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Ugh, is this stupid?Category: (general)
Monday, 19 July 2010
12:14:54 AM (GMT)
So. Last night we watched '2012'. I didn't watch it straight from the beginning. I was on the computer working on something, so when I finally looked over and saw it was on, it was already at the part where the filthy-rich people were laughing over 'having a ticket and living' while the main guy 'was going to die'. I was like, "Eh, looks passable." So I paid attention from that point on. I feel really awkward and lame for saying this, but I don't think I've ever cried so much during a movie. I mean, that movie got TERRIBLE reviews, and here I was bawling like a baby. I got teary-eyed at some points at first, but what really got me going was when the young Russian guy sacrificed himself for all the others. I had pretty much assumed a lot of these guys were going to die sooner or later, but I still started crying. He was a jerk and everything, and I was still crying over his death. What he does is take over the plane so the others can get to safety in the car. The others get away, and he's heading toward the cliff, so you can pretty much tell what's going to happen. He's about to go over the cliff. He goes over. And he dies. And what got me was, he died all alone. After saving the guys and the kids, he dies alone in a plane. So, yeah. I know it's pathetic, but I guess that's the kind of person I am. The next time I cried was when the monk picks up the family (after the rich guy deserts them AND his girlfriend to get to safety with his horrible children) and takes them to his brother, so they can sneak onto one of the ships. The brother was not willing to take any extras, just his own family. Then there was the mother, pleading for him to just take her children. She didn't care about them, as long as her children could go. And the kids were crying. And he wouldn't be moved. And I thought, wow. When it was silent, the mom just looks around at everyone, and starts yelling, "Oh my GOD," because they couldn't see reason. Then, she turns to the grandmother and says, "Please. As a mother to a mother, please, please, take my children." And the grandma says, "We will take them all." Ugh, guys. OVER A MOVIE. But it was beautiful, to me. And then (of course it would get worse) the new husband guy dies. I mean, I understood why they killed him off, but honestly. They CRUSHED HIM BETWEEN TWO GEARS. What a horrible way to die. I literally chocked out "NO!" through my tears. UGH. I cried AGAIN when the rich guy (and his two kids) were trapped beneath the gates while everyone else rushed onto the Ark. The gate was closing, and they clambered over the wall to get on. The gate keeps rising. So the rich guy takes one of his kids and basically throws him over the top. A guy already on the ship turns and sees, so he rushes over to help. The other kid can't reach. The father grabs his legs and CHUCKS him onto the gate. . . but slips, and falls to his death below. And the two kids, although spoiled, were crying so hard over their father's death, and I thought, son of a bitch. Then, the blond Russian lady gets trapped between two gates, with water rising. She'd gotten the little girl (and her dog, even) to the other side before the gate closed, so she was safe. And they kept going back to her, the water rising every time, screaming and pleading for someone to save her. She was crying so hard. She dies, of course. And I cried again. Lord. Those were the main things I cried for. I mean, there were so many other things, too. Like the president's death. And that guy's Indian friend with his family. The little girl and her mother and father in Tokyo (talking to her Grandpa for the first time, no less!) That guy's dad. Even the goddamn old lady in her car at the beginning. And all of those people, hanging off the buildings, being crushed inside their cars, falling into the boiling pit. I was disturbed by these guys' attention to death. They showed so much of it (I mean, I know a lot of people ARE going to die when the world ends, but GOD). So. That's the end of my awful rant. Am I too horribly sensitive? I mean, I felt stupid for crying, because so many people were saying that that movie wasn't even good. I just felt so bummed for the rest of the night after watching it. Eh. Sorry.

solitarybird says:   19 July 2010   484319  
That movie sounds like an emotional rollercoaster, dear God, what.

It's not silly or stupid. -hugs-

Even if the movie got panned by the critics (the critics don't always
get everything right, they're only human~), if it can elicit emotions
in you, it's obviously not that bad. Either that, or the directors and
actors are just masterful at conveying these kinds of horribly
emotional things.

Different people can enjoy different things for different reasons.

It's kind of sweet that it made you cry, though. Shows how much you
empathize with people. ^^;
Snowbird says :   19 July 2010   186352  
Oh, thanks so much.

  That made me feel a lot better.


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