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The new girl next door part 3Category: warning
Friday, 7 May 2010
02:10:41 PM (GMT)
'I promise, I promise!' Max was saying wildly 
'I...there isnt anyone..' said Jenna
'Oh' said Max
'Yeah...'said Jenna
'Well I promise anyway' said Max and with that she reached up still gripping Jenna's
hand and landed a peck on her cheek. She then ran away down her drive and into her
house, leaving Jenna stunned.
Jenna lifted her burning hand to her equally fiery cheek. Slowly she managed to move
her feet and trudged towards her own home. 
To calm herself she made a cup of white hot chocolate, taking it outside she sat on
the bench and stroked her face every now and again, unsure how she felt.
However a noise soon broke her reverie.
Jenna looked around but couldnt see anybody
'Pssst....over here'
she looked at the fence and just over the top Max's head was visible
'Can you help me do my dress?' she said in a loud whisper
'What?' Jenna was confused
'Don't just sit there I need help with me dress!' she said even louder
Jenna put her mug down and walked over to the gate and crossed the boundary between
the two houses. Max was standing in a green strappy dress, nothing on her feet and
the zip at the back of the dress down at her hips
Jenna walked over as Max turned around so she could do the zip. Jenna managed to get
the zip up to Max's narrow waist but it wouldn't go up anymore. 
'It wont go' she stated
'It will' retorted Max 'tug at it'
Jenna tugged
'Tug harder' Max said
Jenna tugged harder, Max gasped, Jenna gave a smirk, half glad she was causing Max
discomfort, until the zip abruptly broke.
'Crap' she said
'What?' asked Max
'Erm the zip broke' admitted Jenna
'Dont apologise, idiot, I'm the one who cant fit into the dress' said Max, She turned
to face Jenna, she was thinking, 'Right, I need to change and......I need some help!
she said gleefully.
Once again she grabbed Jenna's hand and dragged her into her house and up to her
Max's bedroom was as eccentric as she was, multicoloured walls and rugs and curious
objects gave the room spirit. It was fairly tidy until Max dove into her wardrobe and
started flinging cothes everywhere. Jenna a neat sort of person, sighed and picked
the clothes up and laid them on Max's bed folding and arranging them.
'What are you doing?' Max's voice came from just behind Jenna, she whirled around
still clutching a black top that she had been folding.
'You can borrow that if you want' said Max
'What? oh...this?' asked Jenna
'Yeah, I mean we're about the same size arent we?'
'Well er...I dont know..'
'You never know anything' accused Max grabbing the top and holding it up in front of
Jenna, 'Hey this top brings out your tan pretty good, it should fit you....' she
scrutinised Jenna some more 'except that....well maybe not' she reached out one hand,
Jenna didnt realise where max had been looking until then...her chest.
Max's hand came closer, Jenna found herself frozen on the spot, unable to move. Max's
left hand came into contact with Jenna's right boob, she cupped her hand and Jenna's
small breast fit there, snugly.
'Hey!' Jenna suddenly found her voice and jerked backwards, only she had forgotten
about the bed and she fell backwards onto Max's bed. Max's legs became entangled and
she too fell, only forwards, her hand still over Jenna's chest. She was on top of
Jenna now. She looked into Jenna's eyes. Jenna couldnt move, partly because she was
trapped but also partly because there was something in Max's eyes, a question, a
question that Jenna found herself unwillingly asking. Max answered by slowly lowering
her mouth over Jenna's, stifling any cries she could have made, only Jenna realised
she was never going to protest.

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