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Dex said it was fun, so I'll try it too.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 20 July 2010
01:26:54 PM (GMT)
Hey people! My cousin Dexter does these types of diaries and he said they were
pretty fun to write, so I'm gonna try it. Hmm...I'm in my massage chair, in my room,
on my laptop, listening to music, writing this diary entry. That's a detailed
explanation of my life! :D Maybe I should take a survey...

20 Favourites
Animal? Dogs, Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes....basically any animal in the Canine family.
Band? 30 Seconds To Mars, Death Cab For Cutie and Muse.
Book? Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. Dark Romance stuff. Yes, I'm such a nerdy girl!
Colour? Blue
Flower? I love tulips, and I don't know why. 
Game? I like COD and Resident Evil, but also Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Hair Colour? Brunette
Letter of the Alphabet? J :D
Movie? Paranormal Activity
Name (girls)? Niamh
Name (boys)? Owen, Mitchell and Joey
Scent? Vanilla
TV Channel? Hmm.....I'm not sure I have one.
Videogame? You asked that before...
Weather? Hot, but not humid.
Word? Awesome!
Year? 1993, the year that the greatest man to walk the earth was born, ie. ME!
Zoo Animal? Lion
Survey Type? Ones that don't last too long.
Smiley or Emoticon? :D or >:~$

19 Last Person
Person you called? My pal, Parker.
Person who called you? My best friend, Dustin.
Person who text you? Dustin.
Person you IM'd? Elliot
Person you kissed? My last girlfriend, Kerry.
Person you hugged? Her again.
Person you spoke to face to face? My mom.
Person you swore at? Tyler....that b*stard!
Person you said sorry to? I really can't remember!
Person you said I love you to? Apart from my parents, it was Kerry, before she rudely
dumped me 'cause I shaved my head! >:~$ 
Person you shared a secret with? Barney :D
Person who made you cry? I cried when Kerry dumped me, because I'm a very sensitive
Person who made you laugh? Oh, gotta be Dustin. He's hilarious!
Person who said they loved you? My mom. :P
Person you broke a promise to? I don't make promises, unless I can keep them.
Person you lent money to? Eddie, probably, 'cause he's always short on his cash.
Person you forgot to call? I'm very reliable.
Person you deliberately ignored? Tyler.
Person you sent an E-Mail to? Parker

18 What's
Your best friends name? Dustin, followed by Parker, Eddie and Elliot, and then quite
a few other good friends.
Your date of birth? 17th of February 1993.
Your favourite relatives name? Dexter!!! :D Or loaded, as he's known as on Kupika.
The date you're taking this? July 20th 2010.
The colour of your bedroom walls? Blue
The age you had your first kiss? 11
The thing you miss most about being a kid? Not having all this stress on my
The worst school subject? Man, I hate Home Economics.
The best movie out there? Paranormal Activity
The band or singer that occurs the most on your music player? 30 Seconds To Mars
The colour of your eyes? Brown
Some words you overuse? Wassup?
The motto you always live by? Live like there's no tomorrow!
The name of your country or states capital? Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.
The biggest triumph you've had in life? Hmm....probably when I scored the winning
goal in the soccer tournament finals. Everyone like, jumped on me and lifted me up in
the air. We threw a huge celebration for me. Awesome!
The hardest thing you've had to overcome? Definitely getting over the death over my
brother Alex. He had brain damage for a long time. He died when he was 9, and I was
about 6.
The colour of your favourite fruit? Red
The age you want to be married by? 'Bout 25.
The funniest song you've ever heard? Funny songs don't humor me.

17 Cans
You swim? Yes, I swim in the school team.
You dance? I breakdance.
You play the guitar? I'm OK, but I'm much better on drums.
Play the violin? No.
Play golf? I used to until I was about 14.
Sing in tune? I take singing lesson regularly, so I guess so.
Eat hot food? Yeah!
Remember your favourite songs lyrics? Yes.
Keep up with fashion? I have my own sense of fashion.
Take yourself seriously? Of course!
Type fast? Yes.
Be patient? Quite.
Be diplomatic? Yes.
Ice-Skate? I can ice-skate quite well, I go to the rink regularly.
Drive a car? Yes.
Ride a bike? Yes.
Play poker? A little bit.
Lie without being caught? Yes, most of the time.

