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Thursday, 15 April 2010
09:07:43 PM (GMT)
In many ways I am a blithering idiot. But I pride myslef in knowing people.

I am so socially awkward that I've just had to learn how other people work, and how
they react to things

So I'm using this to play a practical joke on a friend xD

My friend Nate insists that my sister an I look almost exactly the same. 

- My sister has my grandfathers nose. She is very proud that she has a black person
nose. (Her term, not mine.) She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, full lips, chisled
chin, straight hair, she's always tan... Not to mention that she's one of those lucky
saps who never gains weight. (My sister is really pretty.)

- On the other hand, I can't seem to drop below 115 pounds no matter how much I
exercise, I'm paler than some of my Irish friends, curly blonde hair, round face, and
if any of you have seen photos of me, you'll know that I do not have the nose of an
African Jamacan.

Maggie and I both resent Nathan saying we look exactly alike. He een did it today in
fact. Soooo...

I sent him a message saying something very closely along the lines of the following
(I can't copy the original until he responds.)

"Subject: Family resembalance

Hey Nathan, I'm sooo glad this came up today since it's the end of the years anyway.

Surprise! Maggie and I aren't actually related. We volunteered for a year long
pschology experiment, because we live on the same street and have the same last name.
There's a girl in our grade Jackie who has the same last name too, but she doesn't
live around here and I don't know her that well. Maggie and I were just perfect.

The hypothesis is essentially that if a person is led to beleive that two teens are
related, they will insist that they see a resembalance regardless of whether one is
actually there. You were part of the minorty who proved in correct. (Nice going xD)

Maggies' parents are listed on my profile, but I didn't want link to their profiles
just in case. (It was just to keep a decent backstory.)

So do you still think we look the same? :p"

I bribed my sister with $20 to play along, my best friend is in on it now, and I got
Nathans' older sister (she was friends with Maggie before me) to promise that if he
questioned her she would say that she thought Maggie was an only child, but
appearntly she was wrong.

Nathan tends to rely on facts given to him by others, and Maggie and my behavior is
coherent with what I told him. Once my three co conspritors do their parts Nathan
will admit to our dissimilarity!!

P.S I hope everyone does Day of Silence

BooRadley says:   16 April 2010   368533  
:D Post his reaction
tiggerlemon101 says:   16 April 2010   434558  
Oh my gosh, how tall are you are?  Because seriously... 115 pounds? 
You realize that that's the average weight for somebody about 5'2",
right?  So you are probably very slim.
Kirti says:   16 April 2010   646028  
... I'm 5'1. I should have mentioned that I'm also shorter than
Maggie. My BMI was 27 at the beginning of the year, but I've gained a
lot of weight since then. I'm 128 now, but some of that is muscle...
Still, I am about a pound away from being overweight. I do a half hour
of arobics every day and walk/jog two and a half miles to work several
days a week. (Maggie is skinny and just sits around, lucky her. It's
not fair.)

He responded! I'll post a new diary with updates. 
tiggerlemon101 says:   18 April 2010   205309  
Meh... trust me, I've been skinny.  It's boring.

You can quote me... or Kate Winslet, who originally said it.  But
either way, it's the truth. 
Kirti says:   18 April 2010   193319  
On the numerical emotions scale, let's call bordom -1. I am
dissatisfide with my weight. Dissatisfaction is -2. If I don't lose
weight before cross country starts back up, I'll be in +7 pain on a
physical scale, which translates roughly to -17 on an emotional

Conclusion: I just wanna lose weight. I don't want to count my ribs,
but 110 would make me the weight of most female cross country runners
my age and height. (Well, the weight they claim to be anyway.) 
tiggerlemon101 says:   20 April 2010   759669  
Do whatever makes you  happy, obviously; I'm in no place to stop you.
 I do understand wanting to lose weight to be healthier and a better
runner, though; I feel a lot of that.

I'm just saying don't waste your time obsessing over being skinny-
you'll waste away your life.
Kirti says:   20 April 2010   912552  
I ended up biking five miles today! *sarcastic enthusiasm*

Mum's out of town, so I need to get to and from work on my own. Being
lighter would have been nice on some of those hills >.< I wish I could
levitate. Just a little bit. 
tiggerlemon101 says :   21 April 2010   806280  
Levitation would be AMAZING.  :D 


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