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my thoughts on "AGE"Category: personal opinion
Wednesday, 12 May 2010
03:12:49 PM (GMT)
Age. it's a wonderful thing. since the time we were all little kids who "couldn't
wait to be older." and 
then you have your "golden years" and the "good ol' days". but honestly, age is
simply nothing more than 
what it really is.... a number. it doesn't define how mature you are. i mean really
we have people in their 20's 
and 30's that STILL don't know how to act! and then we turn around and their are 8
and 9 year olds that 
are taking care of the house because their parents are ...................well
anything from druggies to people 
who go out and just whore around. ( yes adults do it too ) ! And then, say your at a
high school or junior high 
school and you see a teenage girl that's walking around and she's pregnate. we as
humans automatically assume
"Oh she's gone and ruined her life, and her baby's. she must be stupid!" but honestly
that's not always the case. 
Because age is a number and it cannot define how well of a parent figure you will
make. hell, that teenage mom 
could possibly turn out a better parent then half of the parents i know. and in terms
of relationships... age doesn't 
affect how two could possibly feel about each other. i mean granted i understand why
you wouldn't want a 40 year 
old man with a 8 year old little girl, but if say a girl is 16 and her boyfriend is
say..... 19 possibly 20 there really 
isn't that big of a difference in terms of how emotions affect you. who cares if a
boy and girl have a "age difference" of 
say 5 years maybe more ( i.e. my mom is 9 years YOUNGER than my step dad ). so age
really doesn't have 
anything to do with anything except for all it really does is tell in years how long
you have been living. to me 
other than that "AGE" serves no other purpose!

those are my thoughts, feel free to love, hate, whatever

Fawesome says:   12 May 2010   818519  
I agree with this, kudos to you, miss!

There's been a lot of talk on anon post lately about me, hi I'm Megan,
and about how it's horrible/vile/inappropriate how my boyfriend and I
are five years apart. And I can just not emphasise enough how this
makes me smirk.
‹goodfornothing› says :   12 May 2010   769781  
actually, age isn't just a number, it's a numerical
representation of how many years you've been alive. and the more years
you've been alive, the more mature you are. we know this because it's
science, it's what happens to us as we grow older because that's how
it IS; we grow more mature. 
when you talk about 13 year olds who are more mature than 25 year
olds, we're talking about EXCEPTIONS. Megan who commented above is
probably an exception. just because her relationship is fine, even
though there's such a drastic age difference, that doesn't mean that
it works for everybody.

in response to a teenage mother being more capable of motherhood than
someone twice her age, yes, that could very well be true.
but DON'T be tricked by the media into thinking teenagers can handle
it! it's actually proven by studies that the two biggest reasons for a
low income are 1. dropping out of high school and 2. having a child at
a young age. 
i don't think it's necessarily because she's young; it's because,
well, how on earth is a girl supposed to care for a child while ALSO
caring for herself in the most challenging years of her life? while
ALSO balancing school, a social life, and the child's growing needs?
in addition, children (which is what teenagers are) are not mentally
prepared to care for someone else's life. 
but, in GENERAL, and MOST of the time, your age DOES reveal your
maturity. and that gives it more meaning than a number.


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