16 Do You Likes
Chocolate? Love it!
Strawberries? Yes
Fudge Cake? Yes!
Swimming? LOVE!
Archery? Not especially.
Mini-Golf? Sometimes.
Sailing? No
Drinking? I'm not old enough.
Walking in the rain? Yeah.
Walking your dog/a dog? It can be fun...
Pink? No
Green? No
French accents? Oh no!
Italian sexy men? Er...not even if I was gay!
Rock music? Yes!
Psychological thrillers? Yes

15 Lasts (other)
Drink you had? Red Bull
Food you ate? A PB&J sandwich. Yum! :P
Sentence you spoke? ''Nothing, Mom!''
Song you heard? Neutron Star Collision by The Muse
CD you bought? I can't recall...
Movie you watched? Toy Story 3
Accident you had? I broke my arm playing football a couple months ago.
Alcoholic beverage you had? I wouldn't know.
Injection you had? Some booster shot last month.
Argument you had? Tyler, yesterday.
Joke you heard? I hear too many jokes.
Show you watched? Friends
Text you recieved? Off Dustin, and you spelled received wrong.
Emotion you felt? Joy

14 Have You Evers
Slammed a door in someones face? No
Kissed somebody elses partner? No
Lost a bet and had to do something embarrassing? Yeah, when I was 14 I lost a bet
that the Orlando Magic basketball team would defeat the Knicks, but they lost. So I
had to dye my hair bright orange and shave it through the middle and leave it like
that for a whole week!
Forgot your own telephone number? Yeah, all the time.
Dropped your phone in water? Yeah, and it was my iPhone. I had to get a new one.
Kicked an inanimate object and apologized? Yes
Ate a bug or insect? Oh yeah, it was disgusting!
Been to Paris? Yes
Lost your temper at a teacher? No
Fainted in a public place? No
Got so drunk you didn't remember what happened? Never
Forgot a doctors appointment? I don't think so!
Dated someone in the military (or was in training/planning to be)? No
Hid something so your parents/teacher/the police wouldn't find it? Yes

13 Worsts
Band? Jonas Brothers
Colour? Pink
Drink? Fanta
Food? Potato salad
Haircut? I hate the long hair that Josh Holloway or Joe Jonas (used to have). It
looks uncontrollable.
Habit? Correcting people's grammar.
Movie? Disaster Movie
Season? Fall
Show? Glee or American Idol
Trend? I don't know
Violent Act? Murder
Weather Type? Storm
Word? Jonas, Glee or Justin Bieber!

12 Would You Evers
Sleep with your best friend? No
Give a stranger a $1? Maybe
Risk your life for a complete stranger? Probably not
Give your lollypop to a crying child? Unless they want my germs...
Sing solo in front of 25 thousand people? I'd quite happily.
Marry someone you loved but had no physical attraction to? I might. I'm not too
Marry someone because they got you/you got them pregnant? Only if we were in love.
Hand over all your money so a mugger doesn't hurt you? No way! I'd use my martial
arts skills to put him in a headlock.
Learn how to fly an aeroplane? No
Pay $500 for sunglasses? Maybe, if they were really good.
Take cocaine or another hard drug just to see what happens? No

11 Words that describe you
1. Intelligent
2. Athletic
3. Talented
4. Somewhat boring at times
5. Obsessive
6. Funny
7. Sociable
8. Absent-minded
9. Happy-go-lucky
10. Friendly
11. Sarcastic

10 This or Thats
Chocolate or Strawberries? Chocolate
Banana or Strawberry Milkshake? Strawberry
Rap or Techno? Rap
Rock or Pop? Rock
Lasagne or Chicken Curry? Chicken Curry
Fingers or Toes? Fingers
Clocks or Watches? Watches
Playstation or Wii? Playstation
Coconut or Mango? Mango
Movie or TV? Movie

9 How Manys
How many sisters do you have? None
How many brothers do you have? 1
How many friends do you have on Facebook? 467
How many contacts do you have on MSN? 178
How many TVs are in your house? 9
How many countries have you lived in, in your life? 1
How many holidays outside your country have you been on? 14
How many letters are in your full name? 17
How many serious partners have you had? 2

8 Songs you absolutely love

7 Do Yous
Smoke? No, I have tried it though.
Drink? No
Swear often? Not really
Play a sport? Loads!
Eat meat? Yes
Play fair? Yes
Use smileys? Yes :P

6 Describes
Your Bedroom: My bedroom is awesome!
Your Appearance: Not being modest, but I think I'm quite okay looking.
your Garden: Big, bright and beautiful!
Your Current Mood: Moderately happy
Your Life So Far: Great!
Your Favourite Colour: Expressive!

5 Foods you love
1. Roast turkey
2. Fudge cake
3. Chocolate
4. Pizza
5. Chilli

4 Greatest fears
1. Death :/
2. Failing
3. Rejection
4. Missing opportunities

3 Lessons I've learnt
1. Bad things can happen to good people.
2. Do not hold a phone over a glass of water.
3. Do not make hasty decisions.

2 Things I question
1. Could I be the next Einstein? :D Just kiddin'
2. Why do I have an immature brother?

My Greatest Passion
1. Being as happy as possible

And that concludes my survey! :D
Last edited: 7 September 2010

‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2010   779432  
o.o im sorry but you must have a lot of time on yur hands.
JesseTheMan says :   20 July 2010   289893  
Well no, I'm actually a very busy person, as a matter of fact. I just
happened to have some spare time today.


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