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Weird Dream of Mixed Anime that Made No Sense.Category: Dreams
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
04:43:16 PM (GMT)
On February 18, 2010, I had the absolute wierdest dream ever. Let's see how I can
put it together...

Simon from Gurren Lagann was on a school bus that was turned into just some sort of a
war traveling bus that was driven by Otto from The Simpsons. With his was his big
brother; not Kamina. A big brother that never existed in the anime, but I never
thought anything of it until I woke up. For all I know, it might have been Shinji
from Neon Genesis. Anyway, there was also Elk-Rin, a character I had made in my own
story. She's an Indian, but that's not important. What's truly odd about that is that
I've NEVER had a dream with one of my own character's before. There were also a few
other characters that I didn't really pay attention too. Back to the dream. They were
driving through some heavy mist over a REALLY jacked up Golden Gate bridge. I mean
jacked up like, it was warped and thin and had like a thousand ropes attached to it.
Then, randomly out of the mist, came some huge and freaky creatures that chased them
off the bridge and the mist cleared. One of the creature was some sort of a frog that
couldn't hop for some reason. They all went out to fight the creature; Simon's weapon
was a giant cardboard box that he drove. ... In order for it to move, it hopped. This
inspired the frog creature to hop as well. It then tripped and was defeated. I
believe that's when I woke up. 


What in the nine jumping candy pop hells of shamrock valley. 

I should stop taking crack before bed.

‹Zatten got bitch slaped by l3al3yl3aCkRiBs› says:   12 August 2012   247066  
‹Zatten got bitch slaped by l3al3yl3aCkRiBs› says:   12 August 2012   592279  
Hey, i'm Simon from Gurren Lagann!
‹Zatten got bitch slaped by l3al3yl3aCkRiBs› says:   12 August 2012   630872  
I've had some spazzing out dreams
‹Nettaz: Zatten's enemy.› says :   13 August 2012   273960  



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