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Leech. [Chapter Two]Category: Leech.
Wednesday, 14 April 2010
11:17:02 PM (GMT)
 I was up and already ready to start the day. I looked down at the still
sleeping Kaylin then smirked. I got on top of her and licked her face like a hungry
animal. Her hand twitched a little but she didn't move at all; I took out a condom
and slid it onto my penis.
I roughly thrusted my penis into her then growled softly deep in my throat. I felt
her body move and I pinned her down by her wrists. Her eyes opened and I saw all the
fear in them as she tried to squirm free. I thrusted harder loving the feel of her
struggling. I groaned softly then bit down on her neck hard, feeling blood trickling
down her neck. She moaned in pain and tried to speak but she couldn't. I licked her
neck and pulled out; I took the condom off and threw it away in a wastebasket next to
the nightstand. I looked at Kaylin who was trembling and curled up into a ball. I
chuckled softly then left my room and went into the guest bedroom. 
"Hello Dave. Hello Ophelia." I greeted kindly.
"When are you gonna let us go, you sick fuck?" Dave asked angrily.
"Me? A sick fuck? Oh, you have it all wrong. I'm just a mere experimentor." I
explained, looking at Dave.
"Just please, let us go." Ophelia pleaded.
"Oh, but my dear, I'm not finished with my experiments." I replied, walking over to
She backed up a little on the bed and looked up at me with fear in her eyes. I looked
down at her, a mischevious smile.
"You are too precious to kill. Maybe, I'll dispose Kaylin and Dave, so you can be
mines forever." I said, kissing her cheek.
"What do you really want with us?" She asked, wiping her cheek.
"The question should be if you'll be dead or alive." I replied chuckling softly.
"I hope the police find out what you are doing." Dave growled.
"Oh, I hope so too." I replied, grabbing a hatchet from under the bed.
Ophelia looked at and gasped as I walked over to Dave. He looked at the hatchet then
tried to crawl away, but it was already too late. The hatchet was above my head then
it came down with one good swing and Dave's left leg was sliced clean off.
"Aw fuck!" He yelled, looking at his leg then at the stub.
He was bleeding profusely while Ophelia looked in horror at the gruesome scene. I
smiled then left the room, carrying the hatchet with me. I whistled a little happy
tune to myself when I walked into the bathroom. I licked a little bit of blood off
the hatchet then started cleaning it with bleach and hot water. I wasn't positive
that it'll do the trick, but I heard it would.
I heard banging noises coming from my room then sighed deeply. I turned off the water
and went into my room, pulling out a bowie knife. 
When I entered, Kaylin looked at me then at the knife and gasped. She backed away
from the wall shaking her head 'no'. I grabbed her then put her arms above her head
and pinned her down. I stabbed her twice in the chest then pressed the knife against
her throat and in one good swift, I slit her throat. I watched the blood pour down
from her throat as her body didn't move  anymore. I picked her up and threw her over
my shoulder; I walked down into the basement then laid her lifeless body on the floor
and went back upstairs.
I smiled to myself feeling very accomplished

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