell is that?
Why is Shirrin out there in the middle of the night and who is she with? Just then
her odd looking friend put their hand to Shirrins face and with a sigh Shirrin fell
to the ground. The other person picked her up and walked off toward the undulating
darkness then just vanished. If I wasn't standing right there then I wouldn't have
believed it but I was standing right there and I still didn't believe that I actually
saw that happen. At first I thought I was already asleep and dreaming. But of course
I knew deep down somewhere in my mind, I knew that what I saw right there was as real
as the nose on my face. "Man." I said to myself "No more late night horror movies for

Shirrin's P.O.V A few seconds later.

"Just let me go already!" I screamed at her. The first few seconds that I

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