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Truth or Dare?Category: (general)
Thursday, 10 September 2009
11:07:43 PM (GMT)
Marie and I were sitting in my room talking about nonsense as we always did. The
only difference was that we had the house to ourselves this weekend. We could do
whatever we wanted to and with that thought I had come up with a plan. See, Marie was
quite shy and very self conscious and tonight I was hoping to change that.

"Hey, Marie? Do you want to play a game of truth or dare?" I smiled at her knowing
she'd agree to anything I suggested.

"Um.." she played with one of her long blonde curls as she thought of an answer.
"Okay, sure."

"Great." I looked her over as she sat cross-legged on the end of my bed. I never
quite realized how pretty Marie was. She stood around 5' 5", just a little shorter
than me and had deep blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her breast were smaller than
mine too, which I had been noticing a little more than I used to. My eyes stayed at
her chest a little while longer as I thought of where tonight might go. 

"Aubrey? What are you looking at?" When she saw where my eyes were Maire instantly
blushed. "Are you going to start the game?"

I smiled again. "Okay, truth or dare?" Maire thought for a while and ended up picking

"Have you ever thought of making out with a girl?"

"What kind of queston is that?" she asked a little surprised.

"Just a question, Marie. All you have to do is say yes or no."

"I guess I have thought about it before..." I smiled at her and motioned for her to

"Truth or dare?" I didn't have to think about it. I knew right away that I would pick

Marie thought for a while and then grinned widely at me. "I dare you to take off your
shirt." She said with a small giggle. I did as I was dared and took off my t-shirt
revealing my pink lace bra. Marie's smile shrunk a little as she stared at my chest,
her eyes widened a little. 

Now I asked her the same question. She picked truth again.

"Who do you like?" Marie blushed and looked up at me and smiled, but remained silent.

"Can I pick a dare instead?" I nodded and bit at my lower lip as Marie watched me. 

"Okay, I got one.... I dare you to kiss me. On the lips." I added with a grin. 

Without hesitation Marie crawled across the bed and sat down in my lap and began to
kiss me. It was a soft and gentle kiss at first, much like Marie. Soon I was getting
into the kiss and licked her lower lip begging for entry. She accepted and opened her
mouth a little more allowing my entrance. My tongue roamed around hers exploring a
completely new territory. This was different and I could tell that Marie was loving
it just as much as I was. Her tongue was quickly joining mine, dancing between our
mouths. Sparks ran down my spine as I realized how much I had been thinking about
this lately. Marie pulled herself closer to me. My somewhat bare chest pressed
closely against her warm body as we both became more excited. 

Remembering the game of truth or dare, Maire slowly borke away from our kiss. Her
chest heaved lightly as she tried to catch her breath. Before she could even ask the
question, I had already picked dare.


Not done yet. Let me know if I should keep going. :D

emily1243 says:   11 September 2009   653152  
more more more!!!
evil_bro says:   11 September 2009   274696  
MORE!!!!!!!!!  its really good XD
fotoex says:   11 September 2009   564999  
this is real or fantasy story?
i like it tho!
BlehBlehxo says:   11 September 2009   114565  
‹Lil_Mrs_HotThang!› says:   12 September 2009   866343  
Oh, please continue!!
‹hypnohsis› says:   12 September 2009   449412  
thats a great story
my_name_is_HEY says:   13 September 2009   323623  
misskisskiss shouts:   13 September 2009   776719  
More more more
‹Nikki~is~awsumer-than-you:P› says:   2 January 2010   389593  
‹Just Another Nameless Whore› says :   10 August 2011   822845  
Please finish this.


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