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Rant, vent thingie.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 14 July 2010
03:43:49 AM (GMT)
This is such fucking bullshit. So you bitch me out over fucking myspace, for
nothing.? When I know for a fact that your stupid boyfriend likes me.?! Maybe if
you'd admit it to yourself, that he does, and not listen to the bull filler shit he
gave you, then maybe you'd understand. I know this, because he said it to my fucking
face.! And you say he's talking shit. He would have the fucking balls to say it to my
face, don't you think.? Maybe, if you stayed out of his ass for a bit, he'd be able
to tell me. But no, you dog him, and dog him, and dog him. Like a helpless little
uppy with no one else to follow. Let him go, and let him do what he chooses, and not
what you choose for him. If he wants to talk shit, let him He's got NOTHING on me,
you get it.? N.O.T.H.I.N.G.(: Oh, just because I flirt alittle, don't mean shit. So,
step up your game. I won't fight you, yeah, that's right, I'm a pussy. I just won't. 
Make fun of me all you want. I'm all bark, and no bite, so don't get your fucking
thong in a bunch if I say something rude. And yeah, I might be twelve, but I'm close
enough to thirteen, since next month being my birthday. Age don't matter, bitch. And
Neither do you. So I don't need your Westlake drama.(: Kthnx.

underpressure says:   14 July 2010   988118  
i love you.
you tell'em Mollykinss!
‹the Gaythiest› says:   14 July 2010   524635  
‹ciaranic0le› says:   14 July 2010   372868  
I felt so much better than that. 
‹***MarshMelllows***› says:   17 July 2010   539941  
you amaze me with the things you come up
‹✁[...A-Adelia!]› says:   17 July 2010   897915  
Um, miss?
Your grammar is incorrect. You probably do it knowingly, but placing a
period before a question mark/exclamation mark is incorrect. If you
are aware of this, you should bring it to a halt. It makes you seem
‹✁[...A-Adelia!]› says:   17 July 2010   236232  
+ most who read your 'rants' will not take it very seriously. I am
one of them. I spent too much time 'baha'ing at my screen to even
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   18 July 2010   540090  
some girl just got PWNED.
:P omg i'm turning 13 two, and for some reason, the world
it just starting pull all this shit on me. Dx
Childhood says:   18 July 2010   956264  
Haha very nice i'm turning 13 in 3 months.
‹ciaranic0le› says:   18 July 2010   603632  
Oh baha all you want. I could give a shit less. I do it
knowingly, yes, but why should you give a shit.? 
‹✁[...A-Adelia!]› says:   18 July 2010   524743  
*Couldn't give a shit less.
Double check before you post, ok? ):

I will baha all I want, thank you. 
Oh, and simply because it is annoying to me, and plenty of others, I
am sure. Is this how you respond to all your advise? (Y) 
‹ciaranic0le› says:   19 July 2010   490613  
 And what's it to you, grammar nazi.? Why should you
give a shit about how I type.? 
‹✁[...A-Adelia!]› says:   21 July 2010   833585  
My superhero.

Sworn to protect the world from grammatical errors.
‹ciaranic0le› says :   21 July 2010   185777  
 You're really fucking pathetic. You can stop hatin',
now. Kthnx. 

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