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Saturday, 15 August 2009
11:44:25 AM (GMT)
Dear Aranee.

In reality, I'm talking to myself. But I do hope somebody gets to read it and laugh
about how idiotic and sarcastic I'm being. 

Really. I belong in a Mental Ward. But somehow, some people think that I'm sane
enough to live among others. 

That's what society does, they lock away the people that are a threat to them, they
separate themselves from them, just because they're different. Isn't this just
I am being shunned by the students in my class because I'm different. Just
because I'm a little bit more than them in some ways, less then them in others, they
feel either threatened or that I'm not "tribal enough". So, they shut me out. 

One of my "mentors" said that my attitude was bad. Then again, he says that about
people he doesn't like. Now I wonder about the exact same thing. 

He said that I was too cruel to the people in this place, that I'm too critical. He
says that the people here are "screwed up" (Great choice of words, hypocrite) and
that they are extremely sensitive to everything, anything, anybody says. Yeah. 

When I was joking with an accquaintance about being dumb, my "mentor" screamed at me
for being "insensitive" (his words, not mine) and being really really mean. 
He says that I'm sarcastic. 

Yes, I act that way to people I feel disgusted with. I'm extremely disgusted by him.

I used to be less catty than this. I was living in a bubble-dome back then. Now that
it has burst, I have to try and salvage and protect what's left of it, to protect my

Is it too much to ask for? Protection from the nasty comments from others, and the
backstabbing events planned by so-called "friends". Protection from the snide remarks
from the teachers and students, the snickerings and gossipings of the girls. Is it
too much to even think about?

I wonder.

That ends my letter for today. 
I'll bet that it is too long for people to stay tuned to.
But I'll hope.

Last edited: 15 August 2009

‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   15 August 2009   113294  
Join my in the psyco-ward, Ranee.
Aranee says :   26 August 2009   399977  


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