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Sex is a Sin Chapter Eight Part TwoCategory: (general)
Friday, 5 March 2010
11:41:17 AM (GMT)
Nyl POV 

I spent the rest of the day hugged up under Jacob Ryer, smiling and flirting with
him. Take that Jace. Yeah, you wish you could tap that...tap does it go if
you're the girl saying tap yourself? Oh, hell, fuck it. Anyway, we went to the
Aqurium--really? So chiildish. We've been going there since we were in pre-k--and the
zoo--where I got pecked on the shoulder by a wild bird--and then we went to eat out
at the mall. 
  Now, we were back at the hotel, visiting until twelve. They trusted us because we
were seniors. Yeah, that's real smart. I was in Jake's room, making out with him,
currently thinking about what me and Jace's baby woud like, some cool new music I
want to get when we go back to the mall, and other guys. I know, bad me. How can you
not be so overwhelmed by the fact that a guy has you pressed against the bed, hand
sliding under your shirt, and making out with you, that you're minds not even on it?
  Wait, his hand's under my shirt? Oh crap.
  I slipped from underneath him, pushing him off of me. "Uh, Jake, definitely not
ready for that yet," I mumbled, glancing towards the door. And the time. ""Plus, it's
ten thirty. You can't have sex in an hour and a half and expect me to be satisfied.
Especially for the first time."
  "Oh yeah? Watch me," he said, smirking, before taking me against the bed once more.

  I punched him on the side of the head, flailing to get from under him. "Stop! I
don't want to fuck you!" I growled as the door was flung open.
  Who comes in but Jace? All 6'3 inches of him, all 175 pounds in muscles of him, and
in all his gorgeous glory. I growled in frustration. This was terrible. Nice way for
a guy you sort-of, kinda, but not really like to see you. What a way to snag him,
Nyl. Just, wow. You're so damn amazing.
  Jake let me up, glancing apologetically at the glaring Jace. "I'm sorry, man, she
told me she didn't want to sleep with me, but, I guess I took it too far...." He
trailed off, looking scared.
 Jace walked over, grabbed my wrist, and walked me away from the room, slamming the
door behind him. "What the hell was that?" he asked, pushing me against the wall and
glaring at me.
  Wow. He has nice eyes and lips...a perfect nose. His ears are just the cutest darn
things! Oh, wait....answer him. "Umm, kissing and almost rape?" I answered hopefully.
God, I might just sleep with him tonight....wait. Be angry, Nyl. "And, that's none of
yo bizness anyway. Why you all up on me, manhandlin' me an' stuff?" My voice tended
to get beyond the normal point of ghetto as hell when I was trying to be angry.
  "What? Why the hell you talking like that?" he asked, his voice sounding as
American ghetto as mine. 
  "Because....I don't know! Just...just....just go away before I do something really
bad. For me. You might like it," I shouted, completely utterly confused. He had
unnerved me and drove me up a wall....or, well, more like against the wall.
  I tried to push him away, but once I had my hands on his muscles, my legs turned to
jelly. Something like music played in my head and I ended up pulling him down and
kissing him.
  Of course, I wasn't thinking about anything else except him.

‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   6 March 2010   923200  
remember~he can get his own damn wrist that one's mine!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   6 March 2010   476995  
I know. I didn't put that in there for a reason. 
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   7 March 2010   316041  
I know I was making a joke not accusing you anything. ;-P **WHAT! you
just got winked at and a tongue stuck out at you at the same
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   8 March 2010   695278  
Lmbo. I feel special. 
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says :   8 March 2010   282145  
You should. 

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