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Sunday, 13 June 2010
07:14:04 PM (GMT)
I silenely brush my fox ears and my tail swishs yes i am one of the last surviving
of the yukoa clan a clan of hybreds fox demon and human we are immortal
i was the last born my father is the Nine Tail Fox Demon his demon chakar was sealed
in my older born brother Naruto i was born as his sister even thouhgt we aren't
conneted by blood i was raised along side sasuke uchia and itatchi.I am a priness in
my clan my mother was...a failed experament a demon made of nothing but shadows that
uses corpes as bodys i was blessed with a fairly normal human body thought
and this is my oddessy.
*the night of the uchia clan assainen*
Abbilene:ummm......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...*sasuke wakes up from the sreaming*
Sasuke:Abbilene what is it?
Abbilene:Something is wrong i can feel it but what bothers me is i don't sense any
chrakas i don't know.
Sasuke:its porbuly nothing.
*Two days later*
Hokage:Sasuke is still in shock?
Anbu:Yes mylord.
hokage:and Abbilene?
Anbu:shes doing better.
Hokage:i think it will be best for her to return to her clan on top of Mount Saint.
Anbu:Yes sir i will organize an Anbu team to escort her.
Anbu:Yes sir?
Hokage:let her see sasuke before she leaves.
Anbu:yes sir.
+Anbu Leaves+
+In the hostptle room+
Abbilene:Hi sasuke. Are you feeling better?
sasuke:*starts crying*A-Abbilene-chan i still can't beleive they're all dead all of
them d-dead *grabs sheets*
Abbilene:sasu-chan its gonna be ok i am all most sure about it a-almost.
sasuke:A-Abbilene-chan i can't beleive that.
Abbilene:here hold on to this for me sasu-chan +hands sasuke her neacklace+.
sasuke:but Abbilene-chan this is your most persious object.
abbilene:take as something to rember me by.
sasuke:w-what do you mean?
abbilene:i'm leaveing sasuke goodby.
+Abbilene and Mount Saint Black Ops exit+
Sasuke:*crys even harder* A-Abbilene-chan goodbye.

This is when they were 7 or 8 ok the next enty is when abbilene comes beack that is
while the are 12-when itichi and kisame show up to attack Naruto.

So stay tuned
Last edited: 15 June 2010

tenshi says:   15 June 2010   663531  
interesting story so far cant wait to read more
Vixen911 says:   15 June 2010   350658  
tenshi says:   15 June 2010   911158  
coool so interesting
Vixen911 says:   15 June 2010   410557  
i wish other people would read it or think the same way you do
I_think_my_voices_hate_me writes:   16 June 2010   637626  
I find this story rather interesting... i shall continue to read!
BieberBabe22 says:   18 June 2010   299054  
I like the storyline! very interesting, indeed
‹Ella ★› says:   18 June 2010   486107  
That's not the correct way of writing dialog.
Vixen911 says :   18 June 2010   515861  


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