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Saturday, 20 February 2010
02:10:30 PM (GMT)
Jace POV

"You are SO bipolar," I told Nyl as she glared at me, arms crossed, hips cocked to
the side.
  "Am not! Well, only around you," she admitted.
   "I'm flattered. Why is that?"
   "You drive me crazy, white boy," she said. "Oh my gosh, this is my favorite
    She bounded to the TV, where some show was coming on. Sebastian glanced at her,
eyebrow arched cooly. "I'm not watching a chick flick."
    "It's not. It's a perverted boy show." 
    "Then why are you watching it?"
   She shrugged. The show started with perverted jokes, weird humor, and, yes, I
admit, I liked it. Suddenly, Nyl went all crazy and started to quiet us, even though
we weren't saying anything. She turned it up.
   "And, now," the man on the TV said, "we will go to the top three man-whores of
America." She wanted us to watch this? Or was she so sex-crazed from not having me
that she needed to know? I mean, I'll help her with those cravings.. "Jace Price!"
  I stared at the TV, my picture on TV. Nyl grinned. Sneaky bitch. I wanted to be
mad, but, again, I was only flattered. Amazing what girls can make you do.
  "My God," I said, "I am hella gorgeous."
   She nodded. "I am huh?" Her smile seemed to grow. "How does it feel to be one of
the top three man-whores of America?" She pretended to put a microphone to my mouth.
  "Fine. Although, I am a bit pissed at the girl who signed me up for this..." I
glared at her. "In a minute, you'll tell me how it feels to be dead."
   She scooted away from me, giggling. I pounced forward, sitting on top of her. She
shrieked, struggling against me. I pinned her to the sofa. "What are you gunna say?"
I growled, trying my best not to laugh at her.
   "Sebastian!" she cried.
   He glanced over at us, arched an eyebrow, and sighed. "Please stop raping my
sister so she can shut up and I can watch TV."
   I laughed and straddled her. "Say the right thing."
  "Noooo!" she cried.
  "I'll wipe the smile from your face," I teased.
  "Do that, and I'll kiss you."
  "Child abuse! Haiti! Dead puppies!"
  She laughed. "Wow. I am tougher than the average girls. Things like that don't make
me cry. Now let me up."
  Her hands went up and she pulled me forward. A sly grin and a manical look was on
her face. She kissed me, still smiling. It was a quick peck, but it completely
unnerved me. I froze for a second, getting hard for the first time in two weeks.
  She flipped me over, still smiling. "I am queen of your penis!" she cheered.
  "Oh my God! Shut the hell up!" Sebastian said.
   She threw her head back and I had to marvel at how hot she was. Wide gray eyes,
high cheekbones, small, pixie-like face. I groaned. She arched an eyebrow, still
smiling, still looking evil and slightly crazy. "Do I make you hard? That's nice."
   "Why don't you fix it?" 
   "Why don't I?"
   I frowned. Great....
   "I hear this is the first erection in two weeks. And you haven't had sex in
three," she said. "Ya'll really need to use cellphones. I was on the other line when
you called." 
   Oh. My. God. She heard that? Oh Jeez. 
   "I feel special by the way."
   "You should," I replied through clenched teeth. I'm definitely going to need to
fuck some chick tonight....I've never played with myself. I've had girls to do that
for me... 

Sebastian looked at us like we were crazy. We were on our way to New Orleans on a
school trip. I was sitting next to Nyl. She was fighting with me, sitting in my lap,
and, at the same time, trying to watch Medea Goes to Jail. 
  A laugh rippled through the bus. 
  She hit me. "Stop touchin' my butt!"
  "You like it!" I pressed her onto my lap.
  She bit me.
  "Ow! You hoe!"
  "I'm still a virgin!"
  Her bipolar mood swing was back.
Last edited: 22 February 2010

‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   21 February 2010   813263  
Great story! Write more soon!

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