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Sex is a Sin Chapter EightCategory: (general)
Monday, 1 March 2010
11:56:41 AM (GMT)
Nyl POV (Dedicated to Douglas Porche who helped me with this part!)

I woke up drowsily to something poking me in my left cheek. Above me, Jace was rigid
and unmoving, staring directly ahead as if something needed his immediate attention.
When I looked down, I realized what was poking my cheek.
  Poor dude couldn't make it through the whole ride after all.
  I sat up and fixed my hair, pushing it to the side and out of my eyes. "Where are
we?" I asked Jace, snuggling closer to him. "I'm cold."
  He didn't touch me, but he did take off his jacket and drape it around my
shoulders. "Better?"
  I nodded, leaning against his shoulders. "Very much so. You didn't make it through
my nap without getting horny did you?" I teased.
  He glared at me. "I'm not in love with you."
  What does being horny have to do with being in love with me? I never even said love
to him. "O....kay. You just want to get me in bed. I know." I remembered the feelings
that rushed through me when he had me on the bus earlier, holding me close, kissing
me on the ear, kissing me on the lips, putting me in his lap, touching my butt,
touching my boobs....I let out a low moan.
  "Oh my. Did you just moan?" he asked in shock. 
  I smiled at him. "Did it turn you on?"
  He nodded. "Hell yeah it did! When are you going to sleep with me?" He kissed my
  "When I get good and damn ready which will probably be never."
   "C'mon, please?" he begged, voice so seductive and sweet. "I won't tell."
   "I don't care. Go sleep with someone else."
   I crossed my arms. He glared at me. "I want to sleep with you."
   I frowned. He said, "Why not?"
   "Because I'm a sweet innocent virgin and you're a player. That probably has
   He chuckled and sighed, "I definately don't have AIDs or any other
  "Well, keep sleeping with all those girls and you'll get some."
   "I know the history of all of the girls I sleep with. And if you use a certain
little special thing they invented you don't have to worry about any of that."
   "What a condom? Well it breaks. And, dammit, if I have your baby you're gonna
fuckin' claim it."
   "Well if I have a baby with you, I would claim it. And lets hope we don't have a
baby because if our parents find out, we'll both be fucked."
   "No, fucked is what would happen if we both slept together. Henceforth, the whole
'ed' part. My parents won't care."
   "Mines will."
   "Well don't tell them about the baby!" I shouted.
   "What baby? We haven't slept together yet, let alone have a child together!"
   "And with that attitude, mister, we won't be having sex or a child!"
    I had momentarily forgotten the fact that we were on a crowded bus. And,
everybody was staring at us like we had grown three heads. Wonder-damn-ful.
Last edited: 5 March 2010

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