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The Best Damn AssassinsCategory: Prologue
Tuesday, 5 January 2010
11:49:22 AM (GMT)

Saya Blaine wrinkeld her brow in confusion. Someone, somewhere, was in pain. And she
could feel it. It rolled off of her dimly, like it was there but it wasn't there.
That someone, a boy she was sure, was....close. Too close. Close enough she could
feel his pain, but too far away from him to see where he was, why he was in pain, or
who he was.
  She raised her hand in class, attentively. "Ms. Lee?"
  Her teacher stopped mid-sentence, scared. Saya had a bit of a reputation. It wasn't
that bad, but you didn't cross Saya. She was packing attitude and a lot of anger in
that slender, 5'4 frame. Ms. Lee nodded. "Yes Ms. Blaine?" she asked warily, afraid.
Many times Saya had shamed the teacher without remorse or regret and had took her
punishment and served it well.
  "I need to leave. Now." Her voice was calm and level; steady.
  "But I am in the middle of the lesson, Saya."
  "Ms. Lee, I sleep in here anyway. It's not like I'm actually listenin'. Plus, I
pass every test. Why the hell can't I leave?" Saya asked, standing up and gathering
her books. She really did have to leave. The pain in her head was getting worse.
Either he, the boy, was getting closer or she was disappearing further into his
   "Ms. Blaine! There is no cursing in here!"
   "I don't see that on any of the rules, Ms. Lee," Saya said, stalking towards the
door. The pain seared in her head, white hot and angry. She closed her eyes a brief
moment and moaned. "Damn." She rolled her neck and shoulders, releasing some of her
tension. It didn't help. She sighed. Hands touched her bare shoulders. 
   They were sweaty hands, beefy and meety. Ms. Lee's hands. That woman had the
manliest hands. Rumor had it that she got a sex change before she came to Saya's high
school. "Go back to your seat, Saya," Ms. Lee commanded angrily. Her face was bright
red and stern.
  Saya grabbed her hand and flipped the woman on her back. "Go to hell, Ms. Lee,"
Says commented angrily. Everything was spinning. She had to get out. Something
was going to happen if she didn't. And it wouldn't be good.
  She burst through the hall way just as her head exploded in agony so great, she
shrieked. Teachers came running out of their classrooms. Saya scarely noticed. She
clutched her head and moaned. "Where is she?" she cried through clenched teeth.
  The teachers looked around. "Who is she talking about? Where is who, Says?"
  "Her boyfriend, Mr. Gary," one of the girls, Kell, said. "He's in PE."
  "Go get him."
  "No!" Says cried in anguish. If she didn't find him, she'd be in more pain, she was
sure of it. "Him!" 
  What was his name? What was it? His face wasn't too clear either. She was sure he
had brown hair. No, that was Mark, her boyfriend. Then the pain stopped as suddenly
as it came.
  She looked up briefly, scared of seeing who had stopped it. Or what.
  A boy stood in front of her. She could see he was tall--taller than Mr. Gary who
was the tallest person in the town at 6'0. He had a lean body. Compact and lithe, but
still muscular also. Not too big that you couldn't wrap your arms around him. He had
caramel colore skin and long brown hair that had streaks of mahogany in it. His eyes
were brown, green and gold flecks aroudn the irisis. He stood with his arms crossed,
and expression ot utter contempt on his face.
  Stupid humans, he thought.
  The weird thing was, Saya thought, she understood that thought. She heard
  I'm not stupid, she thought back fiercly, clecnhing her fist as she stood
up, realizing he was about a foot above her head. She grimaced. Not smart, Saya.
He's about two times your size. In height and weight.  
  He pushed Mr. Gary out of the way. "Come here. What's your name?" 
  Saya glared at him, putting her hands on her hips. "You're on my turf bud.
You need to tell me what you're doin' here, you comprehende?" she
  He smirked. "I'm Jace. And I don't believe this is exactly your turf, Saya
Blaine. I was only being polite. I know your name already." Now that he had spoken a
bit longer, she could here a soft Southern drawl in his undertones that was
comforting. Alabama, she sent him, smiling. You from Alabama?
 He nodded quietly. "Let's go."
 "You are nto allowed to take her anywhere," t he principal--a fat, balding man who
was mean and stupid--interrupted.
  Jace looked him in the eyes angrily. "And what ya'll gonna do about it?" he growled
in that southern drawl.
  The principal backed away slowly. Saya got up and followed him down the hallway.
She could see teachers, students, and the janitorial staff watching curiously. As she
slammed the door behind her, she got the oddest feeling she would never return.
Last edited: 5 January 2010

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