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Thursday, 10 September 2009
04:31:44 PM (GMT)
you and your 8 friends are trapped on a ship in the middle of the alantic ocean
until you run in to civilazation. what happens until then?

1.who is with you?
A. Gemini
B. James
C. Jake
D. Jalyssa
E. Sara
F. Taylor
G. Noah
H. Abby

2.you only have 3 bedrooms who will be in each?
Room 1) James, Jake, and Noah
Room 2) Gemini, Abby, and Taylor
Room 3) Sara , Jalyssa, and me

3.who is to be consitered the captin?

4.who would hate to be on the boat the most?

5.who would be fighting all the time?
James VS Noah

6.your radio is busted who did it?
Jake... cause he's just a dumbass.

7.a storm hits what are the results?
Everyone's a bit battered... but we kept eachother safe.

8.somebody stole your food who did it?

9.you wake up to the to find that sombody is dancing on the deck to random crap!
who is it? and y?
Taylor and jalyssa... cause it's them...

10.sobody was sinking in the water what happened?
Abby saw something shiny and leaned to far off the edge... so i dove in and saved

11.you find two people kissing in the crows nest who are they?
I'd be one of the people in there! LoL!

12.sombody is sick who is it and what do they have?
Gemini... sopposed sea sickness.

13.you run across an abandon ship what do you get off of it?
I get anything of use to us... food, drink, ect. All weapons are no to be allowed on
my ship! We're deadly enough without them.

14.sobody is injured who is it and what did they do?
James got in a fight with someone and had the crap beaten out of him.

15.pirates invade your ship who is the first to
a.die? Jake... we sacrificed him.
b.run? Abby
c.jump off the boat? Noah
d.kill the pirates? Me, Jalyssa, Gemini, and Taylor. (Noiah too after he gets back on
the boat)

16.sombody is tanning instead of helping sail the ship who is it?
Jalyssa.... duh.

17.you find out that all the rum is gone who took it?

18. there is a hole in your boat! what caused it?
Noah did something stupid.

19.a sword fight has broken out who the heck started it and y?
Noah... he got bored.

20. you end up in china, you are saved from the boat! what happend to your crew
while on the ship?
You know how messed up we all are? We some how got worse! Oh... and Jake is dead
cause the pirates killed him.

‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   10 September 2009   448238  
wait. i thought you said you sacrificed him.
‹☣Lokii☣› says:   10 September 2009   678864  
Dude i wouldnt get beat up... you dont know what cabin fever does to
me o.O
(it does alot O>O)

for 15 i would be asleep dreaming of candy canes and sugar
plums(meaning smexy girls ;D)
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   10 September 2009   691348  
Lea: to the pirates... that killed him.

James: Yeah you would... you would piss someone off and they'd end up
kicking your ass.

‹Elmo's_World_<3's_leaf_fish› says:   12 September 2009   851551  
james i have to agree with greg except someone would probably just
beat u up randomly
Missionary_of_God says:   12 September 2009   796294  
I wouldn't get sea sick! Its like u dont even know me.
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says :   13 September 2009   787279  
Katy: Ha! James, I win!

Gemini: out of the 9 of us... I though you'd be the one who got sick.


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