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My opinion on Spirit Tracks coming out.Category: (general)
Thursday, 26 November 2009
08:06:07 PM (GMT)
**This was a script for a video I was planning to do, AVGN style. I never really got
to it, so I'm going to just put it here.**

Ahh, Zelda. You have captured the imaginations of Nintendo players ever since the
original on the Nintendo Entertainment System.
But since then, the series has gotten 14 more games, including the new unreleased
one, Spirit Tracks. I'm going to talk about my 
based on what we know.

Now, before we even get started, I want to focus on the name. Spirit tracks? When I
saw that in the Nintendo Channel on my wii, 
I thought it was a weird concept. Since when did Hyrule make such a technilogical
jump? Or is it even Hyrule? Wasn't Hyrule flooded
back in Wind Waker? Was it somehow unflooded, or is it a different hyrule

Also, the literal translation of the game bugs me. The original japanese title is
"Zeruda no Densetsu Daichi no Kiteki", But the literal 
translation is "The Legend of Zelda: Steam Whistle of Earth". What? How does "Steam
Whistle of Earth" turn into "Spirit Tracks"??

The game is basically a continuation to Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. I never
really understood the Wind Waker timeline.
Maybe Hyrule has a split timeline or something, who knows. Anothing thing that caught
my eye is that it's the first Zelda game in 
NA to be rated Everyone 10+. Really? When did they start using the ESRB? Were all the
games teen? Well, whatever.

The story says that Spirit Tracks takes place 100 years after Phantom Hourglass. Why
100? It seems to be a number Nintendo stuck with. 
Twilight Princess was suppose to be 100 years after Ocarina of Time, according to
Nintendo Power, are the timelines going to be split by 100's
now? Iunno. It continues "In the now-established land Link and Tetra originally set
out to discover at the end of Wind Waker. 
Link is an apprentice engineer for the reilfoads, hoping to become a fully-fledged
rail tycoon. Ok, before we move on, I have a few
things to say. One: I can't see how Hyrule made such a technological jump in the past
100 years. Weren't trains relevent in the 1900's?
That's nowhere near what I thought the Zelda timeline was set in. What happened to
riding on horses like Epona? Wasn't that
good enough for them? Two: I can't grasp the concept that Link wants to be a TRAIN
ENGINEER. Link started out as a little elf kid
running around in the forest going to stop ganon. He's been a hero throughout the
whole game. But over the years, Link's origins
have been getting weirder and weirder. I think it started with Twilight Princess with
Link being a goat herder. Why would you
take a character as badass as Link and make him a GOAT HERDER?? Now he's a train
engineer?? Why not make him an exorcist or
noodle seller or something next time??!

So, anyways, it continues " He learns from Princess Zelda that Spirit Tracks, which
not only serve as transportation but also seal an evil
force, have started to disappear from the world." Wait, train tracks are serving as a
seal for evil?? I mean, I know there was the Four 
Sword to hold Vaati, or the Master Sword to keep Ganondorf in the Holy Land, but now
they had to resort to Tracks? This blows my 
mind on so many levels.
"Whilst investigating the matter, Link and Princess Zelda are ambushed by Chancellor
Cole," - My dad's company is Cole, I wonder if 
they sent him, who knows- " who hopes to revive the Demon king, an evil who once
ruled the land known as New Hyrule." Demon
King? You mean Ganon? Or Vaati? Or are we talking about a new villan altogether? Keep
us in suspence, why don't you, Nintendo?
"He attacks Zelda and kidnaps her body in order to utilize her powers. Coles attack,
however, brings about an after effect: Zelda' spirit 
becomes seperated from her body, and only Link is able to see her." Now, wait a sec,
this sounds familiar. Has anybody watched the
1989 Zelda TV series, that was part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show? (Try saying
that 3 times fast) There was an episode called
"The Missing Link". It's the last on my 3-cd set of all the episodes. All 13 of the
episodes took 3 CD's? Anyways, in that episode, Ganon
attempts to Capture Zelda and take her to his Evil Jar (That's real original) but the
blast of magic is deflected and hits Link instead.
Because of the deflection, only Link's body went to the jar, while his spirit
remained behind. Zelda was the only person who could see
the missing Link. <-- play on words. Did Nintendo recycle the idea? Would they do
this for future games, I dunno. 

It also says in the Game play area that "At certain points, Zelda will possess one of
the Phantome Guardians, which can also be controlled
with the stylus. This marks the first time in the series (Not counting the CD-i
games) that Zelda can be controlled. ABOUT TIME! It took
them 15 games to realize that people would maybe want to play as Zelda? Y'know, the
one who's in EVERY Zelda title? But it's not 
how I invisioned it, taking control of a suit of armour. Whoa, whoa, wait, a suit of
armour? That reminds me of Alphonse from Fullmetal
Alchemist. Why am I having such a nostalgia trip today? Is this turning into some
sort of weird paradox? Who knows?

"By clearing temples, Link and restore the Spirit Tracks that allow him to travel to
different areas on his train. Similar to the Ocarina and
Flute from previous games, Spirit Tracks will feature Spirit Pipes that are played
using the touch screen and MIC." Yaaaay! I missed
being able to play music on Zelda. That's one of my favorite reasons for playing
Ocarina of time, you could play whatever you wanted
on a certain note scale. Twilight Princess took it away. Howling just isn't as fun.

Based on what I can find, it's got a lot of weird stuff in it, but Spirit Tracks
looks like a decent addition to the Zelda series, not to mention
it's making history by making it the first game you control Zelda that's actually
MADE by Nintendo. So, overall, looks like we're have to 
see if this one's hit-or-miss.
Last edited: 27 November 2009

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   26 November 2009   404627  
I'll just warn you that, if you ever made a video like this, the
hardcore AVGN fans would rip you a new one.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   27 November 2009   551958  
I understand that, that's probably why I didn't finish. xD


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