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Sunday, 31 January 2010
12:05:43 AM (GMT)
I just talked to my dad, he asked me if I had any money left. I said no, I lost it in my room. I lied, I really spent it all on Jayde, and my mom. So now I'm in trouble. He is no longer letting me hold onto my own money. He has all rights to take it and spend it. To spend my money. So now, I'm not even going to fucking apply for goddamn panago because HE'S going to be holding onto my money, and be spending it on himself, only letting me have what I DESERVE. This is really retarded personally. So, yes I'ma little pissed and upset. News; My mom's friends are all spending the night here, they're out drinking right now, and won't be home until roughly three am. My dad's going out too. So, now I have to go scrub toilets and washroom floors, that will, most likely be floating in puke by morning. FML Also, I wanted to have a sleepover, but I am not allowed. I have no rights. Also, my dad lost my Music player. So now, I feel like crying. Also, he ahs to go get my birth certificate, and S.I.N number so I can go for my interview. But he won't. He says I have to pay the thirty-five dollars for my birth certificate, when my grandma says he should just do it, instead of waiting a year to be able to get it. Haha, to think, I woke up in such a good mood this morning, I thought I was going ot have a good day. No, I guess I just let everything for the last few weeks get to me at once. >>;; I really need to stop bottling up my feelings like this and lashing out on everyone. THis was a.. relief diary. Sorry, there's no need to post. ^^;

‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   31 January 2010   358088  
Hell fuck.
It's your money, you have the right your dad doesn't even need your
music player that's just a bunch of bullshit, frankly. :/
He needs to clean up his act. I swear, one effin' day I'm gonna' come
up there and beat teh living shit out of him with a abt or something
cause that's just freaking aggrivating. I don't even live with him and
I'm pissed off.
The shit you have to deal with.

Well, just be happy... that they won't be back for about four hours.
alleygirl92 says:   31 January 2010   166153  
Your right Erika.
A lot of my friends don't like my dad much, and say he's a
pedophile, but that hurts my feelings honestly.
Haha. The day one of my friends takes him down.. well, that day would
just be heaven. 
And, about the job offer, I have no effin idea as to if, or when he is
going to take the job. It's really ridiculous, it's almost like he
loves being in debt ot my grandma and the bank. LIKEGOSH

Yeah, I suppose, but he'll probably come home for the computer in an
hour or two. xD 
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   31 January 2010   805980  
Erika and I will gang up on him and beat the shit out of him for ya
one day. :x That's bullshit, it's your hard earned cash and you should
be able to spend it and keep it of your own free will. What's the
interview for? Job, school, or something else? Sorry just curious. By
the way, Rowan, I found out my parents aren't getting divorced because
they're fighting. It's because my dad has a lot of problems and gets
in trouble a lot and he doesn't want us in the mix.

Life sucks, doesn't it? When I was working on a video project with my
guy friends, my parents kept calling non stop and asking if I'm okay.
alleygirl92 says:   31 January 2010   637221  
I see.
Oh, it was supposed to be for a job. At panago<<< loser here.
Well, at least that's a little better, well.. I think if that was what
the reason was, I would feel better.

Indeed, it truly does.
Awh, I see. At least they're worried. 
I always used lend out my homework after school because people didn't
want me to go over to their houses. So, one day, a guy[Tyson] came
over to drop it off and all my dad did was stare him down.
It was really humiliating. 
‹I waterbend biatches› says:   8 February 2010   606539  
So he takes YOUR money to spend on himself because you don't deserve
YOUR money? The money that YOU worked for? wtf....
alleygirl92 says :   8 February 2010   942793  
Eh, I know.
IT was going to go towards my 'save up for a new cell phone plan'.
That went wrong. I also need to reactivate my bank account. :/
Since it hasn't been active since my parents started it when I was

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